16 janvier 2018

Keeping an Edge on Your Career Development

HomeSix weeks and 13 hours -- or to be less precise, forever! That is how long I had to wait till I was allowed to lace up my skates and get back on the ice after I severely injured my ankle recently. It is not a common hobby, but I figure skate and am completely addicted to it. More...

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13 janvier 2018

Higher ed liberal arts degrees on the upswing

University Business Magazine logoDespite the big push for STEM majors and career-focused skills in recent years, the liberal arts seem to be making a resurgence. More...

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UC Irvine announces the Division of Career Pathways

University Business Magazine logoThe University of California, Irvine today announced the opening of the Division of Career Pathways (DCP), becoming the first U.S. university to use the designation “division” to name its career services for students and alumni. More...

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Toby Young saga shows how social media can be bad for your career

The ConversationThe journalist and commentator Toby Young resigned from the board of the university regulator Office for Students (OfS) after he came under fire for a series of offensive comments. Some of his past statements about working-class students, disabled people, women or inclusivity were perceived by many to be exceedingly inflammatory, making him unfit for public office. More...

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06 janvier 2018

Higher ed employment increases in Q2 '17 but not at community colleges

University Business Magazine logoAccording to HigherEdJobs, the leading job and career site for higher education professionals, the total number of jobs in higher education increased during Q2 2017 by the largest second quarter amount in five years. More...

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Introducing the New Editor of ‘Conditionally Accepted’

HomeVictor Ray, the new editor of “Conditionally Accepted,” describes his vision for the column going forward. More...

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Reflections From the Outgoing Editor of ‘Conditionally Accepted’

HomeAs they step down as editor, Eric Anthony Grollman, the founder of “Conditionally Accepted,” writes about creating a platform for marginalized scholars and thanks its many contributors. More...

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Why Don’t Educators in Higher Ed Take Education Classes?

HomeIf we’re in higher education to educate, Jillian Joyce asks, what keeps college teachers from learning more about teaching. More...

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The Importance of Year 2 on the Tenure Track

HomeThe first year may get all the attention, but the second one is the make-or-break year, argues Christine Tulley. More...

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02 janvier 2018

‘Career ready’ out of high school? Why the nation needs to let go of that myth

The ConversationUnlike old-fashioned vocational education, high school-level career and technical education doesn’t really prepare people for jobs directly after high school. While the stated end goal of K-12 education in America is for students to be “college and career ready,” the reality is the existence of career-ready high school graduates is a myth. The expectation that high school produces career-ready adults in a 21st century economy is unrealistic and counterproductive. More...

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