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17 janvier 2020

Int’l students in Korea face health insurance hike

By Kerrie Kennedy. International students who stay in Korea for more than six months can expect to pay higher medical insurance costs from July 2019, when a new law kicks in to enforce their compulsory registration in the state healthcare insurance system. More...

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15 janvier 2020

Japan: HEI makes study abroad compulsory

By Kerrie Kennedy. Japan’s Chiba University has revealed that study abroad will become a compulsory element of undergraduate and postgraduate programs for all students entering the university from 2020. More...

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UK independent school numbers in China “surge”

By Kerrie Kennedy. The China-UK “golden-age” in education is showing little sign of slowing down, with the number of British independent school branches in China expected to increase by nearly 50% in 2019, a report by Venture Education has shown. More...

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Working Behind the Great Firewall of China

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Working Behind the Great Firewall of China
I remember as a kid seeing pictures of the city of the future, and they always looked like this. But this isn't science fiction - it's Shanghai, today. Joi Ito photo. A number of the K12 Education crowd from the U.S. are having a Schools 2.0 conference in Shanghai. Wesley Fryer writes about using a service called Proxify to get around restrictions imposed by the Chinese government. Will Richardson links to another Sci-Fi photo. On a related note, I have recently discovered that OLDaily is blocked in China, even the Chinese version (thank you again to the generous translators). Just coincidence, I'm sure. More...

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Japan targets int’l workers with PSW boost

By Viggo Stacey. Japan has implemented measures to create more opportunities for international students to find work in the country, government ministers have announced, as stakeholders warn current policies are not helping the country meet its demand for highly-skilled workers. More...

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King’s House School to open in Pakistan

By Viggo Stacey. King’s House School and Nursery is the latest UK independent school to announce a branch overseas, with classes to begin at its location in Pakistan in September 2020. More...

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UK independent school launches in Japan

By Viggo Stacey. UK independent school Rugby School has announced it will open a sister school in Japan in 2022, following the success of its first overseas school in Thailand. More...

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Thailand to see US$162m int’l school in 2020

By Viggo Stacey. US$162 million school is set to open in Thailand in August 2020, expected to teach up to 1,800 Thai and international students from pre-nursery to Grade 12. More...

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Philippines: new law encourages collaboration

By Viggo Stacey. The Philippine government has passed a law allowing overseas higher education institutions to set up education facilities in the country for the first time as a way of modernising its higher education sector and bring international quality standards and expertise into the country. More...

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IDP Education opens three offices in Pakistan

By Viggo Stacey. Global education agency IDP Education has announced it has entered the Pakistani market to provide its services to students seeking to study abroad. More...

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