24 avril 2019

College of Business unveils classroom of the future

eCampus NewsEquipped with a wall of 27 high-definition video screens as well as five high-end cameras, the newest classroom in Colorado State University’s College of Business is designed to connect on-campus and online students in a whole new way. More...

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US essay mill firm targets new students through WhatsApp

The GuardianA US firm is targeting first-year university students by infiltrating their private WhatsApp groups and offering to write essays for £7 a page, the Guardian can reveal. More...

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La stratégie "Bienvenue en France" et les droits d'inscription

ESR enseignementsup-recherche gouv frLa stratégie "Bienvenue en France" vise à accueillir davantage d'étudiants étrangers et dans de meilleures conditions. Cette stratégie permettra de développer des mesures d'amélioration de l'accueil (cours de FLE, cours en anglais, programmes de parrainage...). Dans le cadre de cette stratégie, des droits différenciés ont été mis en place pour les étudiants extracommunautaires qui entreront dans le système d'enseignement supérieur français à la rentrée 2019 au niveau licence ou master. Un système d'exonérations a été également développé. Plus...

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22 avril 2019

Searching for equity or excellence in universities – or is it just about the money?

The ConversationWe have seen a great deal of rhetoric about the need to place quality above equity, with some arguing that funds to boost participation would be better channelled into research. More...

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21 avril 2019

Zuckerberg is ploughing billions into ‘personalised learning’ – why?

The ConversationFacebook founder Mark Zuckerberg believes personalised learning is the answer to many of education’s current woes, and is one of the four key areas that he and his wife Prescilla Chan’s US$45 billion Chan Zuckerberg Initiative will fund. More...

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What business do universities have in academy schools?

The ConversationThere has been a transformation in English education in the last decade – the academies programme has brought private trusts and corporate sponsors into the schools system. More...

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Recreating medieval towns – an example of why Minecraft is a great learning tool

The ConversationAfter buying Minecraft in 2014, Microsoft also recently acquired MinecraftEDU, a modified version of Minecraft developed by Teacher Gaming to help teachers use it more easily in the classroom. More...

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Business students willing to sacrifice future salary for good corporate social responsibility: study

The ConversationMore than 90% of business students in a study on corporate social responsibility said they would be willing to sacrifice some percentage of their future salary to work for a responsible employer. A surprising number of 14% are willing to sacrifice more than 40% of their future income to do so. More...

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How current and future business executives link sustainability and global strife

The ConversationThe global business environment has become increasingly turbulent, with international alliances and trading blocs fragmenting, extreme political candidates gaining popularity, climate change intensifying, all as the growth of developing economies declines and civil instability grows in many regions. More...

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20 avril 2019

U of Louisville and IBM to Open ‘Skills Academy’

HomeBy Paul Fain. The University of Louisville and IBM on Wednesday announced a partnership to create an IBM Skills Academy on the university's campus. More...

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