12 décembre 2018

Enclosing the public domain: The restriction of public domain books in a digital environment

Enclosing the public domain: The restriction of public domain books in a digital environment
Alex Clark, Brenda Chawner, First Monday, June 9, 2014

Picking up a longstanding discussion I've had with people about enclosure, here's a report from First Monday on how commercial publishers make you pay for resources even through they're free and in the public domain. More...

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01 décembre 2018

First ever plane with no moving parts takes flight

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianFlight represents breakthrough that could lead eventually to carbon-neutral air travel. More...

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29 novembre 2018

College Closures Due to Poor Air Quality

HomeBy Emma Whitford. While two wildfires continue to blaze in California, colleges have canceled classes and events to protect students from unsafe air quality in parts of the state, which, according to the pollution monitoring organization PurpleAir, is among the worst in the world. More...

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21 novembre 2018

Reprise des déchets électriques et électroniques par les distributeurs

Screenshot-2018-5-3 Direccte Hauts-de-FrancePour les magasins physiques, les principales anomalies constatées concernaient l’absence ou la non-conformité des informations sur les modalités de reprise gratuite des DEEE. Pour les sites de vente en ligne, il a été constaté que l’obligation de reprise et les conditions dans lesquelles elle doit être assurée n’étaient pas suffisamment respectées. Plus...

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13 novembre 2018

Exploring Information Seeking Behavior of Farmers’ in Information Related to Climate Change Adaptation Through ICT (CHAI)

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningIn Tanzania, agriculture sector is known for employing more than 70% of the total population. Agriculture sector faces many challenges including climate change. Climate change causes low productivity in agriculture; low productivity is caused due to poor implementation of agricultural policies and strategies. More...

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07 novembre 2018

Tunisian Research Seeks to Counter Climate Threats

Al Fanar

Tunisia and the region have been witnessing unusually high temperatures during the summer and a lack of rainfall in winter, which is taking a toll on agriculture and posing threats to food security, water resources, health and infrastructure, according to researchers. More...

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06 novembre 2018

Susquehanna University scrapping plastic straws

University Business Magazine logoCalifornia recently became the first state to ban plastic straws in restaurants.
Susquehanna University is the latest place to ditch them. More...

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New center at university to fight algal blooms

University Business Magazine logoA national research effort aimed at protecting freshwater lakes from toxic algal blooms will be led by a new center in Ohio. More...

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05 novembre 2018

On the road to solving our plastic problem

University Business Magazine logoBecause plastic does not break down quickly, it is now considered one of the world’s most significant environmental threats. In an effort to help address the planet’s overage of plastic, UC San Diego recently became the first in the United States to install a road that utilizes recycled plastic. More...

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03 novembre 2018

The UK's green discoveries: plastic-eating enzymes and seawater biofuels

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianWe don’t have long to get our act together on climate change, according to a UN report released earlier this month. In the next 12 years, we need to reverse the trend of Earth’s increasing temperature or face drought, floods and extreme heat – and devastating knock-on effects felt by all life on the planet. More...

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