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14 septembre 2019

The Affordable Online Degree Emerges

HomeWilliam Kuskin on what we can learn from the Rolling Stones about the new genre of scaled education. More...

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Virtual schools continue to attract top students

Techno-News BlogVirtual schools allow students to take courses online, taught by a teacher who shares information offsite. NCVPS offers courses to students in grades six through 12, while virtual charter schools offer courses to all grades. More...

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Encouragement for Online Learners

Techno-News BlogOur role as faculty must extend beyond grading assignments but include verbal and written encouragement, which is vital for the academic and personal development of students (Lowe, 2005). Encouragement can come in many forms such as positive feedback on assignments, emails, phone calls, and video messages. More...

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The Messy Conversation Around Online Cost and Quality

Techno-News BlogAsked to explain how they balance financial and academic considerations, administrators and professors say quality is key but struggle to define it. More...

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How They (Online Graduate Programs) Get YouHow They (Online Graduate Programs) Get You

Techno-News BlogEager to attract students to new online graduate programs, selective universities have adopted surprisingly aggressive telemarketing practices. Many online graduate programs from the nation’s top universities promise an experience that’s nearly indistinguishable from studying on campus. More...

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11 septembre 2019

The First Wave: The Beginnings of Radio

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. George H. Buck[Edit][Delete]: The First Wave: The Beginnings of Radio, Journal of Distance Education [Edit][Delete] November 28, 2006
My very first exposure to the concept of distance learning was a documentary film on the School of the Air in Australia, from which I learned about the use of radio to provide an education to children living on sheep stations in the Outback. So it was a highlight of my trip to Australia in 2004 when I was able to visit the School in Alice Springs and use the modern version of their network to talk about the today's version of the same thing. Now along comes this absolutely fascinating look at the Canadian equivalent, offered through (of all places) the Canadian National Railway. I have actually heard the phrase, "CBC educated," which speaks to the power of radio as a learning medium in Canada, and I think of my own experiences as a child at home or out camping or driving the highway to Slave Lake or in my small cabin, listening to the comforting words of people like Lister Sinclair and Peter Gzowski and I realize with a start that I too am 'CBC educated'. More...

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E-Learning Myth #3: The Myth of the Knowledge Economy

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Norm Friesen[Edit][Delete]: E-Learning Myth #3: The Myth of the Knowledge Economy, Ipseity [Edit][Delete] November 28, 2006
Norm Friesen has posted another installment of his interesting and engaging E-Learning Myths series. In this item, he challenges the perception that we are in 'the networked society' or 'the information age' (among other designations). Perhaps we should say we are in the 'Would You Like Fries With That Age'. Friesen observes, "Creating more jobs than the remaining seven put together are: 'Hospitality,' 'health care,' and 'retail'" - all service industry jobs. Consistent with the pattern of reasoning in the previous installments (Myth 1, Myth 2), Friesen points to the unequal society obscured by these myths. "no account of the characteristics of our postindustrial economy would be complete without mention of polarization - both of income and class". More...

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E-Learning Concepts and Techniques

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Various authors[Edit][Delete]: E-Learning Concepts and Techniques, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania [Edit][Delete] November 24, 2006
I had a nice time reading this 11-chapter online book this morning instead of doing my work like I'm supposed to. As the site says, "E-Learning Concepts and Techniques is a collaborative e-book project by Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania's Department of Instructional Technology students and guest authors." The result is a quite acceptable introductory level text that not only covers the basics of traditional instructional design but also manages to incorporate mor contemporary approaches, from Siemens on learning design to the use of games in e-learning delivery. If you need an introductory text to get you up to speed in the topics discussed in OLDaily, this definitely will get you started on the right track.
(Oh - and a note for people who say there is no distinction between groups and networks: this was a network production, because each person wrote his or her own part autonomously; a group version of the same book would have all the authors collaboratively (and not independently) author the book as a whole). More...

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10 septembre 2019

Innovating e-Learning 2006: Transforming Learning Experiences

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Geoff Minshull and Judith Mole, eds.[Edit][Delete]: Innovating e-Learning 2006: Transforming Learning Experiences, Jisc [Edit][Delete]JISC [Edit][Delete] November 22, 2006
Putting conference proceedings online is a good idea, even for online conferences (which are often buried or lost after they are held). Summarizing the proceedings is a good idea - in the Learner Experiences theme, for example, there were 453 messages exchanged. I am rather less convinced that putting the proceedings into clumsy PDF texts was a good idea. More...

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09 septembre 2019

e-Learning Project Management Book

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Harold Jarche[Edit][Delete]: e-Learning Project Management Book, [Edit][Delete] November 16, 2006
Harold Jarche reports, "This 192 page PDF from CeLEA covers dozens of case studies on e-learning management (focus = A-DDI-E). Almost all of the cases are academic situations, using the online course model, so this book would be best suited for those developing e-learning in higher education." Hpw much time am I going to spend with this one. More...

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