13 juillet 2019

Crise des urgences : quelles solutions possibles à court et moyen terme ?

Screenshot-2018-4-15 Egypte – des élections présidentielles jouées d’avanceAprès plusieurs mois de grève et malgré des annonces de la part du gouvernement, des soignants ont à nouveau manifesté dans toute la France, mardi 2 juillet. Il s’agissait pour eux de maintenir la pression sur le gouvernement et tenter d’étendre le mouvement à tout l’hôpital d’ici la rentrée. Le mouvement s’est déclenché à la suite de plusieurs agressions du personnel des urgences d’hôpitaux de l’est parisien. Les grévistes s’indignent du manque de moyens alors que le nombre de patients pris en charge aux urgences est passé de 10 millions en 1996 à 21 millions en 2016. Plus...

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12 juillet 2019

The Patent Crisis Widens with New Attacks

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Alfred Essa[Edit][Delete]: The Patent Crisis Widens with New Attacks, The NOSE [Edit][Delete] August 21, 2006
As usual, you can obtain a full background on the Blackboard patent issue here.
And the issue, argues Alfred Essa, has widened into a full-blown crisis. More...

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The Blackboard Patent Crisis at Two and a Half Weeks

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Michael Feldstein[Edit][Delete]: The Blackboard Patent Crisis at Two and a Half Weeks, E-Literate [Edit][Delete] August 14, 2006
Last Friday, David Jakes defended Blackboard. "Isn't Blackboard, Inc. just taking advantage of what is available to them as a corporation?" And in the comments, Jeff Utecht piles on. "Do I like what blackboard is doing? No. Can they? Yes. And all you can say is God Bless America. More...

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06 juillet 2019

How the Flint water crisis set students back

The ConversationWhen the Flint water crisis took place in 2014 and 2015, one of my graduate nursing students decided to get involved. More...

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22 juin 2019

Bold steps to address the global pollution crisis

A sense of urgency for action against pollution is building. Air pollution and climate agendas both acknowledge the immediate threat to human health and longer-term changes to the planet’s habitability. More...

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16 juin 2019

The Coming Crisis in Canadian Post-secondary Education: 3 – Some strategies for survival

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . I have argued in earlier posts that universities and colleges (everywhere, not just Canada) need to move more quickly into digital learning for two separate but linked reasons:
  • to develop the knowledge and skills needed in a digital age
  • to enable students to know how better to manage and control the digitalization of their lives.
Although Canadian institutions are moving in the direction of more digital learning, it is still a relatively marginalised movement. We need to move to the point where almost all courses include a mix of digital and face-to-face learning, or are fully online, within the next five years. More...

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The Coming Crisis in Canadian Post-secondary Education: 2 – The Canadian context

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . This is the second in a series of posts on this topic. The first post looked at external developments that will influence Canadian post-secondary education in the future. In this post, I focus particularly on the Canadian context. More...

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The Coming Crisis in Canadian Post-secondary Education: 1 – External Developments

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . MOOCs are an interesting and useful development, but they have settled into a niche for continuing education and corporate training rather than disrupting the current system. More...

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The Conservatoire Crisis: suggestions from Oxbridge

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"Access and participation amongst state schooled students in UK conservatoires throughout the past years have remained at an all-time low despite major efforts to increase participation. Recent data issued by the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) highlights that only 12% of the most deprived state schools have an orchestra, compared to 85% in private schools. Likewise, there has also been a 21% decrease in music provision amongst state schools in the past 5 years whilst the private sector has witnessed a 7% increase. More...

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12 juin 2019

'Brave New Work' and the Crisis of Higher Ed Careers

By Joshua Kim. Brave New Work starts with the observation that two out of three people feel disengaged from their jobs.  The book seeks to answer the question of why work has become so miserable for so many people. More...

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