13 janvier 2018

The New Third Pillar

By Alex Usher. There is a revolution going on in Ontario’s higher education system, but remarkably, very few people have noticed it yet.  Henceforth, Ontario will have not just a college system and a university system, but also a third category of institutions which does not have a name but which, for the moment are called Indigenous Institutes but which may well soon be called Indigenous Universities. More...

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12 janvier 2018

In Australia, Renewed Push on Western Civilization

HomeBy Sophie Inge for Times Higher Education. New center seeks to influence curriculum shifts in recent years, which have focused on Asia and on the country's Aboriginal heritage. Some question whether country needs more study of white men. More...

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31 décembre 2017

Last lecture of the semester: Indigenous peoples, Sami, environment

http://www.infoecmi.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/ecmiheader-20yrs.jpgThroughout the semester the students were introduced to various issues within the wider topic of the Minority Protection Regime in Europe. Spanning everything from the history of minority rights to exploring basic principles of international law in relation to minority protection, as well as politics and theories, the students were familiarized with specific issues such as nationalism, conflict, empowerment, Europeanization, education, the role of media, and right-wing populism. More...

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21 décembre 2017

How school has been used to control sovereignty and self-determination for Indigenous peoples

The ConversationIndigenous Australians have been denied self-determination for decades. This has impacted their ability to influence education and other policies at national and state levels. Recently, Prime Minister Turnbull rejected the recommendation that an Indigenous voice be constitutionally recognised in the parliament. He said he didn’t think it would get support, and would be “contrary to principles of equality and of citizenship”. More...

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26 novembre 2017

If ‘indigenizing’ education feels this good, we aren’t doing it right

The Conversation“Always indigenize!” was the rallying cry of an article written by Canadian academic Len Findlay nearly 20 years ago. It was seen by many at the time as a radical but unassailably positive step forward — a way to make universities more just and more diverse. More...

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Tutors are key to reducing Indigenous student drop out rates

The ConversationUniversities address student drop-out rates through retention policy initiatives such as peer to peer mentoring programs. Faculties or schools develop further retention strategies appropriate to their cohort. One successful support strategy for Indigenous students that is already in place and effective according to students and higher education bodies, is the Indigenous Tertiary Assistance Scheme (ITAS). More...

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Excluding Indigenous youth from schools may severely increase their risk of incarceration

The ConversationYoung Indigenous people constitute 8% of Queensland’s population aged 10 to 17 years, but make up 53% of those under youth justice supervision on an average day. This is higher than the national level at 45%. More...

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12 novembre 2017

Without vigilance we will see loss (Advocate 24 03)

In the current round of Enterprise Bargaining negotiations, any proposed improvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment clauses and targets is being met with resistance by some in university management. More...

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A&TSI Forum 2017: Fight for Our Rights – Stand Up For Our Claim (Advocate 24 03)

In 2017, the annual National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Forum headed north to warmer climes for the first time. It was truly a joy for all staff and delegates to go to Brisbane and be hosted by the QLD Division while enjoying three days of discussion, culture and caucus bonding. More...

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Welcome to Country protocols (Advocate 24 03)

You may have heard these words many times particularly at public events and ceremonies but you may not be aware the NTEU Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Unit can assist all members with appropriate protocol for Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country, and guidance on how best to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities when seeking to arrange a Welcome or Acknowledgement of Country. More...

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