03 décembre 2018

DeVos warns of crisis over ballooning student debt

United States Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says ballooning student debt has caused a crisis in higher education and that the traditional path to college might not be the best choice for everyone, writes Collin Binkley for Associated Press. More...

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01 décembre 2018

English university given £900k emergency loan by regulator

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianA university received a £900,000 emergency loan from the higher education regulator in England this year, it has been revealed, in a move that calls into question claims by the regulator that it would not bail out struggling institutions. More...

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Student loans company: Milan's age-defying solution to high rents

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianThe Adopt a Student cohabitation programme brings young and older people together in Italy’s most expensive city. More...

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Ministers can’t ignore the coming higher education debt crisis

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianRecent figures show that UK universities have borrowed £12bn since the financial crash – from their banks, from private investors, mostly in the US, and from the international bond markets. More...

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29 novembre 2018

DeVos Issues Warning About Student Debt

HomeBy Paul Fain. Betsy DeVos, the U.S. secretary of education, warned that the growing $1.5 trillion federal student loan balance is a crisis that demands the attention of Congress, colleges, students and parents. More...

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28 novembre 2018

Majority of Veterans Eligible for Loan Forgiveness Are in Default

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. The Education Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs announced earlier this year that they would work together to notify student veterans of their eligibility for discharge of their federal student loan debt because of permanent disability. More...

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25 novembre 2018

The Student Debt Crisis: Could It Slow the U.S. Economy?

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. Student debt has more than tripled since 2004, reaching $1.52 trillion in the first quarter of 2018, according to the Federal Reserve — second only to mortgage debt in the U.S. College costs have outpaced the Consumer Price Index more than four-fold since 1985, and tuition assistance today is often harder to come by, particularly at schools without large endowments. More...

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06 novembre 2018

Debt letters: Informed students make better decisions

University Business Magazine logoResearch shows that students are often unaware of how much they’re borrowing for school. Even more concerning is that many students don’t even realize they are borrowing. More...

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05 novembre 2018

Roosevelt announces successful debt restructuring with Preston Hollow Capital

University Business Magazine logoRoosevelt University, a leading higher education institution dedicated to social justice and to making higher education available to all students who qualify academically, regardless of their background, today announced that it has completed a successful debt restructuring that provides significant relief from debt service obligations and allows the University to reallocate funds towards completion of its turnaround plan. More...

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Keeping college debt in check

University Business Magazine logo Almost 60 percent of students who graduated from public two-year colleges in 2015-16 did so without taking out student loans, according to an annual College Board study on college pricing and student aid trends. About 18 percent of associate-degree earners borrowed up to $10,000. More...

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