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23 janvier 2018

No arrests in Makerere fraud case as 69 degrees recalled

By Christabel Ligami. Ugandan police have made no arrests among the 88 suspects – some of them alleged to be politicians and business people – implicated in the altering or forging of marks at Makerere University, months after university officials reported the offences. More...

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Challenges of promoting social change via fellowships

By María Elena Hurtado. The Ford Foundation’s postgraduate fellows from Brazil, Guatemala and México stand out from their Asian, African and Middle Eastern counterparts for the indelible mark left on them by slavery, exploitation of indigenous people and the United States’ interference in Latin American affairs. More...

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Graduate students protest Republican tax plan

Graduate students at more than 40 universities across the United States staged rallies and walk-outs against the Republican tax plan last week, urging lawmakers not to include in the final bill a provision that would turn their tuition waivers into taxable income, writes Katie Reilly for Time. More...

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Country deports 30 for selling drugs in universities

Kenya has deported 30 people involved in drug trafficking within universities, following investigations launched in April into drug cartels, writes Nancy Agutu for The Star. More...

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Should academic honours have clawbacks?

Last month, Arizona State University and the University of Kansas rescinded honours bestowed upon the television newsman Charlie Rose, following multiple allegations of sexual harassment. The two universities, once eager to embrace Rose – a broadcasting figure seen to embody class and intellect – were now equally quick to distance themselves from him. Almost overnight, Rose went from role model to pariah, writes Ted Gup for The Chronicle of Higher Education. More...

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Republicans plot sweeping changes in higher education

By Adam Harris, The Chronicle of Higher Education. After a flurry of movement last week on the reauthorisation of the federal law governing higher education, which is overdue for an update, the US House of Representatives last Friday introduced its bill to overhaul the Higher Education Act of 1965. More...

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Justice Department threatens to sue Harvard University

The United States Justice Department has threatened to sue Harvard University to force it to turn over documents as it investigates whether the Ivy League university’s admission policies violate civil rights laws, reports Reuters. More...

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22 janvier 2018

Reducing violence in El Salvador: What it will take

Résultat de recherche d'images pour ""Violence holds El Salvador’s economic and social development potential hostage. Violence and inequalities often reinforce each other in Latin America: countries with higher levels of inequality tend to have higher rates of intentional homicides. More...

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18 janvier 2018

Fulbright - Les différents programmes

etudiant.gouv.frPour les étudiants Bac + 3 et au-delà
Différents programmes (bourses ou dispositifs) sont proposés en fonction de votre projet

  • Des postes d’assistants de français dans des universités américaines
  • Des bourses pour une poursuite d'études (en Master ou en Doctorat / PhD)
  • Des bourses de recherche pour les doctorants

En savoir plus sur le programme d'assistants de français
En savoir plus sur le programme étudiants
En savoir plus sur le programme doctorants
. Plus...

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Envie d'étudier aux Etats-Unis ? Pensez à la Commission Fulbright !

etudiant.gouv.frAvant de pouvoir croquer la "Grosse Pomme", il vous faut dessiner votre projet d'études ; et préparer votre départ. La Commission franco-américaine Fulbright propose un accompagnement, et plusieurs programmes de bourses. Plus...

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