15 octobre 2017

Budgets and Bernie Mac

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/large/public/confessions_of_a_community_college_dean_blog_header.jpgBy Matt Reed. Reading IHE”s piece yesterday about an analysis of budgetary “pass-throughs” of state budget cuts in the form of tuition increases had me in full Bernie Mac mode. More...

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06 octobre 2017

Le budget de l’enseignement supérieur en hausse pour 2018

Le budget du ministère de l’enseignement supérieur, de la recherche et de l’innovation va être augmenté de 700 millions d’euros en 2018, par rapport à celui de 2017. Plus...

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23 septembre 2017

Budget targets women unfairly (Advocate 24 02)

For 30 years the Australian Government produced a formal statement on the impact of the Federal Budget on women. However, in 2014 the Abbott Government quietly dropped the statement.  
No explanation was given, but it was soon evident that the 2014 ‘Horror Budget’ particularly targeted women. In 2017, with the statement still not reinstated, the results are the same. More...

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03 août 2017

Sarkozy, Hollande, Macron. Coupes

Sur le blog "Histoires d'universités" de Pierre Dubois. Depuis 2009, 283 chroniques du blog sur le budget des universités. Elles racontent que, sous Sarkozy et sous Hollande, le budget des universités était dit prioritaire, sanctuarisé. Plus...

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02 août 2017

Iowa's community colleges facing funding cuts

University Business LogoDue to the Iowa Legislature’s statewide budget cuts, the state’s fifteen community colleges will see a $3 million decrease in funding. More...

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Ill. budget passed; NIU still in debt

University Business LogoLegislators in Springfield passed a state budget after a nearly three-year impasse, providing NIU with full state funding for the first time since Fiscal Year 2015 at 10 percent less than the last complete appropriation. More...

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01 août 2017

Black Hawk proposes balanced budget

University Business LogoThe balanced budget relies on no further cuts beyond steps the college has already taken, including cutting eight teaching positions at its February board meeting. More...

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Okla. higher ed to suffer deeper cuts in budget than expected

University Business LogoOklahoma’s higher education system is bracing for a 6 percent cut in state funding under the general appropriations bill lawmakers are voting on this week. More...

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Budget keeps funds for black colleges

University Business LogoMonths after meeting with President Trump, leaders of black colleges and universities welcomed support for year-round Pell Grants in his proposed budget, but many said they’re disappointed funding would not increase for their institutions. More...

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Students, administration react to Northland College budget cuts

University Business LogoNorthland College is expecting to welcome its largest freshman class ever this fall. Still, administration announced major budget cuts Tuesday that will affect students, staff and faculty. More...

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