21 juin 2017

DeVos softens accountability for for-profit colleges

By Adam Harris, The Chronicle of Higher Education. Immediately after President Donald Trump was elected, borrower advocates and lawmakers expressed concern about what would happen to the Obama-era regulations aimed at holding for-profit colleges accountable. Read more...

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08 juin 2017

Country reaps rewards of higher education investment

Over the past decade, the government of Ecuador has spent a total of US$13.9 billion on higher learning – 2% of the country's gross domestic product, reports TeleSURMore...

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Trump decision to leave Paris accord hurts US and world

By Travis N Rieder, Anthony Janetos, Kevin Trenberth, Marina v N Whitman and Matthew Russell. President Donald Trump stunned the world on 1 June by announcing his intention to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord, a landmark global agreement to lower greenhouse gas emissions and minimise harm from climate change. Academics and scientists analyse what the move means for the planet, US businesses and the world’s poor. More...

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International educators confront a new political reality

By Karin Fischer, The Chronicle of Higher Education. The biggest buzz at last year’s conference of NAFSA: Association of International Educators was about a survey of prospective international students that showed nearly two out of three would reconsider studying in the United States if Donald Trump became president. Conference goers thought the findings scary. They also thought such a thing could never happen. More...

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07 juin 2017

Les États-Unis et la mobilité étudiante internationale

Cette Note Campus France, « les États-Unis et la mobilité étudiante internationale », s’appuie sur les données du rapport Open Doors réalisé par l’Institute of International Education (IIE) en partenariat avec l’ECA (Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs).
Publié depuis 1972, ce rapport annuel constitue un document de référence pour comprendre les évolutions et enjeux de la mobilité étudiante internationale du point de vue des États-Unis.
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30 mai 2017

California state to limit foreign university students

California state universities, one of the largest higher education networks in the United States, will limit the number of undergraduates they accept from outside the state, including foreign students, beginning later this year, writes Bruce Alpert for Voice of America. More...

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University chief quits ahead of arrest order

The head of Puerto Rico's largest public university announced on 23 May that she had resigned just hours before she faced arrest for failing to reopen an institution that has been shut down by a student strike for nearly two months, writes Danica Coto for Associated Press. More...

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How can universities respond to extremist activity?

By Sarah Brown, The Chronicle of Higher Education. Bias-related incidents and hate-group propaganda on college campuses have recently captured greater public attention as America’s political climate has become more charged. Since President Donald Trump’s election, many people with far-right, racist and sexist views have felt emboldened to speak freely. More...

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Yale postgraduates on hunger strike over labour terms

By Raymond Hogler. On 24 April, postgraduate students at Yale University announced a hunger strike in support of Local 33 of Unite Here, a labour union that represents workers in a variety of industries – including higher education – in dozens of cities across North America. More...

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Restrictions eased on postgraduate scholarships abroad

By Maria Elena Hurtado. The approximately 2,000 beneficiaries of Becas Chile, the country’s largest provider of postgraduate scholarships for studying abroad, have mostly welcomed changes to the conditions attached to the scholarships, except for the failure to scrap the requirement to return to Chile after graduation. More...

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