27 juillet 2017

Elite public schools that rely on entry exams fail the diversity test

The ConversationThe jewels in many an urban school district’s crown are their exam schools, competitive public schools that base enrollment on test scores. With a school like New York’s Stuyvesant, Boston Latin or Walter Payton (in Chicago) on their transcript, students are grouped with other, high-achieving peers, receive rigorous instruction and complete several Advanced Placement courses – all helping to clear a straight path to college and career success. More...

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12 juillet 2017

Author discusses his new book on high school that prepares low-income black students for higher education

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Many colleges struggle to recruit and retain low-income black male students. Urban Preparation: Young Black Men Moving from Chicago's South Side to Success in Higher Education (forthcoming from Harvard Education Press) follows a cohort of students at Chicago's Urban Prep Charter Academy, and considers the lessons of their success. More...

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11 juillet 2017

Analyzing Black Lives Matter Without Black People Involved

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Political philosophy journal, subject of two scathing open letters, apologizes for lack of black authors. More...

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Can S.C. Save Historically Black Technical College?

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. A new law in South Carolina outlines a series of steps designed to strengthen Denmark Technical College, a historically black two-year institution, The Post and Courier reported. Enrollment has been falling, from 2,000 a few years ago to 600 now. More...

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The Slowly Diversifying Presidency

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. Colleges and universities turn to experienced presidents in times of pressure, curtailing gains in diversity, study finds. More...

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18 juin 2017

L'ASP - Une diversité de métiers

AccueilL'ASP offre une large gamme de services grâce à ses équipes pluridisciplinaires.
Travaillent notamment pour l'ASP : chargés d'action, techniciens, gestionnaires, contrôleurs, comptables, auditeurs, contrôleurs de gestion, informaticiens, économistes, statisticiens, juristes, ingénieurs agronomes, chargés d'études. Plus...

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08 juin 2017

La Direccte Ile-de-France s’engage pour la diversité

La diversité est une richesse, une cohabitation de toutes les différences. Elle est source de développement, de créativité et d’intelligence collective. Promouvoir la diversité, c’est promouvoir l’expression de tous les talents et de toutes les compétences. Voir l'article...

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05 juin 2017

REF Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel announced

Résultat de recherche d'images pour The REF Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel (EDAP) has been established to advise the UK higher education funding bodies, the REF team and the REF panels on the implementation of equality measures in the REF. The panel will advise on the development of the full range of measures to promote equality and diversity in the REF, and to demonstrate the UK funding bodies’ commitment to equality and diversity in research careers. More...

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04 juin 2017

New study released on preparing teachers for diversity

European Commission logoThe study was drawn up to shed light on the challenges and opportunities of the increasing diversity of European classrooms, as well as to identify practical measures to support teachers in dealing with the challenges they are faced with.
The study starts by identifying the challenges and opportunities current facing teachers as a result of the increased diversity of classrooms, as well as identifying the skills that teachers need to be able to deal with diversity in the classroom. It then elaborates the current policy landscape for preparing teachers for dealing with the increasing diversity, including a mapping, skills frameworks, quality assurance mechanisms and funding incentives. More...

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27 mai 2017

Diversity in Canada Research Chairs

Résultat de recherche d'images pour By Alex Usher. There’s no doubt about the nature of the problem.  As in other countries, women and minorities have trouble making it up the career ladder in academia at the same rate as white males.  The reasons for this are well-enough known that I probably needn’t recount them here (though if you really want a good summary try here and here). More...

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