20 février 2019

Afest : la formation en situation de travail issue du compagnonnage

logo opcaliaLa formation en situation de travail (AFEST) a fait son entrée dans le Code du Travail. Cette modalité pédagogique héritière du compagnonnage ou des "formations sur le tas" est portée par Opcalia. Plus...

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11 janvier 2019

AFEST : Retours sur le Séminaire conclusif et les deux expérimentations CONSTRUCTYS

Le 2 octobre, s'est tenu à la Grande Crypte de Paris le séminaire « Retour sur l'expérimentation AFEST – Action de formation en situation de travail – Enseignements et perspectives ». Cette Journée conclusive a été l'occasion de revenir sur les fondements de cette nouvelle modalité de formation, de mettre en valeur les expérimentations menées par les 10 OPCA mobilisés et d'envisager son déploiement à une plus large échelle. Plus...

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19 novembre 2018

Identifying the barriers to career progress among young African scientists

By Sharon Dell – Editor. Two feature stories in this week’s edition tackle the pressing issue of how to nurture the next generation of African scholars. Munyaradzi Makoni and Sharon Dell write about a new book, based on a four-year study covering over 50 African countries, which outlines the barriers limiting career progression among young scientists; and Edwin Naidu highlights a new initiative based at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa which seeks to groom young academics to reach the top of their fields.
   In news from around the continent, Tonderayi Mukeredzi writes about the launch at a Zimbabwean university of a feminist organisation which plans to expand nationally to tackle sexual harassment and discrimination; Joy Ndovi reports from Malawi on moves by the African Union Committee of Ten Heads of State and Government Championing Education, Science and Technology in Africa to boost member states’ commitment to higher education; and Kudzai Mashininga reports on calls for greater academic mobility at the recent African Universities Day commemorations in Ghana.
   In Africa Analysis, Ahmed Essop takes up the debate about the value of rankings for African universities, and Wondwosen Tamrat discusses the challenges facing private higher education institutions in Ethiopia as a result of the country’s existing higher education legal framework.
   In our series on Transformative Leadership, published in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, Sharon Dell asks Professor Yusuf Karodia, one of the founders of a pan-African higher education network dedicated to educating the next generation of African leaders, about his views on transformative leadership. And Stephen Coan and Brendan O'Malley outline how the fourth tracking study for the Ford Foundation’s International Fellowships Program shows that scholarship programmes can be effective in promoting social change, in this case in Africa and the Middle East. More...

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03 novembre 2018

Women in positions of power could mark a turning point for Ethiopia’s girls

The ConversationWithin the last month Ethiopia has downsized its cabinet, named women to half the positions and, for the first time, appointed a woman as president. More...

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20 octobre 2018

AFEST - Retour sur la journée séminaire d'appropriation AFEST (Actions de Formation En Situation de Travail)

Retour à la page d'accueil de opcalim Le 2 octobre 2018 à Paris s’est tenu, le séminaire d’appropriation réunissant tous les acteurs de l’expérimentation Afest. Organisé par le Copanef et le FPSPP, cet événement était l’occasion unique d’échanger avec toutes les parties prenantes. Plus...

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