07 février 2019

Loans Work

By Alex Usher. If you spend any time looking at student aid research, you’ll be struck by how much empirical evidence there is on the effectiveness of grants (or, more broadly, “changes in net tuition”), and how little there is in terms of the effectiveness of loans. More...

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30 janvier 2019

New debit card for federal student loan borrowers could save money, but concerns linger

The ConversationThe U.S. Department of Education is about to pilot test a new debit card for students who get federal student loans. More...

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29 janvier 2019

University of Utah Introduces Income-Share Experiment

HomeBy Paul Fain. The University of Utah today announced the creation of an experimental program to offer some students the option of an income-share agreement. So-called ISAs, which tap portions of postgraduate income to reduce college tuition fees, have generated support from policy makers and others as a promising way to help pay for college. Critics, however, call the agreements new forms of potentially problematic private loans. More...

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More on Student Debt and Declining Home Ownership

HomeBy Paul Fain. The relationship between student loan debt and home ownership is complex, according to a new report from the Federal Reserve. Previous reports from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York have found mixed evidence of the impact of student loan debt on the likelihood of whether the borrower will buy a home. More...

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18 janvier 2019

Cuomo proposes new regulations for student loan servicers, for-profit colleges

University Business Magazine logoNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his annual address and budget proposal outlined new requirements for student loan servicers and for-profit colleges. More...

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What a student loan 'bubble' bursting might look like

University Business Magazine logoI hated the film adaptation of The Big Short. The acting was good and it did have a surprising amount of energy for a story that centers around men in suits doing math. But I felt condescended to. More...

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17 janvier 2019

There is no true student-loan crisis

University Business Magazine logoCollege and university presidents increasingly find ourselves having to combat a number of negative misperceptions about higher education, but none has been quite so stubborn as the notion that our graduates are being crushed beneath a mountain of student-loan debt. More...

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No tuition, but you pay a percentage of your income (if you find a job)

University Business Magazine logoStudent debt reached a new height last year — a whopping $1.5 trillion. A typical student borrower will have $22,000 in debt by graduation, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. More...

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Student loan ban: some universities could lose a third of their intake

The GuardianNew figures show up to 36% of freshers have fewer than three Ds at A-level – and would be barred under leaked proposals. More...

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One in 10 students in England 'rich enough to avoid big debts'

The GuardianRichest undergraduates escape hefty fees by paying for university in one go, study reveals. More...

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