05 septembre 2018

The Ethics of De-Publishing

The Ethics of De-Publishing
I've been following this for the last few days - Dave Winer discovered that Mark Pilgrim has been harvesting his feed every few minutes. Pilgrim, as it turns out, has been tracking changes Winer makes to his weblog. For good reason - my Edu_RSS aggregator has picked up some really scathing remarks posted by Winer (who is defending his particular vision of RSS), then removed (after which he denies that he has said anything bad). More...

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24 août 2018

Nobel economist slams European universities, work ethic

Nobel Prize-winning economist Bengt Holmström would like to see European universities become more disciplined in their approach to academia while making sure students graduate at a younger age, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor said in a recent feature interview with Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, writes Tom Turula for Nordic Business Insider. More...

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22 août 2018

Ethical College Admissions: Gainful Employment

HomeDespite what the Education Department says, all sectors of higher education are not the same, and for-profit colleges still need scrutiny and oversight, writes Jim Jump. More...

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Ethical College Admissions: Admission Coaching

HomeI long ago came to grips with the fact that neither my thinking nor my tastes are cutting-edge or mainstream. Neither of the two major political parties represent my views, with one being too liberal and the other too conservative. More...

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Ethical College Admissions: Doing the Charleston

HomeSo what exactly is going on at -- and with -- the College of Charleston? Did it end its use of race as a factor in admission two years ago, or not? And has it now restored race-based affirmative action. More...

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02 août 2018

Ethical College Admissions: Bribery

HomeThe surprising legal case points to realities about admissions to elite colleges, writes Jim Jump. More...

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22 juillet 2018

Blind Staff Loyalty

HomeThe Temple rankings scandal points to flaws in the way higher education leaders treat professional staff, writes Allison H. Keene. More...

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14 juillet 2018

E-communauté « Déontologie et transparence »

Retour à l'accueilL’ouverture de cette e-communauté  complète l’offre de service de l’établissement dans les domaines de la déontologie et de la prévention des risques d’atteinte à la probité. Plus...

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12 juillet 2018

Moralities of Everyday Life

Moralities of Everyday Life
Paul Bloom, Coursera, February 2, 2014
I'm looking at the Moralities of Everyday Life course being offered by Paul Bloom of Yale (it's a bit too strong to say I'm taking it). Mostly the course is readings and videos with some quizzes (there are 'office hours' but that's really a ridiculous concept for a course with 60,000 people). Anyhow, it links to an essay from Steven Pinker called The Moral Instinct. Now I find the idea that we have innate moral principles ridiculous, but there's room for a moral sentiment. More...

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10 juillet 2018

Urgent need to address ethics of artificial intelligence

By Yojana Sharma. Students and researchers must be better prepared to deal with ethical issues in the use of big data, robotics and artificial intelligence so that research and applications are not used for nefarious purposes, including weapons of war, a conference of Pacific Rim university presidents heard recently in Taipei, Taiwan. More...

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