28 octobre 2017

Texas higher ed community launches initiative to provide aid to students impacted by Hurricane Harvey

eCampus NewsHarvey HELP will enable people to contribute funds for emergency aid for Texas college students as they recover from the storm and return to classroom. More...

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College leaders denounce Trump’s DACA decision

eCampus NewsWith pledges of support for students who would be affected by President Donald Trump’s decision to scrap the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, leaders of Rhode Island colleges are protesting what they depict as a blow against educational opportunity and diversity. More...

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27 octobre 2017

How much does the government really need to know about college students in America?

University Business LogoThe promise of big data versus the menace of Big Brother. 
That’s the storyline of an unlikely, behind-the-scenes battle being waged over a plan to help Americans know their odds of graduating on time from a particular college, and how much money they will likely earn when they do. More...

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University violated law by denying newspaper's request

University Business LogoA ruling by Kentucky's attorney general says the University of Louisville violated the state's open records law by denying a newspaper's request for emails on the former university president's hard drive. More...

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How to plan a campus for an island

University Business LogoSchool is now in session at Cornell Tech, the Ivy League university’s highly anticipated engineering campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City. More...

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26 octobre 2017

Why colleges are borrowing billions

University Business LogoWhen the number of students at Hawaii Pacific University started to fall at an alarming rate, the university embarked on an ambitious plan to get students back. More...

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Majors with the highest unemployment rates

University Business LogoFor all the pressure on college students to pick a lucrative major, not everyone goes where the jobs are. More...

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Donald Trump Jr. says left has undermined higher ed

University Business LogoDonald Trump Jr., speaking tonight in a state that warmly received his father's presidential campaign, denounced what he described as the corruption of higher education by the political left. More...

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College campuses rally for Puerto Rico relief

University Business LogoConnecticut colleges are rallying to help students displaced by last month’s hurricanes by preparing to offer in-state tuition and scholarships to those who moved individuals who want to continue their education to the area from Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands. More...

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Higher ed stronger with DACA recipients

University Business LogoIt is estimated that 10,000 undocumented young adults graduate from college each year. These graduates go to work for companies of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies, and commonly are the types of new talent employers strive to recruit – hard working, persistent, and innovative. More...

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