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14 octobre 2019

Exposition l'inclusion sociale en Europe

Coordonnée par l'Agence Erasmus+ France /Education Formation, cette exposition réunit 28 pays européens partenaires (Albanie; Allemagne; Belgique, Chypre, Croatie,Epagne, Estonie, Finlande, France, Grèce; Hongrie, Islande, Irlande, Italie, Lettonie, Lituanie, Luxembourg, Malte, Norvège, Pays-Bas, Pologne, Portugal, République tchèque, Royaume-Uni, Serbie, Slovaquie, Slovénie, Suède) au travers d'une série de photos où l'Union européenne soutient les individus les plus fragiles (peu diplômés, éloignés de l'emploi, en situation de handicap ou d'isolement...) ou encore des projets qui concilient activité économique et équité sociale, développement de la citoyenneté, accueil des migrants, etc. L'objectif de cette derniere est d'informer les professionnels et acteurs de l'action sociale , de l'économie solidaire et de l'inclusion des opportunités qu'offre le programme pour se former, enseigner ou échanger des bonnes pratiques en Europe. Plus...

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13 octobre 2019

Mixing many forms of excellence: the European Universities Initiative

Screenshot-2018-5-3 EAIEThe field of international higher education is abuzz with talk of the European Universities Initiative, but opinions differ on the best approach. How can the push towards European Universities strike a balance between the excellence of top-tier institutions on the one hand and inclusion of a wide variety of voices on the other – or is the apparent tension between these two dynamics a mere illusion? The EAIE Debate at the 31st Annual Conference and Exhibition in Helsinki discusses how we can blend Europe's diverse skillsets and perspectives to redefine our notions of what makes a university 'excellent'. More...

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New EAIE report challenges assumptions on influence of ‘money matters’

Screenshot-2018-5-3 EAIEWith many dimensions of internationalisation becoming ‘big business’, making sense of how financial considerations factor into the work of international education is vitally important. The latest report in the EAIE Barometer series examines the realities of navigating budget cuts and the marketisation of higher education while maintaining internationalisation – and higher education in general – as a high-quality public good. More...

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Death Penalty Day: EU/Council of Europe joint statement

Conseil de l'EuropeThe statement underlines both organisations’ firm opposition to the death penalty at all times and in all circumstances. It calls upon those Council of Europe member states which have not yet acceded to Protocols No 6 and 13 to the European Convention on Human Rights to do so without delay and once again urges Belarus to abolish the death penalty. More...

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Switzerland urged to improve the identification and protection of victims of trafficking

Conseil de l'EuropeIn a report published today, the Council of Europe’s Group of Experts on Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) welcomes the progress made by Switzerland, but also asks the Swiss authorities to take further action to improve the identification and protection of victims of trafficking. More...

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Turkey urged to improve identification and protection of victims

Conseil de l'EuropeIn its first report on Turkey, published today, the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) expressed particular concern about the limited number of specialised shelters for victims. The experts urged the authorities to provide appropriate and safe accommodation for all identified victims – women, men and children – and to facilitate their social inclusion. More...

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Deputy Secretary General opens joint workshop on family

Conseil de l'EuropeThe joint workshop will be focused on the main social topics having an impact on both women and men, especially on working mothers and fathers and their children and it is divided into 4 working sessions:
  • Work-life balance and company welfare;
  • Family measures to promote the increase in the birth-rate in Europe;
  • Support services for children witnessing violence and children orphaned by domestic crimes;
  • Eradication of child poverty. More...

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Justice ministers to discuss digital challenges for justice in Europe

Conseil de l'EuropeCouncil of Europe ministers of justice will gather in Strasbourg on 14 and 15 October for a conference being held under the French Presidency of the Committee of Ministers, with representatives from 47 countries. The ministers will discuss access to the law and justice in the digital era and the impact of digital technology on criminal justice. More...

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Council of Europe Secretary General addresses Venice Commission

Conseil de l'EuropeSpeaking to its 62 members and others participating in one of four annual plenary sessions, she emphasized the Venice Commission’s “key role” to uphold the rule of law through its highly respected opinions. More...

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Secretary General to use full powers to ensure human rights protection

Conseil de l'EuropeIn her first address to Parliamentary Assembly, the Secretary General said respect for human rights was non-negotiable, and that she would act to ensure that countries followed through on judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. More...

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