17 juillet 2016

Updated: Sex Assaults and Type of Institution

HomeBy Jake New. New study finds higher rates of sexual victimization at public institutions than private colleges. Read more...

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Struggling to Cope in Illinois

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. Statewide budget deadlock continues to force some community colleges to cut or raise tuition, despite a recent short-term deal. Read more...

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Criminal Justice Education in the Black Lives Matter Era

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. Shootings and debate over police tactics prompt changes in programs that train law enforcement officials. Read more...

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New Rules Proposed for Workforce Training

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. The U.S. Departments of Labor and Education released the final rules Thursday for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act in an effort to expand job growth.
The final rules affect more than a dozen programs that receive $10 billion in training and education funding and serve about 20 million people. Read more...

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Downgraded Credit for 15 Illinois Community Colleges

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. Moody's recently downgraded 15 of Illinois's 27 community colleges because of the yearlong budget impasse in the Legislature. Read more...

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15 juillet 2016

U.S. colleges exploit ‘legal loophole’ to help int’l students stay after graduating

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "studyinternational.com logo"By Study International Staff. After travelling to America on a student visa to pursue a Master’s from Babson College, Abhinav Sureka is ready to launch a brand-new business project. But Abhinav’s endeavours could fall short, since his inability to obtain a H-1B visa – a temporary work permit typically obtained through a lottery, with lower odds of winning than a coin toss – means he could be forced to return to the family home in India. More...

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How Companies Profit Off Education at Nonprofit Schools

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "theatlantic.com logo"By . Selling the dream of a college education is big, profitable business. In 2014, four companies that own and run for-profit colleges collected in excess of $1 billion each. To boost their enrollments and profits, many for-profit schools pioneered modern marketing tactics such as websites that collect information to generate marketing leads, text message follow-ups to inquiries, and phone banks with ambitious “career counselors” ready to help students complete financial-aid requirements and enroll. More...

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Bogotá será la sede del Latin America Universities Summit

Résultat de recherche d'images pour The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools is meant to be a watchdog for hundreds of for-profit schools, wielding the stamp of approval that colleges need to receive federal money. It's one of many accreditors authorized by the U.S. Education Department to ensure the quality of schools. But the nonprofit is being accused of employing lax standards and failing to stop schools from preying on students. More...

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For-profit college watchdog under federal scrutiny

MailOnline - news, sport, celebrity, science and health storiesA Tongan MP has proposed that MPs' salaries be boosted to match those of parliamentarians in Fiji and Samoa.
Ha'apai MP Vili Hingano told parliament that Samoan MPs get over 36 thousand US dollars and Tongans should get the same to reflect their work performance and work load. More...

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Canada-Mexico Education Cooperation

Coat of Arms of CanadaThe Government of Canada remains committed to ensuring that young Canadians receive the education and training they need to prepare for the jobs of today and tomorrow. International education is at the heart of Canada’s current and future prosperity and will help to strengthen the middle class and those working to join it.
Canada and Mexico have well-established and growing cooperation in education collaboration supported by over 400 inter-institutional agreements between Canadian and Mexican higher education institutions, as well as significant collaboration between Canadian provinces and territories and Mexican states. More...

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