16 novembre 2017

Look for the Seal

Look for the Seal
Carl Straumsheim, Inside Higher Ed, 2017/06/06
When I was a cash-strapped student I had a simple policy: if it was cheaper to photocopy the book at five cents a page than it was to buy it, I would photocopy the book. My counterfeit books were easy to spot: they were the ones held together with paper clamps. No certification or seal would have changed my policy, because it was grounded in reasonableness. More...

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25 octobre 2017

College to Address Copyright

College to Address Copyright
It won't be business as usual next year at Ithaca College as instructors will now have to obtain copyright clearance for materials traditionally shared - legally, they thought (probably correctly), under fair use - in student course packs. More...

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06 octobre 2017

Rules, Attribution, and Doing The Right Thing

Rules, Attribution, and Doing The Right Thing
Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, 2015/03/05
I have to say I'm completely on board with the sentiments expressed in this post from Alan Levine. He writes, "Attribution not just about following rules and avoiding getting in trouble for copyright, it’s about paying forward the act of sharing content freely." More...

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21 septembre 2017

Universities grapple with court’s copyright decision

As the new academic year approaches, Canadian universities are grappling with the Federal Court of Canada’s recent copyright decision against York University, writes Sara Bannerman for The Conversation. More...

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20 septembre 2017

Concern over copyright plan’s impact on academic work

The Department of Science and Technology has raised concern over a provision in the Copyright Amendment Act that would vest copyright in the state where the state funds the person or organisation creating the work, writes Linda Ensor for Business Day Live. More...

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19 septembre 2017

EUA and leading research groups express concern about EU Copyright Reform

The letter is addressed mainly to the JURI Committee but also to members of the European Parliament and national governments. This is a wide stakeholder response to the recent opinions expressed by several European Parliament Committees on the Commission’s Proposal, in particular the opinion issued by the ITRE Committee in July. As explained in the joint letter EUA is concerned that “the proposals on the Copyright Directive will limit academic freedom by creating burdensome and harmful restrictions on access to scientific research and data, as well as on the fundamental rights of freedom of information, directly contradicting the EU’s own ambitions in the field of Open Access and Open Science.” More...

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12 juillet 2017

Elsevier Wins $15 Million in Damages

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. A federal judge has ordered various pirate sites that post online papers to which they do not hold copyright to pay Elsevier $15 million in damages, Nature reported. More...

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11 juillet 2017

Colombian Student Cleared in Copyright Case

HomeBy Carl Straumsheim. A court in Bogotá, Colombia, on Wednesday cleared a biologist of criminal charges for posting an academic paper online. More...

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17 mai 2017

Australian Copyright Scandal Points to the Need for Greater Oversight of Copyright Collectives

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Australian Copyright Scandal Points to the Need for Greater Oversight of Copyright Collectives
Michael Geist, 2017/04/28
As Michael Geist reports, "The Australian copyright community has been shocked by a scandal involving the Copyright Agency, a copyright collective that diverted millions of dollars intended for authors toward a lobbying and advocacy fund designed to fight against potential fair use reforms." More...

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09 mai 2017

Research Integrity - Guidelines on Authorship

University of CambridgeAuthorship provides credit for an individual’s contributions to a study and carries accountability. There are no universally accepted standards for assigning authorship. Principles, customs and practices differ significantly from one discipline to another.
Responsibility for decisions regarding the authorship of publications lies with those who carried out the work reported in the publication. Researchers should be aware of the authorship practices within their own disciplines and should always abide by any requirements stipulated by journals as part of their instructions to authors.
The University of Cambridge’s School of Clinical Medicine have published their own Code of Practice on Authorship, which members of that School should consult in addition to these guidelines. More...

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