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20 mars 2017

L’iMagination d’une ville par l’architecture

Blog Educpros de Xavier Pavie. Le philosophe Wittgenstein considère l’architecture comme un moyen de se régénérer et précise que « le travail en philosophie – comme, à beaucoup d’égards le travail en architecture – est avant tout un travail sur soi-même ». Cette phrase aurait tout à fait pu être formulée par des architectes eux-mêmes tels Le Corbusier, Gehry ou encore Wright, mais certainement aussi des autorités d’aménagements de Singapour. Voir l'article...

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18 mars 2017

The typical university student is no longer 18, middle-class and on campus – we need to change thinking on ‘drop-outs’

The ConversationBy . The federal government released its latest figures on completion rates at Australian universities earlier this year. It shows that students who study off campus, are on a part-time course, are older, Indigenous, from disadvantaged backgrounds or regional areas of Australia are less likely to complete their university course. More...

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Too hot to learn – why Australian schools need a national policy on coping with heatwaves

The ConversationBy . Many parts of Australia have been experiencing a long-running heatwave, with temperatures soaring above 40 degrees in some areas. So what impact is this having on schools? And is it time for the government to roll out a national policy on heat protection. More...

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14 mars 2017

Anti-sugar campaigner faces university ban

The University of Sydney has threatened to ban a high-profile financial markets economist and anti-sugar campaigner from its campus, accusing him of intimidating one of its top academics as they feud over the role of sugar in fuelling obesity, writes Adam Creighton for The Australian. More...

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Researchers grapple with 40% cut in science funding

By Kafil Yamin. Amid cuts to Indonesia’s research budget for universities because of an economic slowdown, researchers in poorer parts of Indonesia are grappling with the challenge of producing meaningful research with little money, including forming university consortia to pool resources. More...

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New guidance on university tie-ups with mainland China

By Mimi Leung and Yojana Sharma. New guidelines are to be drafted by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education for university agreements with institutions in mainland China after a controversy erupted recently over universities signing agreements not to teach 'sensitive' subjects that criticise Beijing policies as a condition of taking in mainland exchange students. More...

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Standing up for the facts in an era of post-truths

By Barney Glover. We live in challenging times. Ours is an era in which evidence, intellectual inquiry and expertise are under sustained attack. The phrases ‘post truth’ and ‘alternative facts’ have slipped into common use. Agendas have displaced analysis in much of our public debate. More...

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13 mars 2017

Taiwanese Universities Won't Discuss 'One China'

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. At least half of Taiwan’s 157 universities have signed agreements with Chinese universities in which they pledge not to discuss issues involving “one China” -- a term for the Chinese government’s position that holds that Taiwan is part of China -- or Taiwanese independence in class, the Taipei Times reported, citing a preliminary investigation by the Ministry of Education. Read more...

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08 mars 2017

Indian students flock to Australia for higher studies

The Australian government's campaign to lure Indian students for higher studies is bearing fruit as nearly 80,000 of them enrolled in various education and training courses in 2016. Overall, Australian universities and vocational training institutes have experienced another bumper year with more than half a million international students choosing to study Down Under, writes Paritosh Parasher for IANS. Read more...

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‘Devastating’ report on sexual assault at universities

Universities have been accused of "actively covering up sexual assaults" in a submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission, which alleges there have been just six expulsions in the past five years despite more than 500 official complaints, writes Eryk Bagshaw for The Sydney Morning Herald. Read more...

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