21 octobre 2017

Top universities 'incredibly slow' to take more disadvantaged students – report

The Guardian homeStudy of England’s leading universities finds only marginal increases in access for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. More...

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Cambridge University censorship U-turn is censored by China

The Guardian homeChinese academics commend decision to unblock access to sensitive articles, but Beijing expunges mention of the climbdown from internet. More...

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Cambridge University Press blocks readers in China from articles

The Guardian homeAcademics and contributors dismayed after hundreds of CUP articles in China Quarterly become inaccessible in country. More...

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13 octobre 2017

Anger at Hungarian University Over Honor for Putin

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Several academic departments at the University of Debrecen, in Hungary, are protesting the decision to grant "honorary citizenship" in the university to Russian President Vladimir Putin (right), the Associated Press reported. More...

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NACAC expected to embrace new approach to admissions ethics

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Association delegates are expected to approve plan to focus on core principles as opposed to best practices. More...

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09 octobre 2017

Of Moral Turpitude

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. Whether it’s a phone call to an escort service, explosive allegations of dangerous drug binges or questions about turning a blind eye to a problematic situation, recent higher ed scandals lay bare the murky moral waters leaders must navigate. More...

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28 septembre 2017

Using Learning Analytics for Preserving Academic Integrity

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningThis paper presents the results of integrating learning analytics into the assessment process to enhance academic integrity in the e-learning environment. The goal of this research is to evaluate the computational-based approach to academic integrity. The machine-learning based framework learns students’ patterns of language use from data, providing an accessible and non-invasive validation of student identities and student-produced content. More...

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21 septembre 2017

Investigation into motives behind science misconduct

By Suvendrini Kakuchi. Experts often point to the link between embarrassing retractions and tough pressure on academics to produce result-oriented investigations, but recent scandals have raised concerns of a more widespread culture of pressuring subordinates and other issues that lead to misconduct. More...

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19 septembre 2017

EU Project SATORI Final Conference: Ethics Assessment of Research and Innovation, 18-19 September 2017, Brussels

After four years of in-depth investigation of procedures, standards, and principles in ethics assessment of research and innovation (R&I), across different scientific disciplines, institutions, and countries, the EU-funded FP7 SATORI project seeks to bring together all relevant stakeholder groups and experts to look at the future trends in the ethics of R&I. More...

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02 août 2017

5 ways to use predictive analytics in an ethical manner

eCampus NewsInstitutions are increasingly turning to predictive analytics to help determine if students will enroll, and if so, whether or not they’ll need support to stay on track for graduation. But this data use begs the question–are decision-makers using the data ethically. More...

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