19 mai 2019

Racism alleged as Indigenous children taken from families – even though state care often fails them

The ConversationThe New Zealand state tried to remove a newborn Māori baby from his family last week.
This is not unusual. Indeed, it is an increasingly frequent occurrence. Between 2015 and 2018, the number of Māori babies removed by the state increased by 33%. In 2018, the removal rate was 102 per 10,000 Māori births, compared to 24 per 10,000 births for the rest of the population. More...

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05 mai 2019

Études post-secondaires: en faisons-nous assez pour les jeunes autochtones ?

The ConversationL'accès aux études supérieures est essentiel au développement d'une nation. Pour les autochtones, elle est aussi « la clé de la réconciliation », a dit le recteur de la Vancouver Island University, et membre d'Universités Canada. « C’est pourquoi les universités canadiennes sont déterminées à combler les lacunes du système et à aider davantage d’Autochtones », a-t-il écrit en commentant le récent financement du Programme de soutien aux étudiants de niveau postsecondaire d’Affaires autochtones et du Nord Canada. More...

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28 avril 2019

Special issue of IRE explores Indigenous knowledges as vital contributions to sustainability

UILThe February issue of the International Review of Education – Journal of Lifelong Learning (IRE) looks at Indigenous ideas, practices and visions of education that hold direct benefit for Indigenous peoples and broader impacts for all peoples. It features seven articles by Indigenous scholars from territories which now form part of Kenya, the United States, Mexico, and Peru. More...

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International Year of Indigenous Languages: Complexities of celebration (Advocate 26 01)

In the International Year of Indigenous Languages, I yearn for more. More talking with Elders, more family, more Country, more story, more relational voice to the world, more of our own languages in the everyday. And yet I know this year will be no different unless things drastically change. Not in terms of voices to parliament or closing gaps, but in terms of the everyday lived experience of our children. These changes must shift the way we make meaning and experience life. This is personal, this is intergenerational. For real change I must transform my own life within my family, in the city, because it is the Western meaning making systems that raise and bind our children into this society, this shared reality. More...

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22 avril 2019

The nation’s shame: A racist education system which excludes Indigenous children

The ConversationWe need an indigenous curriculum that will cater to the needs of aboriginal students and help strengthen their communities. More...

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Improving education for indigenous kids

The ConversationLess than a third of indigenous students complete high school compared to more than three quarters of their non-indigenous counterparts. More...

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Indigenous education report misses the big picture

The ConversationAs someone who has spent years teaching literacy and numeracy in remote communities and researching Indigenous education issues, I find their analysis of Indigenous education in Australia worrying. More...

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Improving Indigenous education and teaching standards

The ConversationImprovement in understanding the specific needs of Indigenous students is required to meet new government teaching standards, according to a new study. More...

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The chance of a lifetime to save Indigenous languages

The ConversationIt is not often that the opportunity comes along to make a real difference, but a new report into Indigenous languages in Australia has the potential to do just that. More...

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Learning for the western world? The Indigenous education dilemma

The ConversationThe history of Indigenous education provision throughout Australia’s remote areas is replete with instances of neglect, infrastructure shortfalls and systemic underfunding. Every Aboriginal child deserves the best education possible and this has patently not been the case in the past. More...

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