10 mars 2019

7 tips for evaluating credentials from disputed territories

Screenshot-2018-5-3 EAIE

As credential evaluators, we follow a principle in which institutional recognition is bestowed by the appropriate educational authorities in the country where the institution operates. Consequently, when the international status of the territory is in question and it is unclear where the educational authority resides, the status of its educational institutions is an equal dilemma. More...

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05 mars 2019

More states are recognizing the importance of non-degree credentials

eCampus NewsA quick look at how states are changing the way they college and measure data around credentials. More...

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27 février 2019

American Council on Education Recommends 5 MOOCs for Credit

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. American Council on Education Recommends 5 MOOCs for Credit
Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog, February 7, 2013
Today's big MOOC news (is there any day these days without big MOOC news?) is that the American Council on Education has recommended five MOOCs for credit, all offered through the Coursera platform. More...

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29 janvier 2019

NZ formally recognises micro-credentials

By Anton Crace. New Zealand has become one of the first countries to recognise micro-credentials in its qualifications framework. The move has been labelled “important” by edtech stakeholders. More...

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27 janvier 2019

Extra Credit Is Not Really Extra

HomeWayne Stauffer explains why he believes it's all about students' misplaced desire for choice. More...

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Nondegree credentials, work-based learning, and the American working class

Techno-News Blog For decades society has regarded a bachelor’s degree from a traditional higher education institution as one of the surest paths to prosperity. More...

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16 décembre 2018

Students Taking More Credit Courses and Introductory Math Faring Well

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. Nevada educators are finding strong links to success for students who take college-level math and more than 15 credits per semester. More...

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15 décembre 2018

EdX Studies the Viability of the MicroBachelors New Credential

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. edX Inc. continues analyzing the viability of launching stackable, customizable MicroBachelors’ degrees, which could be priced at $10,000. More...

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14 décembre 2018

Measuring the Value of Digital Credentials (Part One): The Shared Benefits of Microcredentialing

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. With their increased granularity, transparency and portability, digital credentials are quickly supplanting the paper certificate as a means of non-degree skills verification in leading-edge continuing and professional education units. More...

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12 décembre 2018

College Credentials by Condé Nast

College Credentials by Condé Nast
Doug Lederman, Inside Higher Ed, June 4, 2014
Would you trust a college degree issued by Wired Magazine or Architectural Digest? Maybe not, but that's not stopping some colleges from teaming up with Condé Nast to offer degree programs, even Masters'. I can see it now - an MBA from the Vanity Fair déCollage. More...

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