26 octobre 2017

The missing data on gun violence

University Business LogoThe recurrent, violent phenomenon of mass shootings, including recent attacks in California and Oregon, has fueled Americans’ anxieties and reinvigorated a tense national debate over gun control. More...

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The best underfunded miracles in this country

University Business LogoTo understand our college, you need to know the history of Indian education in this country. When Indian people were placed on reservations there was a mentality that we were not smart enough to be professional people. More...

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Ill. university rankings among reforms offered

University Business LogoIllinois public universities could be pitted against each other for resources under a proposal from two Twin City-area legislators. More...

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College makes sense for the elite, but it might not for the working class

College makes sense for the elite, but it might not for the working class
Joan Williams, 2017/05/24
While people in the lower classes are told that attending a  good college is the ticket to success, the reality is far different, according to the author. Getting into an elite college gets you in the door, but access to opportunities depends not on your education but on your social capital. More...

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Canadians 'reluctant' to accept new police powers, prefer privacy online, government finds

Canadians 'reluctant' to accept new police powers, prefer privacy online, government finds
Matthew Braga, CBC News, 2017/05/23
I think we already knew that Canadians expect online privacy and security, but in true Canadian tradition the government conducted an inquiry. They found that large majorities (on the order of four fifths) expect even basic subscriber information (such as name, home address, phone number, and email address) to remain private, and they  a law mandating telecom companies maintain interception capabilities. More...

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University of Montana lecturers to stay for full school year

University Business LogoThe University of Montana rescinded its attempt to cut short yearlong contracts with more than 30 lecturers Thursday, after the faculty union brokered an agreement. More...

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More, and more diverse, U.S. college students voted in 2016

University Business LogoWhether motivated by support for particular policies or enthusiasm -- or ire -- toward the candidates, the 2016 election captured the attention of U.S. college and university students nationwide. More...

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25 octobre 2017

Trump, and most black college presidents, absent from annual meeting

University Business LogoEvery U.S. president since Jimmy Carter has pledged commitment to historically black colleges, or HBCUs.
And just about every year, HBCU leaders gather in Washington D.C., to lobby Congress and the White House. This year President Trump was not there to greet them, which was just as well because the meeting took place amid simmering frustration with the Trump administration. More...

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Rosalind Franklin University breaks ground on new science park

University Business LogoRosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science celebrated the impending construction of its new Innovation and Research Park with a ceremonial groundbreaking on Sept. 8 attended by state and local officials, life science industry partners, and university faculty, alumni and supporters. More...

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The early decision racket, redux

University Business LogoTo take your mind off politics, at least politics of the national-election variety, let’s take a look back on some of the oddities of the American college-admissions process, for which millions of families are gearing up right now. More...

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