14 janvier 2020

GoXchange student app launched

By Viggo Stacey. GoXchange, an online community network seeking to support exchange students by connecting them with peers at the same study destination has been launched to give new exchange students “first-hand advice” about life in their new home. More...

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13 janvier 2020

The Truth About Learning Communities

By Steven Mintz. A learning community can be an administrative convenience: a way to register students into a block of classes. Or a learning community can be something more: a cohort of students that shares common intellectual and co-curricular experiences, organized around a common theme, a career goal or a series of big questions. More...

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05 janvier 2020

Lancement communauté des professionnels acteurs OF

Emfor Brougogne-Franche-ComtéSynthèse des interventions lors du lancement de la communauté des professionnels de la formation de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, le 12 septembre 2019. Plus...

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16 décembre 2019

Listes communautaires : phénomène ou chimère ?

Screenshot-2018-4-15 Egypte – des élections présidentielles jouées d’avanceAlors que les prochaines élections municipales se tiendront les 15 et 22 mars 2020, la question des "listes communautaires" est récemment revenue sur le devant de la scène : ces listes, dont la définition varie selon les points de vue, sont parfois présentées comme une atteinte à l'unité de la nation, et un encouragement au communautarisme. Plus...

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07 novembre 2019

I Love My Communities

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. I Love My Communities
Nancy White responds to one of my comments on communities. "Surely sameness characterizes many communities. But I think 'sameness' is not quite the right word in my most vibrant communities. It is some shared love." Of course - this is a type of sameness, and a case where sameness carries an emotional connection, about which I've commented elsewhere. Emotional connections are good - they support families and sports teams. But if you exclude people because they don't love the topic - that's not rational, is it. More...

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25 septembre 2019

Communities of Practice - The Patent

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Scott Wilson[Edit][Delete]: Communities of Practice - The Patent, December 11, 2006
Yes, you read that correctly. I'm sorry. As Scott Wilson observes, "It essentially patents the idea of doing any kind of community-oriented knowledge management involving filesharing and forums involving one or more experts." How long before this becomes a full-blown crisis, and not the absurd annoyance it is now? Or are we at that point now, with absurdities like the Blackboard patent and lawsuit? See also Harold Jarche, who comments, "I remember a sign that was posted in the Officers' Mess in Wainwright, Alberta. It said, 'Let not common sense become so rare that it is mistaken for genius. More...

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17 septembre 2019

Social learning : les moyens à associer à une communauté apprenante ?

Par . L’échange entre les membres d’une communauté apprenante est finalement le premier « livrable » d’une communauté. En effet, c’est en discutant, expliquant, observant, échangeant des points de vue que chaque membre peut formaliser ses savoirs. Il peut également observer des pratiques, les « analyser », les enrichir ou non, apprendre et les utiliser dans son contexte. Plus...

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05 juillet 2019

A Discussion about Communities

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Dave Comier and Jeff Lebow[Edit][Delete]: A Discussion about Communities with Nancy White, Ed Tech Talk [Edit][Delete] July 21, 2006
I listened to this podcast this morning, a wide-ranging interview with online collaboration specialist Nancy White. Listeners will most appreciate, I think, her observations on how to manage disruptive elements in communities. She was also asked about my own view of site-specific online communities (they have a boundary, she said, "this is my arms making a big 'O'"). Sometimes a sense of place and common purpose is needed. More...

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18 juin 2019

Social learning : intérêts et clés de succès des communautés apprenantes

Par . Le social learning, c’est un apprentissage qui s’effectue grâce aux autres. En effet, l’interaction et l’observation entre des personnes regroupées dans un espace partagé qui peut être en ligne (classe virtuelle, forum, réseau social, webinar…) stimule l’apprentissage. Ces personnes souhaitent sur un intérêt commun apprendre ensemble. Plus...

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28 mai 2019

Failure of Online Communities

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Harold Jarche[Edit][Delete]: Failure of Online Communities, Jarche Consulting [Edit][Delete] February 2, 2006

[link: 8 Hits] Harold Jarche cites Jay Cross, who remarks en passant, "After the session, several people told me they really appreciated Bill telling it like it is. Early on, he said that while he thought he was pretty good at fostering online communities, 90% of the communities he sets up fail." Bill probably is good at setting up online communities. But I wonder whether a community that has been set up is doomed to fail. I wonder whether, instead, what we should be looking at as community is the interactions between people in a distributed environment - such as the network of blogs and readers and commenters that make up what might be called the edublogging community (actually several communities, but I digress). A seminar, a meeting space, an online discussion board - these are not communities. More...

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