22 avril 2019

Contraceptive use in Nigeria is incredibly low. A lack of knowledge may be why

The ConversationThe importance of family planning in addressing a range of challenges in developing countries is now widely accepted. Family planning is a key factor in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. More...

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What needs to be done to keep child marriages trending down

The ConversationThe broader African and international lobby against child marriage and other harmful traditional practices has grown tremendously in recent years. Its political clout is being felt right down to the grassroots level with positive outcomes. More...

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21 avril 2019

Fighting fire with fire is unlikely to stem Kenya student unrest

The ConversationOngoing student unrest in Kenya has seen at least 100 schools set alight. Many have been closed, with 6,000 students thought to have been sent home early in the process. The shocking acts of destruction of school and student property have led the country to seek answers for the causes of this delinquent behaviour. More...

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A burning question: why are Kenyan students setting fire to their schools?

The ConversationOver the past few years, students have set fire to hundreds of secondary schools across Kenya. The tally includes more than 120 cases in 2016 alone. Why students are setting fire to their schools has been the topic of repeated investigations by police, education officials, government inquiries and journalists. More...

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Steering South Africa’s budget between excess patronage and prudence

The ConversationAfter investigating the “massacre” (as termed by both the opposition Democratic Alliance and African National Congress Youth League) of more than 100 mental health patients under the guise of cutting costs, South Africa’s Health Ombudsman Malegapuru Makgoba advised that a “sufficient budget should be allocated for the implementation” of proper care. More...

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Ethiopia can convert its youth bulge from a political problem into an opportunity

The ConversationEthiopia’s youth has come under the spotlight recently for their role in a political protest that is seen to be threatening stability. But Ethiopia’s youth bulge doesn’t need to be a political problem. It can be converted to an economic muscle. More...

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11 avril 2019

Erythrée-Ethiopie : à qui profite la "paix éclair" ?

Screenshot-2018-4-15 Egypte – des élections présidentielles jouées d’avanceL’accord a de sérieuses chances d’être durable parce qu’il est dans l’intérêt de chacune des parties. Côté éthiopien, il présente un intérêt économique évident, moins pour l’accès au marché érythréen qui est modeste que pour l’accès à ses ports. Plus...

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09 avril 2019

South African National Curriculum Wiki

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. South African National Curriculum Wiki
Will Richardson reports on this remarkable wiki, a website containing pages for each subject area in each class for the South African grades 10-12 curriculum. More...

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06 avril 2019

Le projet de loi sur l'Economie sociale avance au Parlement du Cameroun

Alternatives EconomiquesSur le blog de Michel Abhervé pour Alternatives économiques. Après avoir été débattu à l'Assemblée Nationale, le projet de loi-cadre sur l'économie sociale au Cameroun N°1045 va être à l'ordre du jour du Sénat. Plus...

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03 avril 2019

Fixing South Africa’s public schools: lessons from a small-town university

The ConversationThere is starkly unequal access to quality education. Most children attend dysfunctional no-fee paying public schools. Statistics show that fewer than one in ten black learners from no-fee paying schools leave with a good quality matric (the final year of high school) pass – the kind that would provide access to university. More...

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