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20 août 2019

China has started a grand experiment in AI education. It could reshape how the world learns.

Techno-News BlogExperts agree AI will be important in 21st-century education—but how? While academics have puzzled over best practices, China hasn’t waited around. More...

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How Technology Trends are Pushing up Digital Education in India

Techno-News Blog2018 witnessed positive developments in the educational sector on espousing innovative technology to evolve digital curriculum for the prospective generations. More...

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13 juillet 2019

China Trends #2 – Imposants mais faibles : l’avenir des ports chinois

Screenshot-2018-4-15 Egypte – des élections présidentielles jouées d’avanceLes ports intérieurs chinois ont connu un essor rapide au cours des dernières décennies. Cet essor se reflète dans leur nombre, leur taille et leur trafic. Néanmoins, la quantité semble avoir primé sur la qualité. Les tentatives d'amélioration de la compétitivité de ces ports ont été constantes mais les attentes fixées par les autorités locales et nationales n'ont pas été satisfaites. Plus...

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12 juillet 2019

Media Release: NTEU withdraws legal action over Ramsay course

The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) said today that it would withdraw its legal action against the University of Wollongong following the University Council’s decision to approve the new Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation degree, an initiative of the Ramsay Centre. More...

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Media Release: University of Wollongong Council ignores Academic Senate to approve Ramsay degree

The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) today expressed its dismay at the University of Wollongong Council’s decision to approve the new Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation degree, an initiative of the Ramsay Centre. More...

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06 juillet 2019

Let’s make it mandatory to teach respectful relationships in every Australian school

The ConversationMedia reports of findings from the latest National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey caused a stir in recent days, with some highlighting the importance of education programs to teach young people about gender-based violence. More...

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Why regional universities are at risk of going under

The ConversationUnless the federal government changes its funding policy for universities, less well-off ones, particularly regional universities, are going to fail.
In Britain, it is already happening. Several bankruptcies are imminent. More...

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Teachers are more depressed and anxious than the average Australian

The ConversationOver half of Australian teachers suffer from anxiety and nearly one-fifth are depressed. These are the findings of our soon-to-be-published study assessing teachers’ well-being. More...

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More students are going to university than before, but those at risk of dropping out need more help

The ConversationEnrolments to Australian public universities boomed during the last decade. This was due to a government policy known as “demand driven funding”, which between 2012 and 2017 allowed universities to enrol unlimited numbers of domestic bachelor-degree students. More...

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NSW budget: giving schools extra money only if they meet ‘outcomes’ can hamper teaching standards

The ConversationThis week’s New South Wales budget delivered some good news for education. The government promised 4,600 extra public school teachers, more than 600,000 free TAFE and VET courses, additional funds for building and refurbishing schools, and an allowance for an extra 100 school counsellors or psychologists. More...

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