08 février 2015

Proposed Law in Kansas Would Strip Professors of Titles in Opinion Articles

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/Ticker%20revised%20round%2045.gifBy . A bill making its way through the Kansas Legislature would prohibit professors at public institutions from being identified by their titles in newspaper opinion articles about an elected official, a candidate, or an issue being dealt with by a state public body.
The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that the bill would require the governing boards of community colleges and public universities to enforce policies formalizing the ban, which would also apply to letters to the editor. More...

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Why College Presidents Don’t Fear the NLRB

subscribe todayBy Marc Bousquet. Three recent decisions by the National Labor Relations Board challenge lawmaking from the bench that has been hostile to faculty organizing at private universities ever since the decision in NLRB v. Yeshiva University, in 1980, established most tenure-track faculty members as part of "management."
The NLRB has required employers to permit the use of work email for union organizing and to provide organizers with email addresses and phone numbers for all employees. More...

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Obama's 2016 Budget: a Focus on College Cost, and an Uphill Climb in Congress

subscribe todayBy Kelly Field. The key theme for higher education in President Obama's 2016 budget plan, unveiled on Monday, is affordability. Through a combination of tax breaks and subsidies, the president aims to make the cost of college less of a barrier to attending. More...

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Obama Says Students Should ‘Get the Best Skills Possible,’ Quickly and Cheaply

subscribe todayBy Katherine Mangan. Middle-class college students should have more opportunities to "get the best skills possible," as quickly and cheaply as possible, and making community-college tuition free would help achieve that goal, President Obama said on Friday during an address at Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis.
Speaking and answering questions from students at the headquarters of one of the nation’s largest statewide community-college systems, the president touted his free-tuition proposal and said that heading straight to a four-year college isn’t for everyone. More...

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07 février 2015

Announcements – February 2015

By Natalie Samson. Playwright, director and dramaturge Bruce Barton will be the first permanent director of the University of Calgary’s school of creative and performing arts. The school is a multidisciplinary research and performance hub formed in 2013 through the consolidation of the departments of dance, drama and music. More...

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06 février 2015

Canadian universities urge Ottawa to relax foreign worker program rules

Go to the Globe and Mail homepageBy Simona Chiose. Canadian universities have used the temporary foreign worker program to recruit for approximately a quarter of their new permanent jobs over the last five years, federal government statistics provided to The Globe show – and schools are urging the government to relax new rules they say are hurting their ability to recruit internationally. Read more...

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04 février 2015

Professors calculate Memorial University's contribution to economy

cbc masthead logoAfter more than a year, two professors at Memorial University of Newfoundland have calculated the university's economic worth in dollars and cents.
The president of the university asked economist Wade Locke to work on the project to help better understand the university's fiscal impact on the province. 
According to Locke, Memorial accounts for more than $1 billion in overall economic activity per year. More...

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03 février 2015

A new page for American higher education?

“Tonight we turn the page”, said Barack Obama during his annual speech on the State of the Union, delivered on 20 January. The announced White House policy agenda for 2015 marked indeed a shift in tone for higher education policy, including brand new proposals in the direction of a stronger federal role. However, other higher education reforms - such as the college ratings system (see ACA Newsletter Education Europe, Edition January 2015) were unmentioned in Obama’s speech. More...

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Paraguay becomes a magnet for grad students from Angola and Brazil

Fox News Latino - Fair & BalancedBy Santi Carneri. Thousands of Brazilian and Angolan students are heading to Asuncion to enroll in doctoral and other graduate programs offered by scores of private Paraguayan universities even though the academic standards of some colleges are being questioned by education officials.
Most graduates from these countries share the same goal: to earn a specialized diploma faster and less expensively than in their own countries, opening the door to advancement in public sector employment. More...

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02 février 2015

Opinion publique américaine et sciences

http://sciences.blogs.liberation.fr/test/images/logo_libe.pngPar Sylvestre Huet. Les citoyens américains et les scientifiques de leur pays divorcent. C'est ce qui ressort d'une enquête du Pew Research Center qui a consisté à poser des questions identiques, selon les techniques des sondages d'opinion, à un panel représentatif de la population et un un autre composé de membres de l'Association américaine pour l'avancement des sciences (AAAS). Voir l'article...

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