08 mars 2017

University leader advises patience as Trump era dawns

By Vimal Pate The Chronicle of Higher Education. Uncertainty on campuses is rampant, as faculty, staff and students don’t know what Donald J Trump’s presidency means for higher education. Read more...

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23 février 2017

How Google Chromebooks conquered schools

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. How Google Chromebooks conquered schools
Anick Jesdanum, Associated Press, 2017/02/15
This is an interesting statistic: "Chromebook's share of the U.S. education market was 49 percent last year, up from 40 percent in 2015 and 9 percent in 2013, according to IDC figures released this week." Who would have thought it. More...

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22 février 2017

United we stand – Student resistance to Donald Trump

By Casey O’Brien. What is the role of universities in Donald Trump’s America? Ever since Trump took office on 20 January 2017, shock after shock has hit the nation. In his first 12 days in office, Trump signed 18 executive orders and memos, an average of 1.5 per day, including his infamous immigration ban. Civil rights are under siege. More...

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How Trump’s immigration ban may lead to uniting America and the world

https://blog.thepienews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/cropped-Screen-Shot-2016-04-06-at-16.35.19-1.pngWhen President Donald Trump signed his executive order on immigration in his first week of office, US and international citizens alike were alarmed to see a country that has prided itself on being a nation of immigrants, suddenly turn its back on those fleeing violence and shut its doors on those seeking opportunity with the mere stroke of a pen. More...

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Trump’s wall “won’t change” Mexico-US HE ties

By Sara Custer. Despite continued promises from president-elect Donald Trump to build a wall along the border between Mexico and the United States , the president of one of Mexico’s leading private universities said the higher education community isn’t concerned about the future of their collaborations with the US. More...

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19 février 2017

How to Fund (1)

Résultat de recherche d'images pour By Alex Usher. Most of the developing world works on this system.  An institution tots up its wish list for the year, shows up at the Minister’s office, which says yea or nay to a variety of requests, and that’s that.  The government is under no obligation to treat institutions in the same manner and so “favoured” institutions often make out pretty well under this system. More...

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New York, New York

Résultat de recherche d'images pour By Alex Usher. With the Republicans in control of both Congress and the White house for at least the next two years, the fight for “free tuition” is moving to the state level.  And so to New York, where Governor Cuomo has proposed a form of “free tuition” for anyone attending the City University of New York (CUNY) or the State University of New York (SUNY) and whose family earns less than $125,000.  So what does this mean exactly. More...

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Manitoba’s Golden Opportunity

Résultat de recherche d'images pour By Alex Usher. It’s tough to be in government these days: prolonged slow growth means it’s difficult to keep increasing spending at a rate at which citizens have become accustomed.  Instead, with rising costs and little appetite to raise taxes or fees, governing often seems to be one long exercise in nickel-and-diming.  Higher education – in most of Canada at least – has felt some of this, but in truth has been insulated more than most other parts of the public service. More...

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Legislators should take hard look at university admissions

University Business LogoSubmitted by Steven Wyman. The University of Southern Mississippi cut out-of-state tuition by 40 percent “to reverse a 2,000-student enrollment dip by pricing a USM education below some public universities in nearby states,” reported The Clarion-Ledger. More...

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Colleges question accuracy of federal College Scorecard

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. The government's College Scorecard holds promise as an unbiased, accurate data index of the country's thousands of colleges and universities. More...

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