13 avril 2017

Why academics need to learn the art of storytelling

By Frances Vavrus and Lesley Bartlett. At a recent town hall meeting in the United States, a boisterous crowd demanded a strategy from their state representatives for how to influence the governor’s views on immigration. More...

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Education Department erodes student protections

By Adam Harris, The Chronicle of Higher Education. During the nearly four hours of questioning at her confirmation hearing in January, Betsy DeVos, the education secretary, did not speak with specificity about her views on a host of Obama administration regulations meant to rein in abuses by for-profit colleges. More...

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Letter to President Trump

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/large/public/law.jpgBy Tracy Mitrano. Rescinding an earlier offer.
On November 13 last year I wrote you a personal letter.  It was one of the most intense posts of my blog life, one in which I channeled so much of the shock and concern I felt around your election into communication and hope. I deeply love this country. More...

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Strange Bedfellows

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/large/public/law.jpgBy Tracy Mitrano. Trump and Snowden.
President Trump and Edward Snowden have much in common these days. Taking his cues from the illuminati of Breitbart and Fox News, President Trump has not only announced that President Obama tapped his Trump Tower phone but that the British got involved in it. More...

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12 avril 2017

New ban halted, but foreign student applications fall

By Brendan O'Malley and Michael Gardner. Two federal judges last week blocked President Donald Trump’s new executive order temporarily banning entry into the United States from six Muslim countries – Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria – which was due to begin after midnight on Thursday. More...

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Trump plans deep cuts to higher education spending

By The Chronicle of Higher Education reporters. President Donald Trump laid out the spending priorities for his administration on Thursday, releasing a budget 'blueprint' that includes a US$9 billion cut for the United States Department of Education, more than 13%, as well as decreases at several agencies that provide money for academic research, such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. More...

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Threat to University Research

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Trump administration says it can cut billions by scaling back reimbursement for overhead costs. University groups say that funding is essential to conducting research. More...

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Pell Eligibility Restored for Some Whose Colleges Shut

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. The Department of Education has begun to notify students who attended closed institutions -- including Corinthian Colleges and ITT Technical Institute -- that their lifetime Pell Grant eligibility will be restored. More...

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DeVos to Meet With Higher Ed Groups Wednesday

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will meet Wednesday with the presidents of four higher ed associations, according to her public schedule. More...

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11 avril 2017

Cutting College Prep

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. White House promises proposed cuts to college-prep programs will be guided by evidence. But past attempts to evaluate the programs have been beset by controversy. More...

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