24 avril 2019

Are work colleges the answer to the student debt crisis?

eCampus NewsAmericans currently owe a combined $1.3 trillion on their student loans, according to the Pew Research Center. That’s more than double the amount owed just a decade ago—and nearly four in 10 adults under the age of 30 are now paying off debt from their education. More...

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23 avril 2019

L’enseignement privé lucratif, premier responsable de la crise de la dette étudiante américaine

The ConversationLe montant de cette dette est de l’ordre de 1 500 milliards de dollars. Le coût de plus en plus élevé des études supérieures et la réduction des financements publics, entraînent un recours massif à l’endettement de la part des étudiants. Plus...

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22 avril 2019

Most graduates will never pay off their student loans

The ConversationNew finding show that more than 70% of students who left university last year are never expected to finish repaying their loans. The report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) shows that many of these graduates – the first cohort to pay the higher £9,000 fees – will be making repayments for 30 years. More...

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21 avril 2019

Debt Phobia

By Matt Reed. The real student loan crisis.
Like many phobias, it isn’t so much unfounded or random as exaggerated or misplaced.  A fear of heights is based on something; hitting the ground from a high elevation isn’t likely to end well.  But when a fear that has some basis expands beyond where it makes sense, it can become debilitating. I’m seeing some of that with student loans. More...

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20 avril 2019

Debt Without Default

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Some experts think it's time to rethink how the government collects on defaulted student loans, moving away from punitive measures that may not help borrowers make progress toward paying debt. More...

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Proposal Would Overhaul Public Service Loan Forgiveness

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Democratic lawmakers introduced a bill Thursday that would cut the wait time for debt relief under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness and expand eligibility to any borrower who holds a federal student loan. More...

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Education Department May Offer Income-Share Plans

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Unlike student loans, students who receive ISAs commit to paying back a portion of their salary for a set number of years. While a handful of colleges have offered income-share agreements, they've mostly been limited to shorter-term boot-camp programs. More...

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06 avril 2019

A Blackboard Debt Update, and a Lesson on Public Relations

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mfeldstein.com logo"By . The short version of this story is that Blackboard has sold off their Transact business and moved their corporate headquarters out of Washington, DC. Both of these are sensible moves that give them an opportunity to reduce their debt load and get on better financial footing. More...

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05 avril 2019

Student loans and ‘risk-sharing’ – the problem with penalizing colleges when graduates can’t pay

The ConversationThe idea is currently being considered by President Donald Trump. It has been championed by politicians at both ends of the political spectrum – from retiring Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful. More...

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03 avril 2019

In Norway, Student Loans for Astrology

HomeBy David Matthews for Times Higher Education. University leaders and scientists are outraged by decision of national quality assurance agency, which says it has no choice because of a law linking recognition to job prospects. More...

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