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09 avril 2019

IREG Session in Kuala Lumpur

The Asia-Pacific Association for International Education was founded in 2004. Its annual conference brings together university leaders from the region and provides unique network opportunities. More...

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05 avril 2019

Bagaimana meningkatkan kualitas universitas swasta, tempat mayoritas mahasiswa Indonesia kuliah

The ConversationUniversitas-universitas swasta di Asia, termasuk Indonesia, menghadapi empat masalah menurut riset Asian Development Bank. Masalah tersebut adalah (1) memperluas akses ke kampus swasta (meningkatkan jumlah mahasiswa, menyediakan bangku kuliah bagi yang kurang mampu secara finansial dan penyandang disabilitas), (2) kualitas perguruan tinggi swasta yang bervariasi, (3) biaya tinggi di universitas swasta, dan (4) sulit mendapat dukungan dana. More...

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04 avril 2019

To help students overcome setbacks, they need to develop ‘academic buoyancy’

The ConversationAcademic resilience is a person’s ability to respond effectively to long-term academic challenges, such as chronic underachievement. Australian psychologists Andrew Martin and Herbert Marsh proposed that building students’ academic buoyancy is one way to help promote long term resilience. More...

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Don’t be fooled, billions for schools in budget 2019 aren’t new. And what happened to the national evidence institute?

The ConversationThe government is also dedicating $525 million over five years to fund 80,000 new apprenticeships in areas of skills shortages – including bakers, bricklayers, carpenters and plumbers. More...

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Australia should start planning for universal tertiary education

The ConversationAustralia is often characterised as having a mass higher education system. In fact, it could be called near-universal. According to the 2016 Census, 56% of Australians aged 15 years and over – 9.6 million people – hold a post-school qualification, up from 46% in 2006. More...

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03 avril 2019

We asked five experts: should Australia lower the voting age to 16?

The ConversationBut decisions made by elected governments – especially in areas such as education, health and energy – impact young people too. Legal and political voices have long called for Australia to lower the voting age to 16. After all, people under 18 can leave school, get a job, drive a car and pay taxes. More...

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What the next government needs to do to tackle unfairness in school funding

The ConversationSchool funding debates in Australia are complex and messy. Stakeholders routinely complain about being hard done by. But the real unfairness is that state schools get less government funding than governments themselves say the schools need, and will continue to do so. More...

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02 avril 2019

Compromising Conference Locations

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Members of Asian studies group debate whether to continue holding conferences in Asia after India barred Pakistanis from participating in a conference in New Delhi. More...

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The Complicated Politics of Chinese Students Abroad

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Panelists at Asian studies conference discuss the dynamics that accompany large influxes of Chinese students abroad. More...

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Organizer: Chinese Officials Sought to Cancel Event

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Chinese officials pressured a human rights institute affiliated with Concordia University, in Montreal, to cancel a talk involving a Uighur activist, according to an organizer of the event, Canada Radio International reported. The event proceeded as scheduled despite the pressure. More...

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