09 septembre 2019

The K-12 Online Conference 2006 Agenda

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Various authors[Edit][Delete]: The K-12 Online Conference 2006 Agenda, October 17, 2006
This online conference started yesterday with a pre-recorded keynote by Dave Warlick (to me it's not a keynote unless it's live - but that's just me). It features a number of educational bloggers, mostly (as the title suggests) from the K-12 sector, and mostly from the United States (and not, as one commentator wrote, "top educational bloggers from around the world"). It's kind of like a 'Coming of Age', only presented as a conference. Oh hey wait, it's the same people! Who are - according to themselves - the leading edubloggers. As one person commented today - a 'co-prosperity sphere'. I prefer the term from Jerry Pournelle: the CoDominium. Anyhow - I aggregate more than 300 edubloggers (and leave out just as many again) and try to represent their contributions as fairly as I can in these pages. And that is to me the core of edublogging, not self-styled A-listers. But hey - attend the conference, listen to Warlick and Freedman and Fryer and McIntosh and the rest and judge for yourself. More...

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08 septembre 2019

Registration is now open! 2nd TeRRIFICA Online Conference “Connecting case studies with future climate action"

Guni NetworkThe second TeRRIFICA Online Conference will be held on September 19th 2019 from 10am to 2pm (CEST/Brussels time). Free registration is now open filling in this form.
The Online Conference will start with short expert talks on climate action with a focus on engagement, methodology and institutionalisation aspects. There will be representatives from the six European pilot regions in Belarus, France, Germany, Poland, Serbia and Spain that combine co-creation processes with climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. More...

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2nd TeRRIFICA Online Conference “Connecting case studies with future climate action", 19 September

Four months after their 1st successful edition, the TeRRIFICA (Territorial Responsible Research and Innovation Fostering Innovative Climate Action) project is back in the context of climate change and the urgency of mitigating its impacts and adapting to its consequences. This EU-funded project will seek best practices and identify the approaches that are already in place. Plus...

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01 septembre 2019

Prochaines Conférences Midi-Pyrénées

Logo ANFHLe 4, 17 et 18 octobre 2019, l'ANFH Midi-Pyrénées organise trois conférences majeures. Plus...

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Conférence Tour en Guadeloupe

Agefiph, ouvrir l'emploi aux personnes handicapées, retour à l'accueilL’Agefiph et le journal Le Monde ont le plaisir de vous convier à une matinée d’échanges autour de l’inclusion professionnelle des personnes en situation de handicap. Plus...

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31 août 2019

International Conference on Learning Cities / Save the date: 1-3 October 2019, Medellín

UILThis year’s International Conference on Learning Cities (ICLC) will take place from 1 to 3 October in Medellín, Colombia, where government officials, city representatives and education experts from around the world will meet to identify, exchange and discuss effective lifelong learning policies and practices that lead to inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities. The theme of the 2019 conference is 'Inclusion: A principle for lifelong learning and sustainable cities'. More...

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Website for the Fourth International Conference on Learning Cities

UILThe UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning is pleased to announce the launch of the website for the fourth International Conference on Learning Cities – www.learningcities2019.org.  The website has been designed to provide participants with detailed information about the conference. More...

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30 août 2019

Encompassing all voices: the 2019 Conference Conversation Starter

Screenshot-2018-5-3 EAIEThe 2019 EAIE Conference in Helsinki is nearly upon us, and as you prepare to travel, network, and learn with us, we hope you’ll also take full advantage of the opportunity to reflect purposefully on the theme that brings us together this year: ‘Encompassing all voices’. To inspire you and to whet your appetite for discussion in Helsinki on all the ways that matters of voice, identity and inclusion require our urgent attention, this week we’re launching the 2019 Conference Conversation Starter. More...

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Moscow Third University Mission Conference

"The Third University Mission" international conference, dedicated to the cooperation between universities and society  attended by over 260 delegates from 23 countries was held in Moscow November 30 and December 1. The conference was timed to the release of the new issue of Moscow International University Ranking "The Three University Missions". More...

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2020 EUA Annual Conference

The EUA Annual Conference will be of interest to institutional leaders (rectors, vice-rectors and heads of administration), higher education researchers and analysts, as well as representatives of other bodies involved in educational policy. Plus...

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