06 janvier 2019

Future graduates will need creativity and empathy – not just technical skills

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianGovernment education policy focuses on the importance of hard science, but soft skills matter, too. More...

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30 novembre 2018

Why it is (almost) impossible to teach creativity

The ConversationIndustry and educators are agreed: the world needs creativity. There is interest in the field, lots of urging but remarkably little action. Everyone is a bit scared of what to do next. On the question of creativity and imagination, they are mostly uncreative and unimaginative. More...

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09 novembre 2018

How to Be Creative

How to Be Creative
Nice article that should probably have been titled "How to be good at anything." The author's main point is that "everybody has their own private Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb," and that the difference between a worthwhile life and the other lies in the decision to climb it (my 'Everest' is stated at the bottom of my home page). More...

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03 novembre 2018

How to make a living from your art: young artists share their stories

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianHow hard is it to start a creative career? Five young artists reveal their experiences. More...

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'Liquid gold': students make world's first brick out of human urine

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianThe bio-brick created by students in Cape Town mixes urine with sand and bacteria, which they say is a world first. More...

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Creativity can be the bridge between science and humanities education

The ConversationIn his famous Rede Lecture of 1959, chemist and novelist C P Snow spoke of the separation of science and the humanities, and the lack of respect and understanding that often exists between the fields. More...

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Creativity is a human quality that exists in every single one of us

The ConversationWhen you think about creativity, it might be highly creative people like Mozart, da Vinci or Einstein who spring to mind. They were all considered to be “geniuses” for their somewhat unique talents that led to global innovation in their fields. Their type of creativity is what’s known as “Big C creativity” (or historical) and is not very common in everyday life. Not all of us can create works of art or music or scientific theories that are new to the world. More...

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25 octobre 2018

Quotes from from Creativity by Csikszentmihalyi (Part 3)

Quotes from from Creativity by Csikszentmihalyi (Part 3)
Doug Johnson, Blue Skunk Blog, February 27, 2014
You can probably deduce that there is a part 1 and part 2 as well. But this is the one that caught my eye. "
Everyone agrees that necessary as it is to listen to the unconscious, it is not sufficient. More...

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01 octobre 2018

Creative Class War

Creative Class War
I have made comments along these lines in the past, but this article by a Carnegie Mellon professor packs a punch. The message is simple: if creative talent decides to locate elsewhere, the American economy is in trouble. More...

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31 août 2018

Introverts, collaboration, and creativity

Introverts, collaboration, and creativity
Doug Belshaw, Thought Shrapnel, 2018/07/27
This is often how I feel. "Collaboration... generally 'reduced creativity due to the tendency to incrementally modify known successful designs rather than explore radically different and potentially superior ones.'” Working with a team on the personal learning environment I certainly felt we were trying to increment on previous designs rather than (as I wanted) build something fundamentally new. More...

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