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10 décembre 2018

Ministry to reform universities with World Bank funding

The education ministry has begun work on improving the quality of education in Cambodia’s top five universities after the World Bank agreed to provide US$90 million to fund higher education reforms, writes Sen David for the Khmer Times. More...

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Top universities collaborate on teaching

Five universities across the Yangtze River Delta in China have reached an agreement to explore a new teaching cooperation scheme that focuses on student development. It is expected to provide high-quality educational resources and promote lecturers’ teaching capability, writes Yang Meiping for Shine. More...

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Research misconduct penalties extended into other areas

By Yojana Sharma. A raft of new punishments for research misconduct by institutions and individual researchers in China extends the penalties for those blacklisted for serious misconduct breaches outside the higher education and research area, as scientific research becomes linked to the country’s Social Credit System. More...

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Towards the global integration of Asian stock markets

In 2017, 43% of all equity raised via public equity markets in the world went to Asian companies, according to the 2018 edition of the OECD Equity Market Review of Asia. This means that Asian corporations raised more equity across the stock market than all US and European companies combined. More...

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Some Australians are at a significant risk of poverty, despite the strong economy . Australia is a successful economy with high living standards. It has recorded 27 years of uninterrupted GDP growth. Incomes have grown strongly across the entire range of the income distribution and the incidence of both absolute and relative poverty have declined. More...

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07 décembre 2018

L'Asie sonne le renouveau des grandes alliances

Screenshot-2018-4-15 Egypte – des élections présidentielles jouées d’avanceL'Inde et le Japon annoncent leur volonté de créer un "front démocratique uni". Ce qui les rapproche ? Une peur commune de la Chine, qui n'est pas sans rappeler cette peur de la Russie qui, autrefois, structura l'Occident. Plus...

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03 décembre 2018

India eases rules on foreign recruitment at universities

India’s University Grants Commission has confirmed that all doctoral degree holders from the top 500 foreign universities will be eligible for direct recruitment as an assistant professor in Indian universities, reports The Indian Wire. More...

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Labor accuses government of ‘waging war on science’

By Geoff Maslen. Research and development has emerged as a new front in the battle being waged between Australia’s two main political parties over which one will take government at the next election. More...

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Scientists condemn ‘high-risk’ gene editing breakthrough

By Yojana Sharma. In an apparent backlash against uncontrolled and unethical human embryo research in China, more than 120 Chinese scientists have signed a letter condemning the use of gene editing technology on humans, which reportedly led to two babies born this year using the technologies. More...

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02 décembre 2018

Update from India (1)

By Alex Usher. First up, India, which has maybe the world’s most complicated higher education system (which I detailed in a three-parter back in 2014, herehere, and here – this blog will probably make more sense if you read them first).  Stripped to its essentials, India has the world’s second largest public higher education system, and the world’s largest system of private education. More...

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