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20 février 2017

China: provincial licensing for education agencies abolished

By Beckie Smith. Study abroad agencies in China will no longer need to be licensed by provincial authorities in order to operate, the State Council has announced, which should make it easier for newer businesses to enter a market that is currently dominated by larger, long-established brands. More...

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NZ church shelters Indian students facing deportation

By Beckie Smith. A church in Auckland is offering sanctuary to nine Indian students whose visas were cancelled after the education agents they used were found to have submitted fraudulent documents in their applications. Meanwhile, community leaders are calling on Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse to intervene to stop the deportation of around 150 students caught up in the scandal. More...

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Japan eases residence rules for nursing students

By Beckie Smith. Foreign nursing care students in Japan will soon be able to obtain residence status after qualifying without first undertaking work experience, under new regulations coming into force this year that aim to attract more foreign workers to fill a healthcare skills gap. More...

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18 février 2017

The world is watching Australia’s decline in schools education

The ConversationBy . As Australia slips down these same rankings, we can be assured we will have no educational tourist boom. More...

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Multi-Institution Resource Allocation: A Strategy for Indonesia

By Defta Oktafiga. Since 2014, the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education has focused on creating world-class universities — an aspiration strongly influenced by globalization and university rankings. Read more...

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14 février 2017

Controversial education bill gets Gujarat governor's nod

After thinking it over for nearly 10 months, Gujarat Governor Om Prakash Kohli approved the controversial Gujarat Higher Education Council Act-2016 on 1 February giving the state government overarching powers over the functioning of the state's universities, write Kapil Dave and Bharat Yagnik for The Times of India. Read more...

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IITs corner over 40% of higher education increase

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced on 1 February a 10% increase in the overall budget for education with a bigger thrust on higher education. Read more...

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Advisory panel mulls limiting new universities in Tokyo

A government advisory panel last week began considering limiting the establishment of new universities and departments in Tokyo as part of measures to alleviate concentration of students in the capital, reports Nikkei Asian Review. Read more...

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Private education tipped to benefit from government plan

Private universities, vocational schools, and online education platforms are being tipped by analysts to be among the biggest winners from China’s recently rolled out 13th Five-Year Plan on education, which bids to narrow the huge gap in standards between urban and rural areas of the country, writes Laura He for South China Morning Post. Read more...

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First student union election in eight years expected

By Binod Ghimire. A Nepal student union election, to be held for the first time in eight years in one of the world’s largest universities, is being watched closely as a wider test of the popularity of the country’s political parties since Nepal became a federal republic in 2015. Read more...

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