16 juin 2019

Welcome to the New e-Literate

By Michael Feldstein. When Phil and I were working together, I sometimes joked that we had a blog that owned a business. Today, that is more true than ever. This is the first time in my nineteen years of writing that my day job has aligned seamlessly with my public writing. You will see that reflected here. I will be writing about my work in ways that I haven't before. More...

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Building a Better Vendor Ecosystem

By Michael Feldstein. Vendors are always trying to get me to write good things about them. They know my word is valuable because people believe I will write good things about vendors if and only if I think they are true. By definition, I can't take their money to write good things about them. More...

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Understanding the New e-Literate Ecosystem

By Michael Feldstein. You'll notice that the e-Literate web site has gotten a redesign and that we've switched URLs to http://eliterate.us. (Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds.) You will also notice that there is a new "Get Help (Services)" menu item at the top of the page. More...

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Major Changes at e-Literate and MindWires

By Michael Feldstein. We’ve had great fun together and hopefully done a little good in the world, but we each need to be doing different things at the moment. Phil will be keeping MindWires as well as the LMS Market Analysis subscription service. He will be forking to his new blog home at http://PhilOnEdTech.com, but all historical posts will remain at e-Literate. He will continue to cover ed tech and online / hybrid education market trends in general, and basically all the stuff that you’re used to reading about from him. More...

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14 juin 2019


By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stephen Downes[Edit][Delete]: Diddy, Half an Hour [Edit][Delete] September 15, 2006
If you haven't been following my articles on my other blog, you will want to have a look at Diddy (though as I write Blogger is suffering a spectacular server failure). I also have a few photos posted - it has been a while since I had bandwidth so photos are limited; also Microsoft Windows burped and ate all my Kruger national Park photos (the 'sort by' operation failed and the FAT was corrupted - only Windows could manage something like that). So now I'm trying to retrieve them from the flash memory cards. [Tags: , , ] [Comment]. More...

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Finding Our Way through the Edublogging Labyrinth: Losing Hope in Order to Effect Change

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Barbara Ganley[Edit][Delete]: Finding Our Way through the Edublogging Labyrinth: Losing Hope in Order to Effect Change, bgblogging [Edit][Delete] June 3, 2006
Barbara Ganley lived up to her keynote billing delivering this stellar talk at blog.ac.uk - a talk that I drew on freely for my own talk later in the day. And her message left some in the audience surprised: "Let's face it. It's hopeless for us to think we can change a behemoth like our educational system - it reflects, after all, the fine fix we find ourselves in, and because it very elegantly keeps those with power in power. More...

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How I became (blog) literate...

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stephen Downes[Edit][Delete]: How I became (blog) literate..., June 3, 2006

I had a lot on my mind as I presented at the blog.ack.uk conference Friday in London (slides and MP3 Audio), and my task was to summarize the proceedings of two sets of four concurrent sessions. This is what came out of that effort. I think that my major message is on the last slide, and most of all, that "what matters is that we are honest with ourselves, and that we share without reservation." Honesty is hard, and sometimes people choose the safer path. And sharing is hard, and sometimes people choose silence. But the cost, I find, is greater than the sacrifice, even if indifferently you can watch it be borne by others. You tell the world what you want with your own conduct, and ultimately, you reap what you sow. My message was heard, I could see, and as I leave London and blog.ac.uk behind me and say good-bye, I wave in silent salute, "Hail, well met, and may the road before you be straight and true." And I walk away and think about being a better person. [Tags: , , ] [Comment]. More...

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Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts? What if We're All Wrong?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Terry Freedman[Edit][Delete]: Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts? What if We're All Wrong?, Information and Communication Technology in Education [Edit][Delete] March 5, 2006
So here we have another case of 'simply not getting it'. In a nutshell, it's this: "In effect, John Clare has set our members a challenge which, expressed crudely, is: put up or shut up! Show us evidence of transformed teaching and learning -- not anecdotal stuff, but measurable gains and, I would add, examples which are both scaleable and replicable, and which stand the test of time (ie short-term gains are sustained in the long-term)." Sheesh. Why should we respond to a challenge on these terms? Why should we let someone like John Clare set the agenda, set the terms of success? If he wants "measurable gain" he should go out there and produce them himself, not sit there and carp at us for not doing it. While he's at it, why doesn't he calculate the "measurable gain" from friendship, loyalty and trust? What blogging brings for us - and for our readers and students - is all of this, and more, and measuring it is as ridiculous as counting the number of friends you have. Having a personal, self-defined identity and being able to express one's thoughts and feelings might not alter a math test score one iota, but honestly, who cares? Education isn't about improving test results, education is about helping people enjoy richer and happier lives (not 'more productive' lives - that's a measure of value we should discard as empty and worthless). More...

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The Dissonance of Blogs in Education

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Alan Levine[Edit][Delete]: The Dissonance of Blogs in Education, Cogdogblog [Edit][Delete]CogDogBlog [Edit][Delete] February 15, 2006
This is exactly right: "This notion that an educational blog is something unique and separate from our whole experience is jarring to me. Our lives are strung together from an array of overlapping experiences that transcend boxes, yet we continue to advocate these boxes for learning experiences." I think educators need to learn how to adapt what they are doing to be a part of their students' lives, not apart from those lives. More...

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Would you trust this man with your blog?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Ewan McIntosh[Edit][Delete]: Would you trust this man with your blog?, edublogs [Edit][Delete] February 16, 2006
Ewan McIntosh has deleted his Typepad blog by accident. If anyone can help him, please give him a call. I hate to think of anyone having to rebuild their site from Google cache. Update: Ewan gives us the step by step story of how the tragedy unfolded. More...

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