24 mai 2017

The success of post-conflict peace studies rests with teaching teachers

The ConversationIn recent years, it has become common practice within post-conflict countries to introduce peace education or human rights courses into the school curricula. More...

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24 avril 2017

The Learning Analytics Blueprint

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Learning Analytics Blueprint
Desire2Learn, 2017/04/14

This is a piece of marketing published by D2L some time in the last year. It's a nice overview of how to plan for the use of data analytics and how to work with the results. More...

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It’s Time to Mobilize Around a New Approach to Educational Assessment

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. It’s Time to Mobilize Around a New Approach to Educational Assessment
Alvin Vista, Esther Care, Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2017/04/14
We know there are better models of assessment than they typical tests and assignments being used today. Even so, these models are not changing rapidly at all. So what's going on? More...

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18 avril 2017

Preparing teachers for change – in and outside of the profession

Education & Skills TodayEvery year in March, education ministers and union leaders of the highest-performing and most rapidly improving education systems (according to PISA) meet to seek ways to improve the status of the teaching profession. Many countries could use such guidance. While in Finland teaching has become the most prestigious profession – those who don’t compete successfully for a place in teacher education can still become lawyers and doctors – in other countries, the situation is very different. In the Slovak Republic, France and Sweden, for example, just 5 in 100 teachers agree that teaching is a valued profession in society; in Croatia and Spain, fewer than 10 in 100 teachers agree. More...

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How to return to the “gold standard” for education

Education & Skills TodayResults from our comparative PISA studies have often been disappointing for Sweden; they’ve been disappointing for me too. When I was a university student, I used to look to Sweden as the gold standard for education. It was a country that was providing high-quality and innovative education to children from all social classes, and that was close to making lifelong learning a reality for all. More...

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Empowering teachers to improve equity and inspire learning

Education & Skills TodayThe expectations for teachers are high and rising each day. We expect teachers to have a deep understanding of what they teach and to keep up with the rapidly expanding knowledge base; to be passionate, compassionate and thoughtful; to make learning central and encourage students’ engagement and responsibility; to respond effectively to students of different needs, backgrounds and mother tongues, and to promote tolerance and social cohesion; to provide continual assessments of students and feedback; and to ensure that students feel valued and included and that learning is collaborative. More...

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16 avril 2017

La collaboration en ligne au service de la réflexivité des futurs enseignants

Logo - Thot CursusPar Daniel Therrien. Le travail collaboratif, pour qu’il soit valable et profitable, doit permettre de dégager une compréhension collective des problèmes soulevés. Dans tous les milieux professionnels, la collaboration au travail est un enjeu majeur de la professionnalité. Voir l'article...

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14 avril 2017

Building jobs in the Rust Belt: The role of education

The ConversationWhen my father-in-law struggled in school in a mill town along the Ohio River, his parents suggested that he head across the bridge and work in the steel mill. It was a path that once created stable lives for many Pittsburghers. More...

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23 mars 2017

Finding and cultivating talented teachers: Insights from high-performing countries

Education & Skills TodayBy Esther Carvalhaes. Teachers are the backbone of any education system. After all, without qualified teachers, how can governments and schools secure each child’s right to quality education and build a society of educated citizens, capable of shaping their own future. More...

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20 mars 2017

Education: Change Is Here, But Are You Ready For It?

Blog Educpros Sébastien Turbot. “Our education system is a mess; it is failing us, our children, our future” – a catchphrase I hear at conferences, during dinner and casual conversations. Voir l'article...

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