14 septembre 2019

Les CCI veulent éviter une baisse supplémentaire des crédits

C2RP Carif-Oref Hauts-de-FranceLes 129 établissements consulaires, qui voient leurs recettes fiscales reculer de 100 millions par an, disent être entrés de plain-pied dans la réforme exigée par le gouvernement. Plus...

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21 août 2019

Take a peek at the research behind educator micro-credentials

Techno-News BlogA growing consensus recognizes educator micro-credentials as promising new professional learning resources.  Educator micro-credentials are gaining more mainstream acceptance, but it’s important to ensure the process surrounding micro-credentials is grounded in rigorous research, according to a new whitepaper from Digital Promise. More...

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20 août 2019

The Playbook: 30 Solutions to Promote Faster Credentials

Techno-News BlogIn our current postsecondary system, credentials often don’t build on one another, or “stack.” This makes it difficult for people to pursue their education in smaller, more manageable pieces over time and then stack those pieces—that is, combine multiple short-term credentials into a larger credential (like an associate’s degree). More...

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09 juin 2019

Open Standards and Transparency Groups Team Up to Improve Information on Credentials

Techno-News BlogIMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Global) and Credential Engine today announced a partnership designed to advance new interoperability and transparency standards for credentials and institutional data systems. More...

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How Digital Credentials Can Advance Student Mobility and Success

Techno-News BlogThe impact of today’s megatrends—long-term, transformational processes with broad reach and influence—is driving a reconstruction of the higher education sector. More...

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19 mai 2019

Why are alternative digital credentials necessary?

eCampus NewsAlternative digital credentials are positioned to transform the relationship between higher ed and students. But how can institutions respond to these fast-developing credentials in a way that is measured and thoughtful, but quick enough so as to not be left behind. More...

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09 mai 2019

The Annual Extra-Credit Warning

By Matt Reed. Questions of fairness.
This one is somewhere between a blog post and a public service announcement for faculty. More...

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05 mai 2019

Seeking a Shared Global Standard for Digital Credentials

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. Nine universities in five countries are working together to create a shared infrastructure for digital academic credentials. More...

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05 avril 2019

How will blockchain transform higher ed? Start with credentials

eCampus NewsCentral New Mexico Community College is at the forefront of using the technology to give students ownership of their academic record. More...

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31 mars 2019

The Growing Profile of Non-Degree Credentials: Diving Deeper into ‘Education Credentials Come of Age’

Techno-News BlogThe world of credentialing is changing fast. Employer needs have evolved in concert with improving hiring support technologies. More...

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