23 août 2019

For-Profit College to Relieve $1.6M in Student Debt and Close

HomeBy Doug Lederman. A for-profit college in Massachusetts will pay $1.6 million in debt relief to former students and shut its doors, the state's attorney general announced Thursday. More...

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22 août 2019

Survey: Canceling Student Debt Would Hurt Economy

HomeBy Paul Fain. A survey of 226 economists who are members of the National Association for Business Economics this week drew attention for results showing that most respondents predict a recession will hit the U.S. economy before the end of 2021. More...

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Sanders vs. Warren on College Debt Relief

HomeBy Nick Hazelrigg. Critics of both plans say Sanders's proposal for universal debt relief amplifies existing issues with Warren's plan, which includes caps on income for beneficiaries. More...

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21 août 2019

Average Student Loan Debt Statistics by School by State 2019

Techno-News BlogWhile the figures change each year, the narrative certainly does not; student loan debt continues to be a growing issue in the U.S. and at nearly all schools in the country as the cost of college continues to rise. Nationally, outstanding student loan debt sits at $1.52 trillion, making it the second largest form of consumer debt trailing only mortgages. More...

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07 juillet 2019

Does the Canada Student Loans Program Make Money?

You’ll remember a couple of weeks ago I took the Ontario NDP to task for an absurd meme about the provincial government “profiting” from student loans. But it occurred to me later than though there is no way the charge sticks against the provincial government, it arguably might about the federal government’s Canada Student Loans Program (CSLP), which both borrows more cheaply and lends more dearly than the provincial government. More...

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05 juillet 2019

Employers Mull Offering Student Loan Repayment

HomeBy Paul Fain. Adding to anecdotal evidence about major companies considering student loan repayment benefits for their employees and new hires, a new survey found that a large share of employers (23 percent) are considering offering such plans. More...

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Seeking Answers on Loan Relief Claims

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. With borrowers who attended for-profits having waited years on loan relief applications, lawyers this week sued the Education Department to take action on more than 150,000 claims. More...

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Lawmakers Reconsider Bankruptcy for Student Loans

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee put a renewed focus in a hearing Tuesday on whether student borrowers should have access to bankruptcy relief. More...

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Top Higher Ed Debate in 2019? Big Solutions for Borrowers

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Previously relegated to the political fringes, calls for broad student debt cancellation are now being taken seriously -- a sign of how new energy is being devoted to challenges for current student borrowers. More...

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Warren to Introduce Student Debt Cancellation Bill

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, said Thursday that she planned to introduce legislation to cancel student debt that mirrors a presidential campaign proposal she released in April. More...

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