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13 février 2019

ASEAN HE open for engagement – report

By Kerrie Kennedy. Higher education systems in the ASEAN region are becoming more open for international engagement, a new British Council report has revealed. More...

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08 février 2019

China to allow int’l students work part-time

By Kerrie Kennedy. The Chinese Ministry of Education has revealed plans to allow international students at Chinese universities nationwide to work part-time in a bid to make the country’s education system more attractive. More...

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31 janvier 2019

Australia: HE funding freeze will spark competition says uni network

By Anton Crace. The Australian Government’s domestic funding freeze decision could significantly disadvantage regional universities and increase competition for international students, according to the Regional Universities Network. However, education minister Simon Birmingham has hit back, saying the blame lays with universities’ spending choices, not the freeze. More...

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RMIT targets startups with blockchain course

By Anton Crace. Australia’s first university short course on blockchain technology has been launched by RMIT University in a bid to meet the changing demands of the workforce and diversify its target student market. More...

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Australia’s source market inconsistencies remain despite record 2017

By Anton Crace. The Department of Education and Training has confirmed Australia’s international education industry improved across all sectors in 2017, in its end of year statistics. But while the industry experienced significant growth, concerns persist over whether the government is consistent in its ambitions to diversify source markets. More...

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Hanyang U signs MoU to build ASEAN reach

By Anton Crace. South Korea’s Hanyang University has signed a memorandum of understanding with Malaysia’s Asia School of Business in a bid to promote academic collaboration between the two institutions and further tap into the international education market. More...

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Rumours: is the “tension” between China and Australia impacting on intled?

By Anton Crace. In early March, a major turning point for diplomatic and economic relations occurred between China and Australia. Far from the reaches of Canberra or Beijing, the UK city of Nottingham played centre stage to a public acknowledgement that relations between the two countries are strained. More...

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APAIE: International education crucial for future of work

By Anton Crace. International education and overseas study experiences will play a critical role in helping students adapt and prepare for the future of work, according to experts at the recent Asia Pacific Association of International Education Conference in Singapore. More...

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Thailand renews Pakistan scholarships MOU

By Anton Crace. A new set of Pakistan scholarships will provide access to Thailand’s Asian Institute of Technology after the provider signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Pakistani Higher Education Commission in March. More...

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ENZ leverages future of work position

By Anton Crace. Education New Zealand has launched a new campaign to tap into the ongoing global conversation around the future of work, leveraging its position as the number one study destination for future-focused learning. More...

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