17 octobre 2019

Relance du plan «Bibliothèques ouvertes +» en faveur de la réussite étudiante - Appel à projets 2019

ESR enseignementsup-recherche gouv frDans la continuité du plan «Bibliothèques ouvertes +» mis en place en 2016 afin de soutenir de nouvelles extensions d'horaires d'ouverture en bibliothèques universitaires, un nouvel appel à candidatures vient relancer ce Plan pour la période 2020 - 2023. Date limite de candidature : 20 décembre 2019.
L'amélioration de l'accueil en bibliothèque constitue un enjeu majeur de la réussite étudiante. L'augmentation de l'amplitude des horaires d'ouverture est un axe fort des services en direction des étudiants : les bibliothèques universitaires sont passées d'une moyenne de 40h hebdomadaire en 1988 à 61h en 2019. Plusieurs plans portés par le ministère en charge de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche y ont contribué, notamment le plan pour la réussite en licence (lancé en 2007) et le plan « Renouveau des bibliothèques » (2010 - 2013). Plus...

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10 octobre 2019

Et si les étudiants n’avaient plus de livres ?

Les bibliothèques universitaires s’alarment de la baisse drastique des ouvrages à destination des étudiants principalement de licences. Plus...

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09 octobre 2019

Les étudiants manquent de place dans les bibliothèques universitaires

Les bibliothèques universitaires offrent en moyenne une place pour 12 étudiants. Face à l’explosion des effectifs d’étudiants, un rapport préconise le «doublement du rythme de construction» des BU. Plus...

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07 octobre 2019

Les bibliothèques universitaires, meilleur service public selon les usagers

Selon le baromètre 2016 de la qualité de l’accueil dans les services de l’État, les bibliothèques universitaires constituent l’administration jugée la plus satisfaisante par les usagers, devant les préfectures et les impôts. Plus...

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27 septembre 2019

Are Librarians Totally Obsolete?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Are Librarians Totally Obsolete?
Another one of those articles that leaps to the defense of librarians. It's just not convincing. Many of the arguments are of the "we won't let you" variety - the author points out that not all books are digitized, that online collections require registration, that Google's book search doesn't work, and the like. These, though, are artificial barriers, created by publishers. Librarians - some, at least - collude with the publishers because they think it will keep libraries relevant. It won't. At the first hint that librarians will no longer provide free labour (indexing, sorting, enforcing accessrestrictions) for publishers, they will be disintermediated. Why do you think Blackboard signs deals with publishers? No, librarians, if they want to remain relevant, need to curate digital archives and manage e-print repositiories. There is the idea of a library as a big collection of books and journals you bought from publishers to make available to your staff and students. Many librarians cling to that idea. More...

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Building a Library Web Site On the Pillars of Web 2.0

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Building a Library Web Site On the Pillars of Web 2.0
The pillars are pretty much gospel these days, though I have to admit that I'm a little iffy on number 3. Perpetual beta. Me, I want software that works, not explanations for why it doesn't (and I get enough email about my site to know other people feel that way too, even about noncommercial web sites). The question not is whether these are all the pillars, or whether there are more. And do we need them all? Who added "rich user experience" to Web 2.0. More...

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26 septembre 2019

If the Academic Library Ceased to Exist, Would We Have to Invent It?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. If the Academic Library Ceased to Exist, Would We Have to Invent It?
This article makes the case for the academic library by predicting what might happen were its services discontinued. Sadly, the predictions aren't very imaginative; people continue to need monographs and textbooks, and try to find them offline (since they aren't available online). My own prediction beings a lot like the authors: save $2.7 million by ceasing journal subscriptions and textbook purchases. Instead, the library takes the money and spends it archiving placing academic staff publications into an institutional archive, freely accessible to the public as a whole. The university's original mission. More...

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21 septembre 2019

Man jailed for stealing 7,000 books from Scottish universities

The GuardianA prolific book thief has been jailed for 25 months after he stole more than 7,000 books from three universities in Edinburgh, before selling them online. More...

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20 septembre 2019

Questioning the Textbook Rep Culture

HomePublishers’ sales teams can freely visit professors on many campuses. Steven J. Bell asks, shouldn't academic librarians promoting alternatives have easy access to the faculty, too. More...

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Citing sources: University Libraries serve key role supporting student research

Techno-News BlogSubject librarians have specific areas of expertise and are trained information literacy experts. They know how to spot fake news and are always available to help students find and verify the credible sources they need for their academic work, or for personal areas of interest. More...

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