07 juillet 2017

Cambridge University refuses to return Aboriginal spears

The University of Cambridge has refused a request by an Australian man to return important Aboriginal artifacts taken by British explorer Captain James Cook nearly 250 years ago, writes Harry Pearl for Reuters. More...

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21 juin 2017

Fusion of Western rationality and Aboriginal knowledge

By Andrew Vann. Charles Sturt University or CSU has roots going back to Experimental Farms, which were founded in the 1890s in rural New South Wales to spread a scientific approach to agriculture. In its modern form, CSU was created in 1989 by the amalgamation of two Colleges of Advanced Education that evolved from the early farms. Read more...

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05 juin 2017

Uluru Statement - from the heart: What now for Recognise?

By Adam Frogley. The 26th of May also known as national Sorry Day, a day of sorrow for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples was the date chosen by the Referendum Council to release of the Uluru Statement - from the heart from the recent Constitutional Convention.  The one page statement was an attempt to draw consensus from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates and their communities on the issue of constitutional recognition. More...

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Budget Analysis 2017-18 Indigenous Student Success Program

By Adam Frogley. The NTEU National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Unit has undertaken an analysis of the changes to ISSP program funding for this financial year (and forward estimates) and examines the funding attributed to the former funding lines including, the Indigenous Support Program (ISP), the Commonwealth Scholarships Program (CSP) and the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme - Tutorial Tuition (ITAS-TT) with comparison to this current financial year. More...

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11 avril 2017

Indian Business Students Look to Canada

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Increasing numbers of Indian students are looking to study at Canadian business schools rather than in the U.S. and the U.K., The Financial Times reported. The article discusses the impact of the Trump presidency and Britain’s vote to leave the European Union on student choices and preferences. Read more...

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25 mars 2017

Invasion Day protests grow in 2017 (Advocate 24 01)

By Celeste Liddle. Invasion Day 2017 saw the largest protests and convergences seen in the country for decades. It reflected an unmistakable shift in public opinion when it comes to the recognition of Indigenous displacement and genocide and whether this should be a date our country celebrates. More...

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University actions on A&TSI issues: Symbolic vs actual (Advocate 24 01)

By Celeste Liddle. Over the New Year’s break, the University of Melbourne made an announcement of a new banner they had placed at their Parkville Campus Grattan Street entrance. Stating proudly on social media that the banner “acknowledges the significance of the traditional owners, the people of the Kulin nation”. It welcomes visitors, staff and students in Wurundjeri language: “Wominjeka”, and received many accolades from those who saw the post. More...

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14 mars 2017

Hair reveals Aboriginal presence across 50,000 years

By Geoff Maslen. DNA in hair samples collected from Aboriginal people across Australia in the early to mid-1900s has revealed that populations of the first people have been continuously present in the same regions for up to 50,000 years – soon after their arrival in Australia. More...

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08 mars 2017

Universities set targets to attract indigenous students

Australian universities are setting new targets in a bid to attract thousands more Indigenous students to campuses across the country, writes Bridget Brennan for ABC News. Read more...

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26 février 2017

Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme. Tertiary Tuition and beyond: Transitioning with strengths and promoting opportunities

By Ian Dobson. The Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme-Tertiary Tuition (ITAS-TT) has provided Australian government funding for one-to-one and group tutorial study support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students attending Australian universities since 1989. It has been a central plank supporting Indigenous university students in their studies. More...

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