23 avril 2018

Defence contractors hand British universities £40m

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianBritain’s universities are taking tens of millions of pounds from some of the world’s biggest defence contractors to help develop the next generation of military hardware. More...

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22 avril 2018

Facebook data: why ethical reviews matter in academic research

The ConversationWhen the Facebook data of 50m users was collected by Cambridge academic Aleksandr Kogan, his actions reportedly came to the attention of colleagues who regarded his subsequent use of the data as unethical. More...

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20 avril 2018

Predatory conferences – A case of academic cannibalism

By James McCrostie. To be classified as predatory, the conference organiser needs to meet three criteria: the organiser holds low quality academic meetings for the primary aim of making money – not supporting scholarship; there is no effective peer review, allowing anyone to purchase a speaking slot; and the organiser employs deceit, the most common forms being false claims of peer review, hiding the company headquarters’ true location and concealing the for-profit nature of the company. More...

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08 avril 2018

Agri-éthique fédère les boulangers

Trois boulangers du Calvados contribuent, par le biais d’Agri-éthique, à la stabilité des prix et à la pérennité des emplois. Plus...

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23 mars 2018

Ethical Hacker Faces War Driving Charges

Ethical Hacker Faces War Driving Charges
It is apparently illegal to test public wireless networks for security flaws, even if you're a security expert. Seems to me there is a big flaw in this legislation, one that encourages people to keep wuiet about security flaws. More...

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16 mars 2018

Romanian students will attend compulsory courses on ethics and academic integrity

Following constant efforts by the National Alliance of Student Organizations from Romania (ANOSR), starting with the academic year 2018-2019, universities from Romania are required to include ethics and academic integrity courses in their curricula for all university education programs in the national education system. The Ministry of National Education has issued on 30 January 2017, an order requiring the introduction of compulsory courses on these topics at the level of master and doctoral study cycles. More...

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08 mars 2018

Pantouflage : la Commission de déontologie en fait-elle assez ?

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « caissedesdepotsdesterritoires »La Commission de déontologie de la fonction publique (CDFP) fait l'objet de vives critiques dans un rapport parlementaire rendu public ce 31 janvier, rapport qui propose de renforcer son statut et de rendre ses avis publics. Plus...

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25 février 2018

Enseigner une œuvre « immorale » ? L’exemple de Gide

The Conversation« Comment peut-on mettre au programme du baccalauréat un romancier mettant en scène dans son œuvre une forme d’inceste ? » « Comment justifier la présence à l’examen d’un écrivain pédophile » ? Voici quelques-unes des objections formulées par une partie du public venu assister aux formations proposées en 2016 et 2017 sur Les Faux-Monnayeurs et le Journal des Faux-Monnayeurs d’André Gide, deux œuvres inscrites au programme du baccalauréat littéraire pour deux ans. Plus...

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24 février 2018

Scholars Defend Stanford Professor Receiving Threats

HomeBy Colleen FlahertyNearly 600 supporters of David Palumbo-Liu, the Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor and professor of comparative literature at Stanford University, have signed an open letter asking his institution to “enunciate a strict code of ethics for journalists, distinguishing between opinion pieces and news reporting.” More...

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15 février 2018

Ethically Aligned Design, Version 2

Ethically Aligned Design, Version 2
The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, 2017/12/12
The term 'Autonomous and Intelligent Systems' (A/IS) stands for what we would commonly call AI and this is an extensive effort to describes the ethics of A/IS system design.   This document (266 page PDF) will take some time to read. Take the time. I applaud the good intentions of the IEEE here but just as you wouldn't want a philosopher to design a bridge, a document that reads to me a bit like "Ethics by Engineers" feels wrong. More...

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