24 avril 2018

Changing student priorities in the journey from classroom to career

University Business Magazine logoLike many schools across the nation, the College of Southern Idaho is weighing options for offering gender neutral restrooms. More...

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22 avril 2018

Thinking About Dual Academic Jobs as a Single Academic Career

By Joshua Kim. Are you also one-half of a dual-career academic couple? How do you do it. More...

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20 avril 2018

Tenure Under Threat in Kentucky

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Late addition to budget bill would allow dismissal of tenured professors due to program changes or eliminations, ending protections previously adopted by college boards. Move comes as tenure rights are eroding elsewhere. More...

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19 avril 2018

Telling Your Tenure Story

HomeIn his essay “Tenure at Small Colleges,” Alan Hughes describes how small liberal arts colleges emphasize the role of community, or fit, as an area for faculty evaluation, in addition to varying research, teaching and service requirements. More...

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Teamwork That Works

HomeAssigning group work is a good teaching strategy, right? Research shows that by working together in small groups, students can develop critical thinking skills, exchange knowledge, share expertise, increase motivation and improve their attitudes toward learning. More...

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Outside Higher Ed: Running for Office as Alt-Ac

HomeLast year at this time, I was still coping with the silence my carefully prepared job materials had elicited. Despite the years teaching (as a teaching assistant and also as an adjunct) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the University at Buffalo, despite the M.F.A. and Ph.D., despite the book I published, I wasn’t offered a single interview. It was crushing. More...

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Getting Out to Learn What's Going On

HomeAs president, Lori Varlotta takes most of her meetings out and about on the campus of Hiram College. More...

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Hand-Shaking Tips for Making the Right Impression

HomeIs a bad handshake such a bad thing? Yes, and especially when the person whose hand you are shaking has a professionally firm one, writes Joseph Barber. More...

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In Defense of Posttenure Review

HomeWhat is most valuable about them to professors, as well as to the institution, is that the process includes three accountability moments that force both the college and the professor to confront the facts of their performance, argues Michael Nelson. More...

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3 Ways You Can Be Stymied in Your Career

HomeIn previous essays, we’ve talked about how to network effectively as well as use your Ph.D. in jobs outside academe. Since then, we’ve received a number of queries about careers from Inside Higher Ed reader. More...

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