09 mai 2016

Doubts over honesty led to chancellor’s removal

University of California President Janet Napolitano felt compelled to remove the chancellor of the University of California, Davis after documents contradicted the campus leader's contention that she did not have any dealings with contractors that were hired to bolster the university's image online, writes Lisa Leff for Associated Press. Read more...

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Universities to strike over lack of funds

The Federation of University Teachers called for a general strike last week, to which 53 institutions of higher education pledged their support, reports Prensa Latina. Read more...

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08 mai 2016

Building with Brazil: Higher education ties are leading the way

Résultat de recherche d'images pour The Rio Olympics start in just over 100 days, and the world’s athletes have long been preparing for Brazil. So have Canada’s universities. But after the cyclists and swimmers and rowers and gymnasts leave Rio this summer, our universities will still be there, striving for outcomes that go well beyond the Olympic Games. More...

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In postsecondary education, we’re better together

Résultat de recherche d'images pour The postsecondary sector has a long history of stepping up to help resolve challenges. The current economic climate that Canada faces today is no exception.
Postsecondary institutions understand the road to a stronger and more diverse economy relies on an educated population and the capitalization of new ideas. More...

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06 mai 2016

US: Agents, educators call for more due diligence after DHS sting

By Sara Custer. Stakeholders in the US on both sides of the school-agent relationship have reacted to the arrests of education counsellors in a sting operation carried out by the US government. More...

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Ontario high school graduation rates at a historic high

Résultat de recherche d'images pour By Laura Kane. Ontario's high school graduation rates are at historically high levels, but many students are still taking five years to complete the four-year curriculum. Read more...

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Students want government to come clean on CNA future

cbc masthead logoBy Meghan McCabe - CBC News. Student groups are demanding that Newfoundland and Labrador's Liberal government reveal how a cost-cutting program will affect the College of the North Atlantic, while the province says it's business as usual until a review is completed. More...

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Universities keen to boost Brazil ties, but there’s a snag

By Paul Davidson. South American giant ready to host Canadian students, but few of them study abroad. Read more...

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05 mai 2016

La privatisation de l’enseignement supérieur aux États-Unis

IAU_Horizons_Vol_21_3_Couv_ENCe numéro propose une sélection d’articles sur deux dossiers d’importance: le premier a pour titre la distinction entre enseignement supérieur public ou privé s’estompe: vers quoi nous dirigeons nous ?, tandis que le second concerne les initiatives de promotion de l’accès des réfugiés à l’enseignement supérieur. AIU Horizons, Vol.21, No.3.
La privatisation de l’enseignement supérieur aux États-Unis
Comme beaucoup de choses aux Etats-Unis, l’enseignement supérieur est à la fois complexe et diversifié. Nous devons garder à l’esprit quatre réalités essentielles pour comprendre les tendances en matière de privatisation. Premièrement, la privatisation fait partie d’un débat plus large sur le bien public et le bien privé. L’idée selon laquelle l’enseignement supérieur est un bien privé et devrait donc être payé par l’utilisateur (les étudiants) domine aujourd’hui en grande partie la pensée sociale. Certains qualifient cette tendance de néolibéralisme. Suite dans AIU Horizons, Vol.21, No.3.

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03 mai 2016

What Matters to Prospective Students in Latin America?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "topuniversities.com"Written by Laura Bridgestock. A new report, published today, explores the key priorities, motivations and challenges for prospective students in Latin America. The study draws on the QS World Grad School Tour Applicant Survey, alongside insights gathered from a series of focus groups with students in Mexico and Colombia. More...

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