10 juillet 2019

Delivering greater well-being in New Zealand: policy steps to increase housing affordability

Over the past two decades, New Zealand has experienced one of the largest house price increases among OECD countries, pushing up housing expenditure as a share of income to very high levels. Affordability for first-time buyers and renters has suffered, particularly in Auckland. This is a problem for well-being as it reduces household finances available for other uses, can harm health through various forms of deprivation such as poor nutrition, and adversely affects labour market inclusion. More...

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Better policies for better lives, the Kiwi way

Looking across the OECD’s well-being indicators, the average New Zealander has several reasons to feel cheerful: high employment, good air quality, and strong social support to name just a few. Yet, like every OECD country, there are still opportunities to improve. New Zealanders experience relatively low household income and housing affordability. Well-being outcomes such as health, education and income are unequally distributed. More...

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08 juillet 2019

Universités & Territoires n° 131 - Favoriser le bien-être des étudiants, y compris en passant par les pairs

Universités & TerritoiresUniversités & Territoires est une lettre électronique qui existe depuis juin 2003. L’objectif de la lettre est de montrer, par la valorisation d’actions et d’expériences emblématiques et remarquables, aux décideurs territoriaux que l’Université joue un rôle centrale dans l’émergence d’une société de la connaissance. Universités & Territoires n° 131

Favoriser le bien-être des étudiants, y compris en passant par les pairs
L’idée d’Apsytude a commencé à germer lorsque nous étions étudiantes ensemble à Lyon. Nous étions déjà marquées par le décalage entre l’image du jeune adulte savourant les plus belles années de sa vie (portée par la génération de nos parents) et la réalité du milieu post-bac. De plus, lorsque des amis ou nous-mêmes avons ressenti le besoin de consulter un professionnel durant nos études, nous n’avons pas su vers qui nous tourner, les psychologues en libéral étant inaccessibles au niveau financier, et les services de médecine préventive n’étaient pas ouverts aux étudiants hors universités, dont nous faisions partie (tout comme 40 % des étudiants en France).
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07 juillet 2019

Improving staff mental health and well-being is crucial, yet less than 11% of universities have a specific well-being policy

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"Regrettably, concerns about the mounting stress levels experienced by staff working in higher education is not new. The report, ‘Pressure point: a survey, into the causes and consequences of occupational stress in UK academic and related staff.’ by Gail Kinman (1998), identified work overload, long working hours as the results of staff taking on additional roles, often with conflicting priorities. More...

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Is students’ well-being what really matters?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"Universities are investing more resources in their students’ well-being. This is right. It is important for student success and is something about which parents worry about a great deal. But when assessing universities – and even ranking them, is it really – that is fundamentally – what matters. More...

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10 juin 2019

International Student Well-Being

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Research suggests that international students are less likely than domestic students to seek mental health treatment -- or even be aware of the availability of services. Speakers at international education conference discuss the barriers and what advisers can do. More...

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19 mai 2019

Higher education is about making lives better. That’s why we need better well-being metrics.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"It is mental health awareness week so – quite rightly – your newsfeeds will be full of articles about mental health. At HEPI we’ve written about these issues at length before. But that is not what this blog is about. More...

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Student wellbeing is transformative

eCampus NewsFaculty, academic advisors, and student affairs counselors impact student wellbeing to the degree they transform each student’s mindset by empowering the self of the student. More...

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09 mai 2019

New report calls for universities to start tracking the well-being of their staff

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"Measuring well-being in higher education (HEPI Policy Note 13) by Rachel Hewitt, Director of Policy and Advocacy at HEPI, highlights the need to distinguish between mental health and well-being and calls for more comprehensive data to be made available on the well-being of all those work and study at universities. More...

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Setting the agenda on value for money, student well-being and workload

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"Each year, HEPI and Advance HE publish the Student Academic Experience Survey. It was originally designed to track alterations in the student experience as student finance changes. More...

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