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18 octobre 2018

Inde - Pakistan : un rendez-vous manqué

Screenshot-2018-4-15 Egypte – des élections présidentielles jouées d’avanceAlors que l'élection, le 18 août dernier, du nouveau Premier ministre du Pakistan Imran Khan pouvait – d’après ses déclarations – laisser augurer un rapprochement entre les deux voisins, l’Inde a annulé une rare rencontre prévue entre les ministres des Affaires étrangères des deux pays en marge de l’Assemblée générale de l’ONU. Plus...

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Qui est Imran Khan, nouveau Premier ministre pakistanais ?

Screenshot-2018-4-15 Egypte – des élections présidentielles jouées d’avanceImran Khan a successivement été connu comme le capitaine de l’équipe de cricket du Pakistan ayant remporté la première coupe du monde du pays en 1992, un philanthrope qui a notamment créé un hôpital pour cancéreux et finalement un homme politique à l’origine, en 1996, d’un parti, le Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI - Mouvement pakistanais pour la justice). Plus...

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15 octobre 2018

Fostering Interoperability, Japanese Style

Fostering Interoperability, Japanese Style
CETIS is on a roll this week, and so I present four in a roll from the British educational standards agency. This first item looks at e-learning standards development in Japan via an interview with Kyoshi Nakabayashi from Japan's Advanced Learning Infrastructure Consortium (ALIC). More...

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Cautious Welcome for FTA Deal

Cautious Welcome for FTA Deal
Australia has a new copyright regime, courtesy of a new free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States. Commentators, such as this cited here, are calling it similar to the American's Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which has of course been pilloried in these pages. Other critics are warning that the agreement will mean "huge increases in copyright licence fees paid by Australians" for content. More...

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Research collaboration bucks decline of multilateralism

By Yojana Sharma. As the world becomes more nationalistic and the existing international order of multilateral cooperation is challenged, universities are forming regional and global research networks that do not mirror the current state of geopolitics, according to a new report by the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU). More...

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How can we fix what is wrong with Indian universities?

By Kishor Patwardhan. The higher education sector in India has been largely a failure story, according to most analysts. Except for a few institutions, such as the Indian Institutes of Technology, All India Institutes of Medical Sciences and the Indian Institute of Science, most of the publicly funded universities have shown an inability to face contemporary challenges with respect to the quality of research and the relevance of curricular content and teaching methods. More...

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09 octobre 2018

Academics emphasise role of undergraduate research

Academics in Pakistan have expressed regret at the lack of emphasis on research at the undergraduate level in the country during a conference at Habib University, writes Zaina Qaseem for The Express Tribune. More...

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Military claims universities in plot to oust president

The Communist Party of the Philippines is allegedly trying to brainwash and incite students in various Metro Manila colleges and universities to rebel against the government through film-showing activities that depict the dark years of martial law under the Marcos dictatorship, according to the military, writes Michael Punongbayan for The Philippine Star. More...

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Lawyers and students share unhealthy weight concerns

By Geoff Maslen. An obsession with their body weight and shape could be contributing to elevated stress levels among the nation’s lawyers and law students. Researchers from Edith Cowan University and the University of Western Australia found both groups were far more concerned than the typical Australian about their weight and shape. More...

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Minister announces major campus political reforms

By Anil Netto. Malaysia’s Education Minister Maszlee Malik last week announced major reforms to overturn laws barring students from campus political activities, lifting restrictions that allow students to hold campus elections only with the permission and oversight of university administrations. More...

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