28 janvier 2020

No.2 With A Bullet

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. No.2 With A Bullet
Grahem Wegner loks to this interesting new service, something called Learning Signal from Social Rank. Whate we have here is a service that looks at blog posts in a community (presumably defined by topic - such as 'e-learning', but we are not told what blogs constitute a 'community') and ranks them according to (a proprietary blend of?) citations, comments, and the like. It's a good idea, difficult to pull off (I've been trying stuff like that with Edu_RSS but the sorts of server loads it creates are horrendous). More...

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20 janvier 2020

URAP Rankings: Sorbonne Reaches the Top Ten

This year’s URAP ranking is headed by Harvard followed by the University of Toronto and University College London. Sorbonne University, formed in 2018 through a merger of Paris-Sorbonne University and Pierre et Marie Curie University, is now in 10th place, a significant improvement since last year when it was 17th. More...

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New Computer Science Rankings Show Chinese Bid for AI Ascendency

The CSRankings show that China is on the way to dominate research in Artificial Intelligence. More...

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Rankings a Key Factor for International Students

An article in the PIE (Professionals in International Education) News by Kerrie Kennedy has discussed a report from Cturtlle based on a survey of the views of international students mainly in the UK with a smaller number from continental Europe. Fifty-seven per cent said that that “university ranking” was the most important reason for studying in the UK and 52% for studying in Europe. Other reasons were “location” (51% and 50%), price (41% and 38%), job opportunities (18% and 28%), and “alumni engagement” (10% and 12%). More...

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Best Online Courses announced by US News

Although it has not fulfilled its early promise online higher education continues to grow. At the moment the leader in the ranking of online programmes is the US News & World Report (USN). The latest USN online rankings include US bachelor’s programs and master’s programs in Business, Computer Information Technology, Criminal Justice/Criminology, Engineering, Education and Nursing. Altogether over 1,600 programs have been evaluated this year. More...

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PISA results: East Asia in the Lead

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is published every three years by the OECD and has received a large amount of media attention. It administers tests of reading, mathematics and science to representative groups of 15-year olds. Performance in these rankings is often used to evaluate national educational policies and could have serious implications for university admission policies. More...

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Estonia’s digital future: how to go from e-government to e-business?

Estonia ranks already among the top countries in e-government. Citizens can do basically anything online except for a very few things like getting married or divorced and selling or buying real estate. The X-road, the secure communication protocol underlying e-government services, was built on the same principles as the block chain, even before the word block chain was invented. More...

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19 janvier 2020

Le Figaro publie son premier classement des écoles d’ingénieurs

HeadwayBlog Headway - Olivier Rollot. L’Usine Nouvelle et l’Etudiant perdent leur duopole. Le Figaro a publié cette semaine son premier Classement des meilleures écoles d’ingénieurs, ainsi que des classements thématiques. Le « Classement des écoles d’excellence » – celles les plus demandées par les élèves de classes préparatoires étoilées et les meilleurs bacheliers – donne sans surprise la victoire à l’Ecole polytechnique devant CentraleSupélec et Mines ParisTech. Onzième l’Insa Lyon est la première école postbac du top 21. Plus...

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Rankings : les business schools françaises championnes d’Europe

HeadwayBlog Headway - Olivier Rollot. Après cinq années de domination de la London business school, HEC Paris retrouve sa couronne de meilleure business school européenne dans le classement du Financial Times. Après le lancement de son master en 2013 la business school londonienne s’était emparée du trône que HEC Paris lui ravit cette année grâce à sa première place dans le classement des E-MBA. Plus...

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Classement des PGE des écoles de management : Le Figaro ouvre le bal

HeadwayBlog Headway - Olivier Rollot. Si on s’intéresse de plus près aux points accordés la progression de Skema est encore plus marquante : elle se situe à seulement 0,20 point de l’Edhec avec notamment des meilleure notes en excellence académique (16,85 pour 16,58) et international (17,82 pour 17,66). Il n’y a qu’en relations entreprise que l’Edhec creuse l’écart final : 18,87 contre 18,05. Le match commence. Plus...

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