21 juin 2017

Tuning in to graduate employability

By Sharon Dell. Among African universities, many of which are rooted in struggling national economies, the issue of graduate employability and entrepreneurship has taken centre stage over the past few years. Read more...

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18 mai 2017

Ready to Work: Employability and Higher Education

Growing skepticism about the benefits of higher education degrees and questions about whether credentials turn into a job, or whether credentials fuel a career, sparked conversation at the ACE2017 session “Employability and Higher Education.” More...

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20 avril 2017

Reshaping our understanding of employability

Résultat de recherche d'images pour Employability is a term that dominates discussion of higher education, but is frequently subject to misunderstanding. Current developments in this area promise to deliver richer and more meaningful information to enhance understanding of how integral employability activity is to supporting students through their studies and on into the labour market. More...

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22 février 2017

What do we mean when we say international experiences develop graduates’ employability?

https://blog.thepienews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/cropped-Screen-Shot-2016-04-06-at-16.35.19-1.pngThe term ‘employability’ is often used as a throwaway line: jargon which is chucked into the mix to show the importance or relevance of something, frequently used without clarification of what we mean by it. More...

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16 décembre 2016

Graduate employability: top universities in Canada ranked by employers

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "timeshighereducation.com"By . Canadian universities are popular with international students for offering cheaper tuition than many US colleges, and a simple application process.
But students already thinking about graduate jobs will be pleased to hear that Canadian universities also maintain an excellent reputation with employers. Read more...

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07 décembre 2016

Validation fights exclusion and makes employability possible

HomeOver 200 participants in Cedefop’s conference on how to make learning visible, on 28 and 29 November in Thessaloniki, agreed that validation of non-formal and informal learning is important for Europe’s future. More...

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05 décembre 2016

New government focuses on HE quality and employability

By Jan Petter Myklebust. Higher education and research will have a prominent place in the programme of the new three-party coalition government, endorsed by the Queen of Denmark last Monday, and an early talking point is the replacement of Minister of Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs with Søren Pind, the outgoing minister of justice. Read more...

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20 novembre 2016

EHEA - Employability - Introduction

Logo of the Bologna ProcessSince the Bologna Declaration to the latest Ministerial Conference in Yerevan, employability is one of the universal topics that have been continously worked on and developed within the Bologna Process.
"Employability" is used for the ability to purposefully use all the different competences in order to fulfil given professional tasks and/or to reach own professional targets and to adapt these competences to new environments and requirements. More...

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EHEA - Employability of graduates - Challenges for Higher Education Institutions

Logo of the Bologna ProcessHigher Education Institutions have to appropriately face the change of paradigm from the perspective of teachers to the students’ perspective. To cope with that change they should precisely and without ambiguity formulate expected learning outcomes. The learning outcomes define the framework for continuous evaluation of teaching and learning. These evaluations should enable higher education institutions to anticipate change and to be able to respond in an adequate way and in time.
Types of learning should become more and more differentiated in order to provide learning opportunities, including non-formal and informal learning, for a diversifying student population.
To take care of quality assurance and to create of transparency and trust, the use of standardised tools for the documentation of qualification levels, recognition processes, mobility is recommended.
Supporting tools and information that might be helpful:
  • European Qualifications Frameworks
  • National Qualifications Frameworks
  • Sectoral Qualifications Frameworks
  • Diploma Supplement
  • ECTS Users' Guide (including the Information Package)
  • European Standards and Guidelines
  • National Regulations for Quality Assurance
For a choice of good practice, please refer also to thematically related activities. More...

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EHEA - Employability of graduates - The role of higher education

Logo of the Bologna ProcessTo succeed in shaping their individual lives, graduates are due to dispose of a bundle of generic and subject-specific competences. Higher education institutions are all-time experts in providing subject-specific knowledge but less experienced in cultivating “soft skills” at the same time. These generic skills (e.g. methodological, social and intercultural competences, ethical values) are essential for finding, retaining or developing the individual position in society. Study programmes and modules have to be designed in a way which leaves room for all the components that only as a whole build its profile. To meet the expectations not only of employers, public and private institutions but also of the actual and future students, higher education teachers and administrators themselves have to face continuous change.

Today’s graduates need to combine transversal, multidisciplinary and innovation skills and competences with up-to-date subject-specific knowledge so as to be able to contribute to the wider needs of society and the labour market.

The Bucharest Communiqué, 2012. More...

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