01 octobre 2018

21CIF Self-Guided MicroModules

21CIF Self-Guided MicroModules
This is a useful resource that has some good features. It is a page of short, self contained modules addressing specific concepts in information literacy. They are thus good examples of reusable resources. I found, however, the pretest to be annoying - there was no way to get around the form, even on my second visit. More...

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27 septembre 2018

With Employers in the Mix, Can Badges Become More Than a Fad?

With Employers in the Mix, Can Badges Become More Than a Fad?
Goldie Blumenstyk, Chronicle of Higher Education, 2018/08/21
As Audrey Watters would inform us, the answer to this question is "no". But Goldie Blumenstyk makes the best case she can for "yes" in the light of work by the Education Design Lab. "I recognize the potential value of badges that students from all sorts of institutions could use to prove their abilities in communication, critical thinking, resilience, and other so-called soft skills that employers claim to want," she writes. More...

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02 août 2018

States show progress in measuring non-degree credentials

eCampus NewsA new 50-state scan reveals that while no state has comprehensive data about all types of non-degree credentials, including certificates, licenses, and industry certifications, states are improving their data collection practices around non-degree credential attainment. More...

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01 août 2018

RMIT to issue blockchain-enabled badges for students

University Business Magazine logoRMIT University, a top-ranked global university, today announced the launch of a new initiative to provide students with blockchain-enabled digital credentials. More...

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12 juillet 2018

QuickWire: Pearson Offers a Badge Platform

QuickWire: Pearson Offers a Badge Platform
Lawrence Biemiller, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, February 14, 2014
Pearson is offering a commercial version of a badge platform that support's Mozilla's backpack standard. Dows anyone care to lay odds on how long it will be before Pearson adds proprietary commercial-only elements to its badge platform, in an effort to squeeze open source badges out of the picture? Ah, but maybe I'm being too cynical. More...

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11 juillet 2018

More Competition for Online Certificate Students

More Competition for Online Certificate Students
Carl Straumsheim, Inside Higher Ed, January 22, 2014
Original title (before being probizwashed(*)): "After failed talks academic partnerships and coursera both introduce online course [specializations]". Notwithstanding the messy way in which these were created (there's no honour among education providers) the concept of the 'specialization' is interesting and could pose a longer-term challenge to the traditional form of credential. More...

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03 juillet 2018

Hacking the ISTE18 Smart Badge

Hacking the ISTE18 Smart Badge
Doug Levin, K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center, 2018/06/29
At ISTE this year participants were given 'smart badges' - these tracked your movements and after the conference will provide participants with a report "listing of all the sessions you attended and links to any digital resources the session offered." More importantly, ISTE itself was provided "with information on session attendance and traffic flow in the expo hall and other open spaces, including playgrounds and poster sessions." Well, "ISTE calls this 'personalized learning,'" writes Audrey Watters. More...

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Concentric Sky Announces BadgeRank - a New Search Engine for Digital Badges

Concentric Sky Announces BadgeRank - a New Search Engine for Digital Badges
Cision, Concentric Sky, 2018/06/14

Quoted, with useless adjectives removed: "Following the release of the digital badge stacking tool - Badgr Pathways - BadgeRank allows anyone to explore the digital badges published by Open Badges compliant systems around the world." More...

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02 juillet 2018

Les badges améliorent-ils la reconnaissance des savoirs ?

logoLa reconnaissance est un acte social performatif qui habilite la personne reconnue dans son pouvoir de connaître et d'agir. Cet acte formel ou informel produit des effets par sa simple énonciation, c'est pourquoi il est désigné comme performatif au sens du linguiste Austin. L’expression verbale produit un effet. Austin distingue :
  • l'acte locutoire (tel mot renvoie à tel référent, tel autre prend tel sens) ;
  • l'acte illocutoire (l'énoncé doit s'entendre comme telle action) ;
  • l'acte perlocutoire (l'énoncé provoque tels effets au-delà de la simple compréhension de l'énoncé).
L'absence de reconnaissance est déceptive et produit de la démotivation. L'enseignement en tant que système de distribution de méconnaissances et de reconnaissances dispose d'une immense influence sur nos rapports aux savoirs aux autres et à la vie. Plus...

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Musées et badges numériques : une relation à bâtir

logoQuand sont arrivés, au début de la décennie 2010, les Open Badges, les musées ont montré leur intérêt : ces badges servaient à reconnaître les savoirs informels, dans l’esprit d’apprendre sans cours, en se promenant et en observant différentes créations et découvertes scientifiques. Et si les musées pouvaient intégrer les badges dans leur expérience? En 2018, une experte s’est penchée sur la question durant la conférence Museums and the Web. Le résultat est plus que mitigé. Plus...

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