19 octobre 2018

Apprentis hier, professionnels aujourd’hui ?

Retour à l'accueilDepuis janvier 2008, le CFA d’Île-de-France du CNFPT prépare spécifiquement au diplôme d’État d’auxiliaire de puériculture et au métier de cuisinière ou cuisinier spécialisé en restauration collective. Il met en œuvre une politique volontariste d’accompagnement des apprentis vers la qualification et l’emploi public : suivi individualisé des jeunes, signature d’une charte des apprentis territoriaux, formation à la culture territoriale et organisation de journées de « job dating » pour le recrutement des apprentis diplômés favorisant l’accès à l’emploi public. Plus...

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17 octobre 2018

Jilted Entitlement

Jilted Entitlement
A lengthy discussion has erupted on the Invisible Adjunct over the job prospects of non-tenure track academics. The comment begins with the observation that large numbers of fully qualified people are able to obtain only temporary employment. More...

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01 octobre 2018

Is academic citation data fit for use in decisions on tenure and promotion?

By Brendan O’Malley – Managing Editor. In a Special Report on the academic publishing crisis, Steve Fuller outlines how imperfections and gaming in the academic citation market raise important questions over its use in choosing which researchers to push up the career ladder. Jenny J Lee and Alma Maldonado-Maldonado outline the dangers of differentiating research universities from teaching universities, with the most concerning being the effect on social and economic inequality, while Pushkar calls on the Indian government to make research and publishing optional rather than compulsory for teachers across India’s higher education sector except for those at research institutions.
   In Commentary, Roger Y Chao Jr and Stig Arne Skjerven anticipate re-energised efforts in the Asia-Pacific region to enhance higher education access, quality and mobility with the Tokyo Recognition Convention coming into force next year. Hazri Jamil, Wan Chang Da and Ooi Poh Ling say Malaysia’s transformation from a sending country into a destination country for international students needs an additional focus on internationalisation-at-home policies to widen the benefits to all students. And Claudia Frittelli says findings show that African academic diaspora linkage programmes leverage additional funds and expertise, and African governments should recognise the benefits of both.
   In Features, Yojana Sharma reports on evidence emerging that academics in Xinjiang have disappeared after major purges of the region’s universities in Beijing’s crackdown on the Uighur Muslim population. Wagdy Sawahel reports that Iranian universities are rapidly expanding their branches in Sub-Saharan Africa, which higher education experts see either as enhancing academia or an attempt to expand Iran’s soft power and influence. And Sharon Dell reports on Professor Adekeye Adebajo’s contention that transformation of South African universities will have to be fought for in what is likely to be a “long and tortuous battle”. More...

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26 septembre 2018

When Your Spouse's Academic Career Zooms

By Joshua Kim. How many of you are married/partnered with another higher ed person? Are you also part of a dual-academic household. More...

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23 septembre 2018

Nonprofit Leadership by and for Early Career Scientists

HomeAdriana Bankston encourages early career scientists to seek opportunities to benefit society beyond academe. More...

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Preparing for Job Season

HomeIt requires a lot of forethought, as well as the use of skills that can be practiced and honed, advises Melissa Dennihy. More...

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On Belonging in the Academy

HomeStephen J. Aguilar reflects on what it means to be part of an academic community where you don't see your identity reflected in your peers. More...

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Connecting Public Scholarship and Professional Development

HomeJoseph Stanhope Cialdella recommends four strategies for expanding how to think about such scholarship in ways that help build skills and knowledge that are relevant for diverse career paths. More...

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A Former Adjunct Looks Back

HomeHow can tenured and tenure-track faculty members support adjuncts? Sarah Ellen Zarrow offers suggestions based on her experiences on both sides. More...

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Leaving So Soon?

HomeWhy are growing numbers of presidential tenures short-lived, asks Clara M. Lovett, and what can we learn from them. More...

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