13 mars 2019

Global University Rankings and their Impact

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web.Global University Rankings and their Impact
Andrejs Rauhvargers, European University Association, April 12, 2013
Over the years I have found the deference people show to institutions like Harvard, MIT and Standford to be quite remarkable. Yes, the people who work there are smart, but they are not uniquely smart, and they are as often more important for their biases (such as, for example, a pro-commercial affiliation) than for their academics or teaching. This report on university rankings points to instances of this phenomenon. More...

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10 mars 2019

QS Subject Rankings Show US Losing Ground

In recent years there has been growing interest in the ranking of universities by subject or programme. This trend may be more helpful for students and other stakeholders than general rankings of entire universities. More...

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Shameful Ranking of UK Universities

An article in WONK HE by Paul Greatrix presents an unusual ranking of places and subjects in the UK that are most likely to use the services of “essay mills”, companies that supply essays to university students who are unable or unwilling to write their own. More...

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Controversial Rise in Iranian Research

In recent years Iranian universities have begun to make their presence felt in international and regional rankings. There are now two Iranian universities in the Shanghai Ranking top 500 and another 11 in the 501-1000 group. The Round University Rankings include 11 Iranian universities led by Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 237th place. More...

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08 mars 2019

Classement des écoles de management : « Le Point » très stable

HeadwayBlog Headway - Olivier Rollot. Une place et huit points derrière HEC Paris se classent ex-aequo l’Essec et emlyon (idem 2018) devant ESCP Europe, Edhec BS, Grenoble EM et Skema. Plus...

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Palmarès des écoles d’ingénieurs de «L’Usine nouvelle»: ce qui change cette année

HeadwayBlog Headway - Olivier Rollot. L’Usine nouvelle a publié la semaine dernière son Classement 2019 des école d’ingénieurs. Comme d’habitude il classe à d’excellents niveaux des écoles à la renommée moins établies, généralement en informatique, mais qui proposent à leurs étudiants des niveaux de salaires excellents sur un marché très concurrentiel. Plus...

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05 mars 2019

5 top-ranked AI programs in higher ed

eCampus NewsArtificial intelligence has morphed from a sci-fi movie hypothetical to a field with real potential and impact in different industries, prompting many research institutions to offer AI concentrations–or even full degrees. More...

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02 mars 2019

Do Law Schools Need a Second Ranking From 'U.S. News'?

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. U.S. News & World Report has announced that it may start a second ranking of law schools -- and some observers of legal education fear that the new ranking would create the wrong incentives. More...

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28 février 2019

Are Global Rankings Damaging Universities?

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Article that disappeared (and that has attracted more attention since disappearing) raises questions about Singapore's emphasis on rankings. More...

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24 février 2019

15 top ranked universities to launch 100 new health courses, 30 specialisations, and two health degrees.

Techno-News Blog Coursera, the global online learning leader, announced the launch of their health vertical—a broad portfolio of health content from the world’s top universities curated specifically to help address the acute shortage of skilled workers in the health industry and meet the demands of a digital health economy. More...

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