10 août 2017

Qui prend en charge le coût de ma formation et ma rémunération si je suis licencié pendant un Congé Individuel de Formation ?

Logo EtoileLors d’un licenciement économique pendant le CIF, le salarié peut choisir entre une prise en charge Fongecif (dans ce cas, le Fongecif se substitue à l’employeur et édite les fiches de paie) et une prise en charge Pôle emploi (conseillé en cas de CIF à temps partiel).
Si le licenciement intervient avant le début du CIF, il n’y a pas de possibilité de prise en charge , même si l'accord préalable du Fongecif a été donné. Plus...

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04 août 2017

Investir dans un SIRH : comment limiter les coûts ?

Focus RH - Gestion de carrière et évolution professionnelleLorsque la fonction RH souhaite s'équiper, la direction peut être réticente à engager des budgets trop importants, d’où la question récurrente de l’investissement en matière de SIRH. Plus...

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02 août 2017

On campus and in 'The House,' college costs remain an obstacle

University Business LogoFor Quinn Grossman, a Hollywood comedy centered around the sky-high cost of attending college was relatable even before he saw Will Ferrell rip off his sweater in “The House” to reveal a blue-and-orange T-shirt emblazoned with the name of Grossman’s school. More...

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Giving more low- and middle-income students better opportunities, while still cutting costs

University Business LogoOver the last several decades, many colleges and universities have been aggressive players in an amenities arms race. Students from wealthy families demanded small class sizes, single rooms and student fitness centers that resemble training facilities for the nation’s Olympic athletes. More...

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Cost isn't the only barrier to college

University Business LogoFor some high school students, setting foot on a college campus after graduation seems as likely as sprouting wings and flying to the moon. More...

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01 août 2017

The cost of borrowing for college is about to go up

University Business LogoStudents who need to borrow from the federal government to pay for college this fall will get hit with significantly higher interest rates. And the financial burden on lower-income students could increase even more if Congress approves President Donald Trump's plan to eliminate subsidized student loans. More...

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30 juillet 2017

Counting the costs of lost opportunity in Australian education

Résultat de recherche d'images pour ""There are huge costs associated with educational disadvantage in Australia. This report finds one in eight Australians will never attain a Year 12 qualification, and some of these people make up the one in eight Australians who will be disengaged from the workforce for most of their lives. More...

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24 juillet 2017

Where Jeff Selingo Is Wrong About College Costs

By Joshua Kim. ...rather than always looking at the revenue side of the ledger by figuring out how to attract more students with marketing gimmicks and constant discounting, colleges should start studying the expense side as well for ways to lower their costs. More...

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23 juillet 2017

Isolating 'Costs' Doesn't Help John Warner. Per student funding for higher ed has declined by 18% nationally on an inflation adjusted basis as compared to pre-recession levels. In Arizona, where the legislature seems dedicated to a program of zeroing-out state funding to higher ed, and Illinois where an ongoing political struggle has left the state budget-less, the declines are over 50%. More...

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Tech and Costs

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