20 avril 2018

Four new state universities to open

Government has approved the opening of four new state universities countrywide in a move expected to consolidate Zimbabwe’s position as one of the countries with the highest number of institutions of higher learning in the region and beyond, writes Martha Leboho Masvingo for The Herald. More...

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Ministry announces greater regulation of private HEIs

Private higher education institutions in Togo, each of which currently awards its own qualifications, will in future have to teach the same curriculum and hold the same examinations under the control of the higher education ministry. More...

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The SDGs are challenging the way we teach our students

By Willem Fourie. The challenge, however, does not lie merely in the content of the SDGs’ goals, targets and indicators. In some sense, most universities are already equipping students to implement priorities found in the SDGs. More...

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What could a new premier mean for higher education?

By Ayenachew A Woldegiyorgis. After years of protests in its major regions and recent political crisis, on 2 April Ethiopia got a new prime minister. Dr Abiy Ahmed was elected chair of the ruling party, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front or EPRDF, a few days before he was sworn in as prime minister. More...

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Unlocking the power of data in higher education

By Gilbert Nakweya. Sub-Saharan Africa needs a strong data ecosystem devoted to the academic environment to help transform higher education in a sustainable manner, according to education experts. More...

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Minister calls for ‘rethink’ on higher education funding

By Francis Kokutse. The way in which tertiary education is funded across Africa needs a rethink because the present model, which was introduced in the colonial era, can no longer be sustained, according to Ghana's Minister of State in charge of tertiary education Kwesi Yankah. Concerns around the sustainability of higher education in Ghana are growing in anticipation of increased enrolment in the wake of a recently introduced free senior high school policy. More...

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15 avril 2018

Zone de libre-échange continentale africaine : encore un long chemin à parcourir

Screenshot-2018-4-15 Egypte – des élections présidentielles jouées d’avanceLe mercredi 21 mars dernier, au cours d’un Sommet extraordinaire de l’Union africaine (UA) à Kigali au Rwanda, 44 pays africains ont signé un accord instaurant une zone de libre-échange continentale. Cette zone, étendard de l’agenda 2063 de l’UA, qui fait l’objet de discussions depuis 2015, serait la plus vaste au monde en termes de nombre de pays membres, représentant 2 500 milliards d’euros de PIB cumulés. Plus...

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13 avril 2018

Afrique : des perspectives qui font rêver

Le 6 février, le forum franco-africain pour une croissance partagée rassemblait des personnalités prestigieuses du monde politique et économique. Objectif : faciliter les partenariats entre l'Hexagone et les pays africains. Plus...

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12 avril 2018

Rencontres Cafés Croissants Afrique

Campus France logoL'Agence Campus France est heureuse de vous annoncer les prochains cafés-croissants autour de pays africains qui seront organisés en 2018 ! 
L’Agence Campus France est heureuse de vous annoncer les prochains cafés croissants autour de pays africains qui seront organisés au sein de son siège à Paris. Plus...

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09 avril 2018

Police teargas striking public universities’ staff

Police last week teargassed public universities’ staff who were protesting at the ministry of education offices in Nairobi, writes Faith Nyamai for the Daily Nation. More...

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