16 janvier 2020

Big Ten libraries begin creating shared collection

Techno-News BlogThis year, Big Ten university libraries have begun work on creating a more collective system of books across institutions, including the University of Minnesota. More...

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14 janvier 2020

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish*

By Barbara Fister. It’s been a good ride. For 10 years, I’ve been an Inside Higher Ed blogger. I’ll be sad to leave the blogging team, but after 10 years readers have probably had enough of me. (Ever since the days of sharing my opinions on library Listservs in the 1990s, I have always imagined eyes rolling as my name pops up: not that woman again!) Opinions, I have them. More...

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A Babel Fish Bookshelf

By Barbara Fister. For years I've kept some sort of record of what I've been reading, though it's not always complete. (I use LibraryThing -- it has both a handy phone app and an excellent privacy policy.) Here are a few books I read this year that I found especially illuminating or enjoyable. More...

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Change and Agency

By Barbara Fister. I’ve always had a prickly relationship with the word “change” when it comes to libraries. It has been invoked as both an existential threat -- we had better change, and fast, or we’ll be irrelevant -- and as an imperative -- you must change, or you’re one of those stodgy people who stands in the way of progress. More...

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13 janvier 2020

A Library's Past

HomeBy Lilah Burke. Two grad students convinced the University of Virginia to save and store its library's card catalog, arguing that researchers and historians can use the cards. More...

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09 janvier 2020

Guadeloupe Formation - La bibliothèque numérique

Guadeloupe FormationLe centre ressources propose un fonds documentaire en ligne, accessible aux professionnels et au tout public.
En effet, la bibliothèque numérique numilog est un service de consultation et de prêt de livres numériques. Disponibles en formats ePub et PDF, ils peuvent être consultés en ligne via le catalogue ou téléchargés pour une durée définie. Plus...

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20 décembre 2019

Bibliothèque numérique de Cap Métiers Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Logo cap-métiersDécouvrez ce service de lecture en ligne, accessible à tout moment depuis votre ordinateur ou votre tablette.
C@plibris offre aux professionnels de l’orientation, de la formation et de l’emploi mais aussi aux particuliers une sélection d’e-books spécialisés dans le champs de la formation et des métiers, du droit du travail et social, de la création d’activité et des techniques de recherche d’emploi. Plus...

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29 novembre 2019

Dona Nobis Pacem

By Barbara Fister. If you want to get my goat, or, I daresay, the goat of any librarian, make a gratuitous reference to shushing. The finger held to the lips, the aggressive whisper, the frown at a pin’s drop. We don’t do these things, but it’s a stereotype that is endlessly used in article titles and commercials, and it’s annoying. More...

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25 novembre 2019

Meet the online librarian

Techno-News BlogRodino, BYU-Idaho’s online learning librarian, works with the online curriculum designers and makes sure online students have access to the resources they need. More...

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Can businesses do without online learning libraries today?

Techno-News BlogLearning libraries are fast becoming a ‘must-have’ solution for any business looking to offer impactful employee training, especially in times of an economic slowdown. In this article, we explore whether companies can do without learning libraries today. More...

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