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08 décembre 2019

Why the Hong Kong protests matter to unionists (Hint, it’s not only because we care about solidarity) (Advocate 26 03)

The Hong Kong protests are an unparalleled democratic explosion – touching young and old, worker and student. The stakes are high. Since 18 August 2019 almost every protest has been banned. Now with a partial state of emergency in place – face masks are banned, the MTR train system rarely runs outside of business hours imposing a kind of curfew – we are watching our neighbour slide into a place of crisis. More...

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NTEU support for Hong Kong unionists (Advocate 26 03)

In October, Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) General Secretary, Lee Cheuk-yan, gave a stirring and emotional speech via video link to NTEU National Council. Council was greatly moved by his words, giving him an extended standing ovation and passing the following motion unanimously. More...

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Islands under threat right now (Advocate 26 03)

Kapu Boethaynga Mura Buay (Good Morning everybody), I stand before you as a Torres Strait Island man, representing the Khoedal clan, the people of the Crocodile clan of Saibai Island, a low lying island a close distance from the shores of Papua New Guinea. More...

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University of Melbourne staff to stage second rally for casual rights on 8 November

Over 300 casual and permanent staff in the Faculty of Arts have signed a petition demanding that casuals in the Faculty of Arts be paid for their attendance at lectures. Lecture attendance is crucial if casual academics are to give quality support and advice to students in tutorials and yet the Faculty of Arts either expects casual tutors to attend these lectures in their own time unpaid or not at all. More...

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05 décembre 2019

Japan opens National Info Centre

By Patrick Atack. Japan will open a National Information Centre in order to collate data on the academic credentials of institutions and students, in English, for the use of overseas university admissions staff. More...

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Hong Kong: Int’l school board in equality battle

By Patrick Atack. The German-Swiss International School in Hong Kong has reneged on plans to suspend voting rights of parents who sit on its board but do not speak German. More...

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China “opening education to the outside world” – policy document

By Patrick Atack. The Chinese Ministry of Education has unveiled its policy points with regards to “opening education to the outside world” for 2019. In a document released online, the ministry outlined 34 aims, with “six major aspects”. More...

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04 décembre 2019

Confronter les étudiants aux enjeux de l’éducation dans les pays asiatiques émergents

Blog Educpros de Xavier Pavie. Les changements considérables qu’a connu la région Asie-Pacifique, au cours des dernières décennies, ont apporté une croissance économique soutenue, une plus grande mobilité et une généralisation de l’utilisation des technologies de l’information et de la communication[1]. Cependant, de nombreux défis restent à relever, comme par exemple la lutte contre les catastrophes naturelles, les inégalités croissantes et les tensions sociales. En matière d’éducation, la région a remporté des succès remarquables, étendant l’accès à l’éducation à tous les niveaux. Les progrès en termes de qualité de l’éducation et de l’apprentissage ont cependant été variables selon les sous-régions. Plus...

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30 novembre 2019

China dismisses claims of interference in Australia as 'nothing but lies'

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "theguardian"The Chinese government has dismissed allegations of espionage in Australia – including plans to install a pro-Beijing plant in parliament – as “nothing but lies”, insisting “China doesn’t interfere in other countries’ internal affairs”. More...

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28 novembre 2019

Police and Protesters Violently Clash on Hong Kong Campuses

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. The Chinese University of Hong Kong announced it is cutting short the academic term after the university became the site of violent clashes between police and antigovernment protesters this week. More...

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