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05 août 2018

Helping Americans Work Again . The economic expansion in the United States is now one of the longest on record, although it has been sluggish in comparison with previous recoveries. While job growth has reduced the unemployment rate to historically-low levels, many people still remain on the sidelines of the labour market, as shown by the low participation rates of prime age workers. More...

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EUA condemns violence at National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN)

In the context of an intensifying revolt against Nicaragua’s president Daniel Ortega, the European University Association (EUA) is particularly troubled by assaults launched by security forces on the campus of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN) in Managua. Two students are reported to have been killed and several injured in these attacks. Observers state that “the Nicaraguan government [has] adopted a strategy of violent repression not seen in the country for years” (Amnesty International, 29 May 2018). More...

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03 août 2018

Ties that bind a higher ed campus together

University Business Magazine logoHere are nine places to foster ties among faculty and students. More...

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K9s trained at U. of Pa. to detect odors

University Business Magazine logoThe University of Pennsylvania has taught some pretty able students throughout the years, and today was no exception, only the students are dogs. More...

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NJIT, NJ Community Colleges, National Student Clearinghouse collaborate

University Business Magazine logoNew Jersey community college students who transfer to the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) before earning a degree or certificate will find it easier to receive a credential retroactively under a new alliance between NJIT and the National Student Clearinghouse. More...

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St. Joe's College sued for defrauding Sodexo of $1.35M

University Business Magazine logoSaint Joseph's College is accused of accepting more than $1.3 million for renovations to its student center while knowing the school was in dire financial problems, according to a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday. More...

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Godzilla Attacks! Matt Reed. Fear of state legislators, even those with valid goals. More...

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Debates Differ on Completion Incentives

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. There is little disagreement that the more courses students take each semester, the more likely they are to graduate on time, but much debate has centered on how to encourage students in that direction. More...

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Counting Credentials

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. The Credential Registry is several months into its mission to document all U.S. credentials, but the finish line is further than ever. More...

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The Tribe Has Spoken: College 'Survivor' a Hit

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. Administrators generally have little knowledge of the knockoffs of the popular reality TV show on campuses -- and could be open to liability if students were hurt. More...

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