02 novembre 2016

University opens without any teachers

A university without any teachers has opened in California this month. It's called 42 – the name taken from the answer to the meaning of life, from the science fiction series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy – and will train about a thousand students a year in coding and software development, writes Matt Pickles for the BBC. Read more...

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NSF asks universities to share rotator staff costs

The National Science Foundation, or NSF, has decided that universities should pay 10% of the salaries of faculty members working temporarily at the agency. It hopes the new policy will demonstrate its commitment to saving taxpayer dollars without alienating the academic community that it relies upon to stay on the cutting edge of basic science, writes Jeffrey Mervis for Science. Read more...

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MPs push to make university answerable to parliament

Jamaica's elected representatives, smarting from being snubbed by the University of the West Indies, now say that they will be pushing for necessary changes to ensure that the university, which this year alone is set to get funding that could cover two government ministries, is answerable to the parliament, writes Jovan Johnson for The Gleaner. Read more...

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America’s watershed elections

By Hans de Wit and Philip G Altbach. After a (too) long campaign, the presidential elections in the United States are coming to an end and on 9 November we will know who has won. Read more...

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Could Trump really end political correctness on campus?

By Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle of Higher Education. Speaking to college students in Columbus, Ohio, United States presidential nominee Donald J Trump told conservative watchers of higher education something many of them might love to hear. Read more...

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Students need to work before studying abroad

By Casey O’Brien. It is a warm night in downtown Havana, Cuba, and the Malecón sea road is buzzing. It’s January, yet it’s 70 degrees. I am at a hotel I could never afford, just above the water, looking at the view with my fellow students. Read more...

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Trump’s ‘wall’ is already hindering HE collaboration

By Yojana Sharma. The westward drive from the northern Mexican city of Mexicali to Tijuana on the Pacific coast runs alongside the border fence with the United States. The fence is more than five metres high in some places and continues through rugged barren rocky landscapes and desert shrubland, along Tijuana beach, reaching almost 100 metres into the sea before it abruptly stops. Read more...

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What are the implications for HE in the American presidential elections?

By Michelle Paterson – Acting Global Editor. In Commentary, Hans de Wit and Philip G Altbach warn that there is a lot at stake for higher education in the upcoming US presidential elections, with dire consequences for international higher education if Donald Trump is elected. Backing this up, Mark Ashwill says there is a rising tide of concern about the potential negative impact of a Trump presidency on international student flows to the US, as he has evidenced in Vietnam.
Given the overall fiscal difficulty many governments are experiencing, Alex Usher suggests alternative ways that higher education institutions might continue to push for world-class status other than seeking funds.
In World Blog, Nita Temmerman shares feedback from a survey on what students found annoying about their lecturers, which proved to be a good learning experience, and at times amusing.
In our Transformative Leadership series, Rebecca C Conklin reports on a debate, organised by University World News within the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program conference, on whether universities are doing enough to foster young women’s transformative leadership.
Lastly, in Features, Robert Dragan says that one of the positive developments of the EdTech revolution is the potential for personalised learning which can serve to enhance the student experience. Also on the educational technology theme, Paul Rigg describes the Wow Room, a classroom of the future established at IE University in Spain. Read more...

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30 octobre 2016

Les étudiants américains ont-ils vendu leur âme au diable ?

Logo - Thot CursusPar Élodie Lestonat. Le 8 octobre 2012, Michelle Obama, actuelle première dame des Etats-Unis d’Amérique, a déclaré sur Twitter qu’elle et son mari avaient terminé de rembourser leurs derniers prêts étudiants il y a 8 ans. Voir l'article...

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42 or why one college does not wipe out previous options #education

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. When the BBC reported on the French/US college named '42', which is build around the idea of peer learning, without the interference of teachers. This new educational initiative (and yes, I do choose 'educational' to be in the description) was once again propagated as a unique solution to education. Read more...

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