21 avril 2018

Cal Poly Suspends All Greek Life After Second Racist Incident

HomeBy Grace Bird. California Polytechnic State University’s president announced in a letter Tuesday it would suspend all Greek life on campus after two fraternities committed racially insensitive acts in the past two months. More...

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13 avril 2018

Découvrez 4 disciplines

http://www.mooc-orientation.fr/images_rz/200/logo-fun_complet.pngRythme de travail, matières enseignées, contenu des enseignements, débouchés professionnels... les études à l'université sont résolument différentes du cursus en lycée et la projection dans le monde du travail n'est pas forcément aisée. Avec les MOOC ci-dessous, découvrez quatre disciplines enseignées à l'université, dont plusieurs filières en tension, et les métiers qui en découlent. Plus...

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07 mars 2018

Lack of School Discipline Rapped

Lack of School Discipline Rapped
The OECD releases the strangest surveys sometimes. This report is one of those, in which it is noted that while Canadian students "have more access to computers, labs and libraries than almost anywhere on Earth," their classes "are noisy and disorderly, and nearly half complained students do nothing at all for more than five minutes at the start of every class.". More...

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05 mars 2018

Why we should train scholars to think across disciplines

By Sharon Fonn. In this complex world a number of factors affect both the distribution and prevalence of disease and the effectiveness of interventions to prevent or reduce disease. These factors are social, physical, environmental and historical. It follows, then, that challenges in public health require a multidisciplinary approach. More...

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Read the Declaration

Read the Declaration
San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment, 2018/02/13
Developed in 2012, the Declaration on Research Assessment "is a cross-disciplinary global initiative seeking to improve the ways in which scholarly research outputs are evaluated." More...

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26 février 2018

Interdisciplinary Learning in Your Classroom

Interdisciplinary Learning in Your Classroom
It's Disney, so I reserve a certain amount of scepticism. But it reads very nicely and looks like a valuable resource for teachers. This is an online workshop about interdisciplinary learning, and includes video excerpts, transcripts, discussion forums, and descriptive vocabulary (aka 'Buzzwords'). More...

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25 février 2018

Want to solve complex health issues? Train scholars to think across disciplines

The ConversationVarious programmes have been developed to help scholars engage in multidisciplinary research. One of them is the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA). The aim of the programme is to build a critical mass of effective researchers to improve health outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa. More...

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29 janvier 2018

Le géomaticien arrive sur le marché du travail

Urbanisme, météo, transports, santé sont les terrains de jeux de ce nouveau métier construit sur un tiers de géographie et deux tiers d’informatique. Plus...

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Quelles sont les disciplines qui ont la cote à l’université ?

En 2016-2017, les inscriptions ont notamment augmenté en sciences de la terre, en sciences humaines et sociales, en Staps, tandis qu’elles diminuaient en droit et AES. Plus...

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27 janvier 2018

The university of the future will be interdisciplinary

The Guardian homeStructures and labels are important for bringing order to confusion, providing a sense of direction and purpose. But they can lose their value as the world changes around them. In a world where interdisciplinary research is of growing importance, dividing universities by academic departments creates barriers not benefits. More...

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