22 novembre 2015

A global community’s college

University Business Magazine logoBy Stefanie Botelho. Marieth Siku recalls having one big fear while traveling from Luanda, the capital of Angola, to study at a community college in Houston. What if she was the only one there from her country. More...

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Shooting at Winston-Salem State leaves one dead, one wounded

University Business Magazine logoBy Stefanie Botelho. One person was killed and another was injured in a shooting at Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina, the school said early Sunday. More...

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Education leaders seek to make Hartford a college town

University Business Magazine logoBy Stefanie Botelho. Hartford's higher education leaders want to make the city a college town, and hope this will drive cultural and economic growth in the state’s capitol. More...

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Students, borrowers win as education department expands protections

University Business Magazine logoBy Stefanie Botelho. College students will be shielded from some fees when accessing federal student aid funds, while borrowers with older student loans will be eligible for slightly more generous repayment plans under new rules the U.S. Department of Education finalized Tuesday. More...

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20 novembre 2015

Ontario college enrolment increases to record levels

CTVNewsEnrolment in Ontario colleges increased by 2.4 per cent this year to a record 237,000 full-time students.
Colleges Ontario says that's up from less than 232,000 last year. More...

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Fewer young Canadians working since 2008 recession, StatsCan finds

cbc masthead logoFewer young Canadians are working, with teenaged students opting not to take part-time jobs and more Canadians aged 20 to 24 staying in school, Statistics Canada says. Read more...

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Yukon College’s Difficult Path to University Status

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "higheredstrategy.com logo"By Alex Usher. Universities Canada has some pretty clear guidelines about membership.  Point 4 says that a prospective member must have “… as its core teaching mission the provision of education of university standard with the majority of its programs at that level”. More...

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18 novembre 2015

University of Missouri Protests and Communications Implications

By Kevin Anselmo. We need to always be prepared for crisis communication. I can only imagine how difficult these past few weeks have been for communicators at the University of Missouri as they have navigated this crisis in which their school has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. More...

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A Good Wife's Tale

By Teresa Valerio Parrot. I’m a fan of CBS’s The Good Wife. (The front desk staff at Miami University’s Marcum Hotel and Conference Center got me hooked on it.) I appreciate how witty and smart the show is and I love that it occasionally features storylines that are higher education-based, providing a fantastic window into how higher education is perceived by the general public. More...

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Guided Pathways for Transfer

By Matt Reed. Last year I caught a presentation by some folks from the Maricopa County Community College District (Phoenix, AZ) on a transfer partnership they had developed with Arizona State University. With nearly every transfer student aiming at the same destination college, it was relatively easy to design curricula for the first two years. More...

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