23 novembre 2017

A Late Condemnation of Homophobia

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. When a poster urging gay, bisexual and transgender students to kill themselves appeared on the Cleveland State University campus, the president didn’t condemn or criticize the fliers, as has become usual for college administrators faced with blatantly hateful expression on their campuses.
Instead, he defended free speech. More...

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Neo-Nazi Rally to Back White Nationalist Student

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. The University of North Florida is preparing for a possible neo-Nazi rally today by supporters of a white nationalist student who has been suspended for posting photographs of himself showing his swastika tattoo, holding a gun and stating that if anyone from the campus chapter of Students for a Democratic Society should challenge him, he will "shut them down." More...

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Racial Gaps in Belief That College Is Necessary

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. A new poll of Californians by the Public Policy Institute of California reveals significant racial gaps in how people in the state view the importance of higher education. Two-thirds (67 percent) of Latinos said that college today is necessary. A little more than half of Asian-Americans (54 percent) and African-Americans (51 percent) agreed. Among white people, the figure was only 35 percent. More...

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Gender Pay Gap in Physics

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. In physics, male faculty members earn about 6 percent more than do female faculty members, according to a study by Physics Today. The gap is significantly larger in raw numbers, but the 6 percent figure is after researchers controlled for age, postdoctoral experience and sector of employment. More...

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Study: High-Stakes Tests Disadvantage Women

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. A new study in the journal PLOS ONE finds that female students may be disadvantaged by high-stakes tests. The study looked at performance in an introductory biology course and found that women performed worse on average than did men in tests in the course. But the study also found that the women outperformed men in laboratory work and written assignments, suggesting that the tests may not be capturing the knowledge of women as well as other forms of assessment. More...

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In hiring for junior faculty positions, study finds bias against female candidates who have partners

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Study suggests women with male partners face bias in searches for junior faculty members.
The search committee chair said of a job candidate, “She seems to have the highest potential based on limited information.” More...

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11% of White People Say They Were Bias Victims in College

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Eleven percent of white Americans believe that they personally were victims of discrimination in applying to college or while in college, according to a new poll by NPR. A larger percentage of white people (55 percent) believe that discrimination against white people exists in the United States today. More...

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Study finds high school teachers have differing expectations of black and white students

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Study suggests high school teachers’ attitudes are not colorblind and influence who succeeds in higher education. More...

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21 novembre 2017

Un rapport accable le sexisme à l’hôpital

Gestes déplacés, blagues machistes ou comportements misogynes, l'intersyndicale nationale des internes (Isni) dénonce le sexisme en milieu médical. Plus...

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12 novembre 2017

Keep getting the vote out for marriage equality!

It's not too late to show your support! There are millions of surveys still to be returned. Distribute stickers (printed on Avery L7105) and put up a poster in your work area. More...

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