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20 avril 2018

Highly-ranked state university will mentor others

One of India's top 10 institutions, Savitribai Phule Pune University, will mentor other universities in the state of Maharashtra to help them fare better in the National Institutional Ranking Framework, reports The Times of India. More...

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Bridging the skills gap through technology

Zhao Lijian, deputy chief of mission at the embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Islamabad, has said that Pakistani students would be given opportunities to acquire contemporary education in different fields in Chinese universities, writes Muhammad Farooq for The News International. More...

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PM vows to scrap job quotas after huge student protests

By Mushfique Wadud. Nationwide student protests paralysed campuses in Bangladesh last week as students demanded reform of the quota system reserving government jobs for particular groups. More than 100 people were wounded in clashes with police at the University of Dhaka on 9 April as rubber bullets and tear gas were fired to disperse the crowd. More...

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Top-down research environment stifles success – Study

By Yojana Sharma. China’s higher education and research system hamstrings researchers with bureaucratic requirements, rewards quantity over quality and stifles the creativity and critical thinking necessary to achieve innovative breakthroughs, a comprehensive study of the country’s research environment has found. More...

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15 avril 2018

La Chine veut-elle être un modèle alternatif ?

Screenshot-2018-4-15 Egypte – des élections présidentielles jouées d’avanceLa Chine entend se placer au centre du jeu géopolitique. Et même si elle n’a pas encore la puissance militaire des États-Unis, "elle ne peut plus se contenter d’être seulement une puissance économique", déclarait, il y a quelques jours, Yan Xuetong, un universitaire chinois proche de la faction dirigeante. La nouvelle base militaire chinoise de Djibouti, inaugurée en août 2017, constitue un signal de poids. Plus...

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12 avril 2018

The Mentor Initiative

The Mentor Initiative
Interesting item from India's The Apex Academy, offering online mentoring services to students throughout that country. More...

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09 avril 2018

HIV self-test kits on sale in Shanghai universities

Three universities in Shanghai have begun offering HIV self-test kits in vending machines to promote HIV testing on campus while protecting privacy, reports Xinhua. Students at Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance, Shanghai University and Tongji University can buy a kit for CNY30 (US$4.8), take a urine sample and return the kit to a deposit drawer in the machine. More...

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Public university graduates more employable – Survey

Graduates from private universities continue to fall behind their counterparts from public universities, even as more of them are doing part-time work, a survey on employment outcomes has found, reports The Straits Times. More...

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Legal action possible against errant private universities

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid said legal action will be taken if any private universities are found defying the government’s regulation around access and student fees, reports The Daily Star. More...

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Momentous university open door policy abandoned

By Geoff Maslen. A decision by the then Labor government in 2008 to lift federal restrictions on university enrolments opened higher education to thousands of young Australians who may never have gained entry to a campus. More...

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