14 avril 2017

Wikipédia par l’anecdote : le selfie du macaque

The ConversationEn 2016, l’affaire rebondit : l’organisation de défense des animaux PETA a attaqué en justice afin de revendiquer les droits des photos prises par le singe, en invoquant que l’association représente ses intérêts. Le tribunal de San Francisco l’a déboûtée, mais les procès concernant le « selfie du macaque » ne sont sûrement pas terminés. More...

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16 mars 2017

Copyright Confusion at Canadian University

HomeBy Carl Straumsheim. Concordia University in Montreal will buy five copies each of five books it mistakenly digitized and made available for free, The Globe and Mail reported. Read more...

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24 février 2017

EUA pushes for further change in EU Copyright Reform

EUA has updated its response to the European Commission’s proposal for a directive on copyright to further underline the importance of an EU copyright reform that truly supports the needs of research, innovation and education in the digital age at universities and beyond. More...

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23 février 2017

The Copyright Lobby’s IIPA Report: Fake News About the State of Canadian Copyright

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Copyright Lobby’s IIPA Report: Fake News About the State of Canadian Copyright
Michael Geist, 2017/02/22
Michael Geist writes about this year's annual misrepresentation of the state of copy protection and media in Canada by the the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA), a lobby group that represents the major lobbying associations for music, movie, software, and book publishing in the United States. More...

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16 février 2017

The time to act is now!

Today, representatives of the public research sector in Europe (LERU, CESAER, EUA, LIBER and Science Europe) call with a united voice on European legislators to remove the barriers to research and innovation that exist in the current proposal for copyright. EU policymakers should take the lead in developing legislative frameworks that allow fair dissemination, access to, sharing and use of available knowledge. More...

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EU copyright reform and TDM : potentially good for research but certainly not (yet) for innovation !

Today, the European Commission has presented its legislative proposal to update the EU framework on copyright. LERU is very pleased to see that the EC has finally included the much needed mandatory exception for Text and Data Mining in the proposed Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market. This exception will allow Europe to further develop its research potential so as to remain competitive in the global landscape. More...

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What kind of world is STM living in?

14 September saw the International Association of STM publishers (STM) issue a response to the EC’s proposed Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, which flies in the face of LERU’s views contained in its own Press Release. Amongst other things, STM is calling for the extension of ancillary copyright to cover academic publishing, implying that they will take legal action if this does not happen. The omission of scientific publishers from the scope of the Directive is labelled ‘disappointing, unwarranted and potentially discriminatory’. More...

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30 janvier 2017

EU Copyright Reform: EUA and leading research groups push for more change

In a statement released on 10 January 2017, EUA together with CESAER, LERU, LIBER and Science Europe — which together represent hundreds of universities, libraries, funders and research performing organisations — say amendments in five main areas are critical if Europe wants to be at the forefront of a prosperous and growing digital society, the vision set out by the European Commission in its strategy for a Digital Single Market. More...

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14 décembre 2016

Access Copyright projecting 55 per cent drop in 2017 royalties

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "quillandquire.com"By . Access Copyright is warning creators and publishers to brace for a significant decrease in their royalty payments next year.
The non-profit organization, which collects revenues on behalf of Canadian copyright holders, estimates the amount it pays to creators to drop to $5 million in 2017, from $11 million this year – a 55 per cent decrease that is being directly attributed to a reduction in revenue from the educational sector. Read more...

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29 novembre 2016

University of Manitoba students receive 'extortion' letters over illegal downloads

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. University of Manitoba students receive 'extortion' letters over illegal downloads
CBC News, 2016/09/13

Students at the the University of Manitoba are being sent letters that demand payment and threaten huge sanctions over alleged copyright violations. More...

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