02 août 2017

5 ways to use predictive analytics in an ethical manner

eCampus NewsInstitutions are increasingly turning to predictive analytics to help determine if students will enroll, and if so, whether or not they’ll need support to stay on track for graduation. But this data use begs the question–are decision-makers using the data ethically. More...

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01 août 2017

Examity launches analytics platform for academic integrity

University Business LogoExamity, the world leader in online proctoring and identity verification, today announced the launch of examiDATA, a comprehensive platform designed to aggregate and analyze information on test performance and academic integrity. More...

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30 juillet 2017

Research Integrity - Policy Statement on Ensuring Research Integrity in Ireland

Irish Universities AssociationResearch integrity relates to the performance of research to the highest standards of professionalism and rigour, and to the accuracy and integrity of the research record in publications and elsewhere. It is essential that the Irish research system as a whole protects its reputation for the quality and integrity of its research activity and outputs, in order that we and our international partners may rely on those outputs to promote economic and social development and growth.  Unfortunately instances of research malpractice and misconduct are increasing worldwide. Research integrity is best ensured, in so far as possible, when individual researchers, institutions and funding bodies work together to create effective processes.  This should ensure that the research for which they are responsible is conducted to the highest standards, and any shortcomings in process or practice are identified and taken in hand. More...

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14 juillet 2017

Ethics, Money and Academic Meetings

HomeBy Nick RollCalifornia’s ban on using state funds to travel to Texas highlights the dilemma facing national groups with meetings scheduled to take place there. More...

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13 juillet 2017

Ethically Dubious, Whatever the Jury Says

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. Bill Cosby’s lawyers argued in his recent sexual assault case that he had a consensual relationship with a Temple University employee while he was a trustee -- but experts say that still crosses a line. More...

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11 juillet 2017

Admissions dean tries to change the discussion by admitting that admissions isn't fair

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Georgia Tech administrator tries new approach to dealing with complaints from parents and others that flood competitive colleges this time of year. Could this work. More...

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10 juillet 2017

Report Proposes Ethical Practices for Use of Predictive Analytics in Higher Ed

http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpgTechno-News Blog. The productive use of predictive analytics in higher education is almost a foregone conclusion. Being able to predict whether a student will enroll in your institution, stay on track in his or her studies or need extra support to succeed seems like just the kind of data that can help colleges and universities meet their enrollment goals, better target recruiting efforts and more strategically apply their institutional help. More...

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23 juin 2017

Intégrité scientifique : à l’université de Bordeaux, sensibiliser et responsabiliser tous les doctorant(e)s

C’est une formation à distance conçue pour et avec les doctorant(e)s des huit écoles doctorales de l’université de Bordeaux. Suivie pour la première fois en mai-juin 2017 par une promotion de 500 doctorants, elle repose sur des capsules vidéos de 3 à 6 minutes et propose des formats variés : enseignements académiques, interviews, mais aussi animations, quizz, forums. Voir l'article...

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08 juin 2017

A rough but rewarding road to educating ethical leaders

By Kajsa Hallberg Adu. At a private liberal arts college in Ghana’s eastern region, where engagement with ethics is embedded into the curriculum, a ‘new normal’ for the region’s businesses and universities is being forged. More...

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10 mai 2017

Fostering Integrity in Research (2017)

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and MedicineThe integrity of knowledge that emerges from research is based on individual and collective adherence to core values of objectivity, honesty, openness, fairness, accountability, and stewardship. Integrity in science means that the organizations in which research is conducted encourage those involved to exemplify these values in every step of the research process. Understanding the dynamics that support – or distort – practices that uphold the integrity of research by all participants ensures that the research enterprise advances knowledge.
The 1992 report Responsible Science: Ensuring the Integrity of the Research Process evaluated issues related to scientific responsibility and the conduct of research. It provided a valuable service in describing and analyzing a very complicated set of issues, and has served as a crucial basis for thinking about research integrity for more than two decades. However, as experience has accumulated with various forms of research misconduct, detrimental research practices, and other forms of misconduct, as subsequent empirical research has revealed more about the nature of scientific misconduct, and because technological and social changes have altered the environment in which science is conducted, it is clear that the framework established more than two decades ago needs to be updated.
Responsible Science served as a valuable benchmark to set the context for this most recent analysis and to help guide the committee’s thought process. Fostering Integrity in Research identifies best practices in research and recommends practical options for discouraging and addressing research misconduct and detrimental research practices. More...

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