22 octobre 2019

Google Timeline and Map Search Results Views

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Google Timeline and Map Search Results Views
I'm back from Winnipeg and my punishment for writing a nice post about Air Canada was a miserable flight on an overcrowded tiny CRJ complete with lost luggage. Though I did get to see the end of Music and Lyrics between Winnipeg and Toronto (I guess Air Canada thinks people in Moncton are tiny and can fit in little tiny spaces while people in Winnipeg are large and need that much more room). Anyhow, this post looking at the use of Google to create timelines and maps raises some interesting educational possibilities - though I'm beginning to think that the lack of things like the lack of an RSS version of these results is indicative of a growing tendency at Google toward proprietary APIs over more standard data feeds. More...

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Why I'M Not Worried About the Microsoft Patent Threats Against Linux

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Why I'M Not Worried About the Microsoft Patent Threats Against Linux
This is a common theme in the reactions. "The experts and evidence all suggest that Microsoft is all bark and no bite in this particular case." Look at it more closely: "[Linux] potentially, not definitely, infringes 283 untested patents, while not infringing a single court-validated patent." And Microsoft won't name the patents, because, as Linus Torvalds writes, "Naming them would make it either clear that Linux isn't infringing at all (which is quite possible, especially if the patents are bad), or would make it possible to avoid infringing by coding around whatever silly thing they claim." He adds, "Don't you think that if Microsoft actually had some really foolproof patent, they'd just tell us and go, 'nyaah, nyaah, nyaah!'". More...

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UK Schools to Shun Vista and Office 2007

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. UK Schools to Shun Vista and Office 2007
Dave Warlick reports on a Becta recommendation that schools avoid new Microsoft software."Becta said the cost of a widespread deployment of Vista in schools and colleges was currently estimated at around �160m, while the benefits were unclear." The report was published in January, which is why it is currently difficult to find on the Becta website. More...

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Thomson Leaves Learning Market

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Thomson Leaves Learning Market
If you had asked me a few years ago, I would have said Thomson was making a play for virtual control of this market. Now they're out, dumping Thomson Learning for $7.75 billion. What's changed? Tony Karrer offers some links to some discussions looking at, say, content vendor value. It may be that between the free software and the open content and the learning communities there just wasn't a large enough market to control. Anyhow, I think this is big news, because there is no obvious company poised to step in where Thomson is leaving off. More...

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Microsoft Takes On the Free World

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Microsoft Takes On the Free World
In a move that should surprise nobody, Microsoft has played the patent card in its ongoing battle against open source software. As though this will make Vista an attractive alternative. Leaving aside the audacity of the move if any company has depended on copying others, it is Microsoft) the strategy depends not so much on actually having original intellectual property as it does on the threat of a huge software giant suing the competition. What Microsoft wants to d is create both risk and cost to the use of free software. As a business strategy the tactic may well work even though some heavyweights (such as IBM) are behind free software. But what Microsoft - and its customers - should understand is that the company is very deliberately acting against the public interest in order to improve its market position. Which means that its success will only be as far as its legal reach. More...

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21 octobre 2019

Des magasins anti-gaspi pour les fruits et légumes moches

Bpifrance CréationChaque année en France, 10 millions de tonnes d'aliments finissent à la poubelle. Face à cette aberration, deux jeunes entrepreneurs ont lancé une chaîne de magasins anti-gaspillage. Plus...

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Business Women : Les femmes dans la Tech

Bpifrance CréationLes femmes sont sous-représentées dans la Tech. Pourquoi ? Quels sont les moyens de changer les choses. Plus...

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Webinar : Comment la comptabilité vous aide à vendre, acheter et facturer en toute simplicité ?

Bpifrance CréationVous êtes entrepreneur et souhaitez optimiser la gestion de votre entreprise ? Vous n’avez aucune connaissance en comptabilité mais devez effectuer des opérations quotidiennes ? Quel que soit votre niveau, venez découvrir les bases de la comptabilité lors du webinar organisé par le Salon SME Online. Plus...

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CGV, CGU, à quoi ça sert ?

Bpifrance CréationLes conditions générales de vente (CGV) et les conditions générales d’utilisation (CGU) sont des documents juridiques obligatoires pour toute activité commerciale y compris pour une activité de e-commerce. Plus...

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Busy & Ness : une mini-série originale pour sensibiliser les jeunes à l’entrepreneuriat

Bpifrance CréationLancée par BGE Hauts-de France, cette mini-série destinée aux élèves à partir du secondaire et aux étudiants compte 6 séquences pédagogiques sur la création d’entreprise, avec une large part donnée au numérique. Plus...

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