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17 novembre 2017

Lettre de Washington – quelles nouvelles du trumpisme ?

À Washington la semaine dernière pour sonder quelques think tanks de la capitale fédérale sur l’avenir du dossier iranien, on pouvait avoir l’impression que le "trumpisme" était en voie d’institutionnalisation : "Trump is the new normal", nous disait un journaliste fataliste. Plus...

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Comment et où se créent les « bons » emplois aux États-Unis ?

Emploi Parlons Net, le webzine de l'emploi & du travail (Retour à l'accueil)Parmi toutes les villes qui créent des emplois aux États-Unis, seules celles qui se sont spécialisées dans les nouvelles technologies, avec des emplois hautement qualifiés, réussissent à enclencher des croissances fortes et sans aléas. Plus...

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16 novembre 2017

With state budget in crisis, many Oklahoma schools hold classes four days a week

With state budget in crisis, many Oklahoma schools hold classes four days a week
Emma Brown, Washington Post, 2017/05/30
It's hard to imagine a four-day school week. It would have been my dream in my childhood, of course (exceeded only by the three-day school week). But no doubt it's a source of concern for parents and teachers. More...

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15 novembre 2017

Government approves US$50m for National Research Fund

The government has agreed US$50 million as seed money for the establishment of the National Research Fund. The cabinet has already given approval for the establishment of the fund and a draft bill will be presented to parliament shortly to give it the necessary legal backing, reports GhanaWeb. More...

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Colleges mobilise to fight proposed endowment tax

Higher education leaders are mobilising against a House Republican proposal to tax the endowments at dozens of private schools, including Ivy League universities and liberal arts colleges in the nation’s heartland, write Nick Anderson and Danielle Douglas-Gabriel for The Washington Post. More...

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Where universities are active agents of peace building

By Brendan O’Malley. Now is the time for higher education in particular and education in general to contribute to the establishment and embedding of peace in Colombia, according to José Manuel Restrepo Abondano, president of Colombia’s Del Rosario University, who recently visited Bath in the United Kingdom to discuss the question of how Colombia can move from a protracted armed conflict to a sustainable solution. More...

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12 novembre 2017

Reducing inequality to raise incomes and expand well-being for all Colombians . One of the key challenges facing Colombia is the creation of better quality jobs. Although the economy has grown strongly for some time, income and regional inequalities remain important. More...

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11 novembre 2017

3rd Academic and Knowledge Summit to take place 5-6 October 2017, University of El Salvador

The 3rd Academic and Knowledge Summit: Towards the construction of a Euro-Latin American and Caribbean common space of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, is taking place in the framework of the structured cooperation between the Heads of State and Government of the European Union and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), in which higher education, research, technology and innovation have been assigned particular priority. More...

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07 novembre 2017

Universities told to sort out postdoc salary inequity

A group of scientists is calling for United States institutions to sort out their chaotic postdoc system, which sees workers receive unequal salaries and training opportunities simply because of their job titles. There are 37 different designations for postdoctoral workers in the US – 36 too many, says a team of biomedical researchers, writes Katrina Kramer for Chemistry World. More...

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The high costs of controversial campus speakers

Free speech has neither come free nor cheap on campuses this year – especially amid fierce protests in response to controversial speakers. More...

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