14 mai 2018

Fighting Piracy With P2P Blocking

Fighting Piracy With P2P Blocking
As this article notes, "the digital equivalent of a postal censor has been sorting through virtually all file-swapping traffic on the University of Wyoming's network, quietly noting every trade of an Eminem song or 'Friends' episode." Of course, it may have also picked up academic papers, contracts, personal files and images, and more. More...

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06 mai 2018

Student Newspaper Accused of Being Pornographic

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. The Foghorn News, the student newspaper at Del Mar College, is being accused of running pornography, McClatchy News reported. At issue is a feature that the newspaper's editors say was intended as humor for those stressed by finals. The full article may be found here. One example from the article is below. More...

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21 avril 2018

University Press Group Decries Censorship

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. The Association of University Presses has issued a statement urging scholarly publishers to refuse requests from foreign governments to restrict digital access to content. More...

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25 mars 2018

‘Voided’ Invitation to University in Singapore

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. A well-known journalism scholar reported that a talk he planned to give on state censorship and the media at the National University of Singapore had to be canceled after delays in what he was told was a routine screening process for all visitors to the university’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. More...

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23 février 2018

Book on Chinese Government Influence to Be Published

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. A book on Chinese Communist Party influence on Australian politics and academia has found a publisher after two major publishers declined to publish or delayed publishing the book due to concerns about potential legal action from the Chinese government or its proxies, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. More...

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24 novembre 2017

Publisher Complies With Chinese Censorship

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. The publisher Springer Nature has blocked access to more than 1,000 journal articles in China to comply with government censors, the Financial Times reported. The newspaper found that more than 1,000 articles had removed from the websites of two Springer journals, the Journal of Chinese Political Science and International Politics. More...

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22 octobre 2017

UK university censors title of Holocaust survivor's speech criticising Israel

The Guardian homeManchester University talk was to be titled ‘You’re doing to Palestinians what the Nazis did to me’ until Israeli diplomats intervened. More...

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Censorship battle and an antisemitic charge cause anger

The Guardian homeWe write to express our deep concern at the actions of senior figures within the University of Manchester in relation to an event organised by the student Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign earlier this year (UK university censors Holocaust survivor’s speech criticising Israel, theguardian.com, 29 September). While the event went ahead, the speech of a Jewish Holocaust survivor was arrogantly censored and labelled antisemitic, the right to superintend the meeting by university academic staff was usurped by institutional appointees, restrictions were placed on advertising the event, and the whole thing was filmed in what amounted to an implicit threat of potential further action. More...

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21 octobre 2017

Cambridge University Press censorship attacks are misguided

The Guardian homeI refer to Paul Mason’s important, but mistaken argument about Cambridge University Press’s agreement with the Chinese authorities to delete 300 articles from China Quarterly. More...

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Cambridge University Press censorship 'exposes Xi Jinping's authoritarian shift'

The Guardian homeEditor of censored journal says China’s president is far less pragmatic about dissenting views than his predecessors, as some academics vow to boycott CUP. More...

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