29 août 2016

Four-year housing trend takes off at NY community college

University Business LogoBy Matt Zalaznick. A community college in upstate New York has seized on a residential life trend spreading rapidly at four-year institutions: the living-learning community. More...

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A pillar of the American Dream: Higher education as a public good

University Business LogoBy Lloyd A. Jacobs, Janine E. Janosky, Thomas Stuckey. Amid the stress and scandal besetting many universities, regional campuses and two-year colleges have quietly and steadfastly gone about the business of promulgating education as a public good and in so doing supporting the American Dream. More...

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28 août 2016

Bringing male students back to college

University Business LogoBy Aaron Mahl. Recent research studies have begun to recognize males as a new “at-risk” population. Achieving gender balance means different things to different institutions. More...

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Making college matter

The ConversationBy and . Over the next several weeks 18.4 million students will be headed to colleges and universities in the United States. They, their families and taxpayers are making a monumental investment in the futures of these students, believing, correctly, that an undergraduate education is foundational to success in a global and knowledge-based economy. More...

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How men benefit from family-friendly tenure policies

The ConversationBy and . As academics, we are well aware that gender gaps continue to exist on American campuses. It is true that female students now outnumber male students, and also that more women earn professional degrees compared to men. But it is also true that only 28 percent of tenured faculty are women. More...

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Should writing for the public count toward tenure?

The ConversationBy . Many pressing issues have been calling for attention these days – the unprecedented increase in mortality rates among white Americans, the Black Lives Matter movement and the upending of the Republican Party. More...

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Zero tolerance laws increase suspension rates for black students

The ConversationBy . The State Senate of Michigan is currently considering legislation that would scale back “zero tolerance” discipline policies in the state’s public schools. More...

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Want college to be affordable? Start with Pell Grants

The ConversationBy . In her speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton talked about free college and student debt relief. More...

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Why have the demands of black students changed so little since the 1960s?

The ConversationBy . The student protests at the University of Missouri and on other campuses across the country have brought greater attention to the educational plight of black students. 
The protests have exposed how experiences of black students in predominantly white campus environments are cloaked in isolation, invisibility and downright disregard for their rights. 
Sadly, campus racism is not new, and neither are the demands of black student activists. More...

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Here’s how rape on campus remains a hidden crime

The ConversationBy . The myth has been shattered. The college campus, it turns out, is not always a sheltered sanctuary of peaceful, rolling green lawns and ivy-covered brick. More...

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