04 juin 2018

Nepal student’s American dream shattered – then rescued

By Eric Hoover, The Chronicle of Higher Education. Growing up, Rupesh Koirala imagines a place he has never seen. Far beyond the mountains, across a wide ocean, lies the country where many great colleges are said to stand. How he will ever afford to get a degree in the United States, he does not know. Still, he believes. More...

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01 juin 2018


Stephen Downes, Flickr, 2018/04/30
Please enjoy my photos from Bogota and Medellin taken while I was in Colombia last week. Here are the sets: Bogota, and Medellin. More...

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31 mai 2018

Ontario (Dumpster Fire) Manifesto Analysis

By Alex Usher. You may have heard that there is an election on in Ontario.  I tried my best to leave the province for the duration but I’m back now, and holy Moses I wish I weren’t.  It is truly godawful.  A dumpster fire, as the kids say.  But duty calls, and so, forthwith, the traditional HESA platform analysis. More...

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30 mai 2018

After Native American bias incident, college says those against diversity can go ‘elsewhere’

University Business Magazine logoTwo suspicious young men joined a Colorado university’s campus tour to which they did not belong, a woman told a 911 dispatcher. They refused to say their names, she said, and one of them started to laugh when she asked what they wanted to study. More...

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29 mai 2018

Haines Assembly asks for more public interaction on U. of Alaska timber sale

University Business Magazine logoThe University announced in March it was entering into a negotiated timber sale on 13,000 acres of its land in the Haines Borough. More...

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Missouri House votes to maintain higher education funding

University Business Magazine logoThe governor's budget called for a $68 million cut but lawmakers decided to keep the funding level for most public colleges and universities. More...

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Number of foreign college students staying and working in U.S. after graduation surges

University Business Magazine logoBetween 2004 and 2016, nearly 1.5 million foreign graduates of U.S. colleges and universities obtained authorization to remain and work in the U.S. through the federal government’s Optional Practical Training program (OPT). More...

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Major bill would fund S.C. higher ed

University Business Magazine logoA bill that spells out just what South Carolina lawmakers and higher education officials need to make sure students and schools get the funding they need was introduced Tuesday by a Democratic senator, who knows it has no chance of passing with just two days left in the General Assembly's session. More...

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Penn State Trustee and RIAA Lawyer Denies Conflict of Interests

Penn State Trustee and RIAA Lawyer Denies Conflict of Interests
As the headline suggests, conflict of interest allegations have surfaced in the recent Penn State deal to provide its students with access to music through Napster, even though Penn State trustee and RIAA legal counsel Barry Robinson denies any involvement in the decision. More...

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Why falling demand for college hasn’t brought down sticker prices

University Business Magazine logo

The supply of students continues to decline, but college and university sticker prices haven’t. More...

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