17 juin 2018

Civitas Acquires Mobile App ClearScholar

HomeBy Doug Lederman. Civitas Learning, whose predictive analytics platform aims to help colleges monitor and improve their students' success, has agreed to purchase the mobile engagement platform ClearScholar, the companies announced. More...

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Forbes enters the online learning business (with Bridgepoint)

HomeBy Doug Lederman. Forbes Media announced last week that it would begin offering dozens of self-paced online courses for aspiring professionals, through the platform created by Bridgepoint Education's decision last spring to spin off its two universities into nonprofit institutions. More...

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Belmont to Sell Campus of Recently Acquired Neighbor

HomeBy Doug Lederman. Belmont University is moving quickly to sell the campus of O'More College of Design, which it struck a deal with in February to house on its own campus, The Tennessean reported. More...

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A Limit on Paying for Controversial Speakers

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. For certain events, UCLA will only cover $100,000 worth of security each year for speakers outside the university, a unique spending cap so far in higher education. More...

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Suppressed Press at Christian Colleges

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. Based on reading the student newspaper online, the university appears successful in many measures – donor money for scholarships skyrocketing, a new campus museum opening, an alumna taking a high-profile job. More...

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16 juin 2018

Will Google Duplex Evolve Into a Virtual Teaching Assistant?

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. Once we get over Google’s boneheaded failure to clearly indicate that the calls were originating from a computer, can we take a step back and try to think about the implications of this technology? What Google is demonstrating with Duplex is the ability of AI (artificial intelligence) to have conversations. More...

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Student ROI more dependent on degree than status of institution – Shalina Chatlani, Education Dive

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. When it comes to student return on investment, differences in marketplace value among fields of study means that students are often able to earn higher salaries with significantly less education. More...

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Everything you knew about Chromebooks is wrong

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. Google’s slow, limited, browser-only, cloud-centric laptop platform is now the most powerful and capable user platform on the planet. Yeah, I said it. Apple fans laugh at this idea, saying that a MacBook Pro can run the Chrome browser and gain all the benefits of a Chromebook, as well as all the benefits and leading-edge content-creation tools of a far more elegant, better designed and better engineered devices. More...

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05 juin 2018

Reinventing the Training Business

Reinventing the Training Business
Some good comments mirrored at Internet Time summarizing where the training industry has gone off the rails in recent years, and where to look for salvation. More...

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At Blackboard's Request, Judge Prevents Students From Discussing Security of Debit-Card System

At Blackboard's Request, Judge Prevents Students From Discussing Security of Debit-Card System
The Chronicle covers the recent court action by Blackboard to block a student presentation exposing security holes in the LMS's payment system. Not a lot that's new here, except for an interview with a generally unresponsive (by court order) Billy Hoffman and a Blackboard representative who, not being restrained by court order, felt free to blather on about how bad the students have been. More...

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