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18 juin 2018

Some universities better at tackling student drop-out

By Geoff Maslen. About one in seven of the nearly one million Australian university students will drop out of their courses during the three or four years they spend as undergraduates. More...

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Graduates overqualified for the work they do

By Geoff Maslen. More than one in every four Australian graduates are overqualified for the jobs they take on after completing their degrees. More...

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Government approves student exchanges with North Korea

By Aimee Chung. South Korea’s Ministry of Unification in Seoul has given the go ahead for students at the country’s top university to discuss academic exchanges with North Korea’s Kim Il Sung University, with the hope that regular exchanges and joint projects can be set up between the two most prestigious universities of North and South Korea. More...

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Universities and our digital future in a divided world

By Yojana Sharma. University leaders across the Asia-Pacific and the Americas will be meeting in Taipei, Taiwan, on 24-26 June to discuss responses to common issues in an era of geopolitical and technological uncertainty and change. More...

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University teachers fired on say of student informants

By Yojana Sharma. As China tightens ideological control of universities, an increasing number of university teachers in China have been suspended or fired after students informed on them for making politically inappropriate remarks in class. More...

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Universities told to further embed Chinese culture

By Amber Ziye Wang. Universities across China have been told to further integrate Chinese traditional culture into their courses and award students credits for studying ethnic music, arts and crafts in a new government plan to boost cultural confidence and awareness in higher education. More...

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No Pakistani Scholars Allowed

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. The Indian government is barring Pakistani scholars from participating in a conference in New Delhi co-sponsored by an American academic association. More...

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16 juin 2018

Second Thoughts in Malaysia on Branch Campuses

HomeBy Simon Baker for Times Higher Education. For almost 30 years, branch campuses set up by foreign universities have been a central part of Malaysia’s higher education strategy, and it now hosts outposts of 12 overseas institutions. More...

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08 juin 2018

Country Data Sheet - Kazakhstan

Campus France logoIn 2016-2017, France hosted 566 students from Kazakhstan, 74.5% of whom are women. 
447 (79%) registered at universities, 34 (6%) at Business Schools, 16 (3%) at Engineering Schools  and 69 (12%) at other schools ( Grandes Ecoles,  Art Schools, Specialized Schools...). More...

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Kazakhstan 2016-2017

Campus France logoEn 2016-2017, la France a accueilli 566 étudiants kazakhs dont 74,5% d’étudiantes. 447 (79%) étaient inscrits à l’université, 34 (6%) en écoles de commerce, gestion et vente, 16 (3%) en écoles d’ingénieurs  et 69 (12%) dans les autres écoles (Grandes écoles, écoles d’art, spécialisées...). Plus...

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