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24 mai 2017

Why Birmingham’s performance funding plan won’t improve Australian universities

The ConversationOne aspect of the federal budget that hasn’t attracted the attention it should is the government’s plan to introduce “performance” funding for universities. More...

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Gonski 2.0: Is this the school funding plan we have been looking for? Finally, yes

The ConversationThey used to say that a week is a long time in politics. How last century! Now a day is a long time in politics, or at least the politics of school funding. More...

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Charter schools and vouchers not a solution for Australian schooling

The ConversationA new report from the Centre for Independent Studies described Gonski funding for schools as a “fantasy” and made three proposals for school funding. More...

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University to set up ninja studies centre

A Japanese university is planning what it says will be the world's first research centre devoted to ninja – the black clad assassins known for secrecy and stealth, reports AFPMore...

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Plan for common engineering college test under review

The central government is reviewing its plan to introduce a common entrance test for admission to engineering colleges across the country from 2018, Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar said last week, reports The Economic TimesMore...

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China extends invitation to higher education students

China is bent on establishing relations in Morocco. Having initiated more than 80 businesses in the Kingdom, the Asian country is now opening up its higher education system to Moroccan students, writes Amira El Masaiti for Morocco World NewsMore...

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World Bank grants US$100 million for higher education

The World Bank board of directors on 12 May approved US$100 million in financing to support Sri Lanka's higher education sector, reports Colombo PageMore...

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Hong Kong research funding shortfall hits HK$12 billion

Hong Kong’s main public funding body for academic research says it needs an extra HK$12 billion (US$1.5 billion) to maintain its current level of support for universities, with its cash surplus set to dry up in two years, writes Peace Chiu for South China Morning PostMore...

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University rushes to fill 4,000 permanent faculty posts

With barely days left to begin the much-awaited admission process in the country's most-prestigious university, the administrators of the University of Delhi are still grappling with how to fast fill the vacant 4,000 positions of permanent faculty, most of which are still occupied by ad hoc professors, writes Arpan Rai for India TodayMore...

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22 mai 2017

Asian Universities Alliance Formed

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Fifteen universities from across Asia have formed a consortium called the Asian Universities Alliance. More...

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