23 mai 2017

Trump Administration Backs Termination of ACICS

HomeBy Paul Fain. The Trump administration has backed its predecessor's decision to terminate the recognition of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, a national accreditor that oversees 245 colleges, most of them for-profits. More...

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22 mai 2017

Notes From My Year of Going Almost Nowhere

By Joshua Kim. 4 observations inspired by not going to next week’s ASU+GSV Summit. More...

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When Standardized Tests Don't Count

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/JustVisitingLogo_white.jpg?itok=K5uvzo_-By John Warner"Elite" institutions get a pass while the vulnerable are made to knuckle under. More...

When Standardized Tests Don't Count

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Breaking the Code

HomePresidential spouse Mort Maimon takes a CIA-like approach to try to uncover the campus issues his wife is coping with. More...

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Making the Second Time the Charm

HomeThe second chance for year-round Pell Grants also means a new opportunity for the U.S. Department of Education to get implementation right this go-round, Ben Miller writes. More...

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What Policies for Improving Graduation Rates Actually Work?

HomeBy Nicholas A. Bowman And Four Other Scholars. As students across the country prepare to receive their degrees, five authors explore how to increase their numbers. More...

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Texas Law Bans Sanctuary Cities -- and Campuses

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Texas Governor Greg Abbott Sunday night signed into law legislation that prohibits local and campus police departments from limiting their officers’ cooperation with federal immigration enforcement authorities. More...

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21 mai 2017

Bipartisan Bill to Reauthorize Perkins Act

HomeBy Paul Fain. A bipartisan bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives today would reauthorize the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, which provides federal support to career education programs. More...

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Trouble From the Grave

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. Burlington College closed last year, but controversy still swirls over reports of a federal investigation into land deal by a former president, Jane Sanders, wife of Bernie -- an investigation allegedly sparked by a prominent Republican. Read more...

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Suicide and Title IX

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. Two lawsuits -- one involving accused student’s suicide and another about an attempt -- have added fire to the continued debate over how colleges handle complaints of sexual assault. More...

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