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26 mai 2017

The Role of Universities in Economic Development of Russian Regions

Résultat de recherche d'images pour ""This paper analyses the contribution of higher education institutions (HEI) in Russia to gross regional product (GRP) growth. We explore the relationship between higher education coverage and rates of economic growth based on longitudinal economic growth models which are pooled regression, fixed effects, and regression with simultaneous fixed and spatial effects. In addition to the influence of HEI on economic growth, the model specifications also allow an investigation of the relationship between the territory accessibility of higher education and GRP growth, and the significance of higher education in regions with different structures of GRP. More...

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Higher Education and Research Act 2017

Résultat de recherche d'images pour ""Higher Education and Research Act 2017Introductory Text
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Part 1 The Office for Students
    Establishment of the Office for Students
        1.The Office for Students
        2.General duties
    The register of English higher education providers
        3.The register
        4.Registration procedure
    Registration conditions
        5.The initial and general ongoing registration conditions
        6.The specific ongoing registration conditions
        7.Proportionate conditions
    Mandatory registration conditions
        8.Mandatory ongoing registration conditions for all providers
        9.Mandatory transparency condition for certain providers
        10.Mandatory fee limit condition for certain providers
        11.Duty to publish a list regarding the fee limit condition
        12.Mandatory access and participation plan condition for certain institutions
    Other registration conditions
        13.Other initial and ongoing registration conditions
        14.Public interest governance condition
    Enforcement of ongoing registration conditions
        15.Power to impose monetary penalties
        16.Suspension of registration
        17.Suspension: procedure
        18.De-registration by the OfS
        19.De-registration by the OfS: procedure
        20.De-registration: appeals
        21.Refusal to renew an access and participation plan
    Voluntary de-registration
        22.Voluntary de-registration
    Quality and standards
        23.Assessing the quality of, and the standards applied to, higher education
        24.Quality Assessment Committee
        25.Rating the quality of, and the standards applied to, higher education
        26.Report on operation of section 25 schemes
        27.Performance of assessment functions by a designated body
        28.Power of designated body to charge fees
    Access and participation
        29.Power to approve an access and participation plan
        30.Duration of a plan
        31.Content of a plan: fees
        32.Content of a plan: equality of opportunity
        33.Variation of a plan
        34.Review of decisions on approval or variation
        35.Advice on good practice
        36.Duty to protect academic freedom
        37.Power of Secretary of State to require a report
    Student transfers
        38.Duty to monitor etc the provision of arrangements for student transfers
    Powers to give financial support
        39.Financial support for registered higher education providers
        40.Financial support for certain institutions
        41.Financial support: terms and conditions
    Powers to grant degrees etc
        42.Authorisation to grant degrees etc
        43.Supplementary powers with authorisation
        44.Variation or revocation of section 42 authorisation
        45.Variation or revocation of other authorisations to grant degrees etc
        46.Grant, variation or revocation of authorisation: advice on quality etc
        47.Grant of authorisation: notification of new providers
        48.Variation or revocation of authorisation: procedure
        49.Appeals against variation or revocation of authorisation
        50.Validation by authorised providers
        51.Validation by the OfS
        52.Sections 42 to 49: consequential amendments
        53.Unrecognised degrees
        54.Unrecognised degrees: supplementary
        55.Saving for right to grant degrees under the Ecclesiastical Licences Act 1533
    Powers in relation to “university” title
        56.Use of “university” in title of institution
        57.Unauthorised use of “university” in title of institution etc
        58.Revocation of authorisation to use “university” title
        59.Revocation of authorisation: procedure
        60.Appeals against revocation of authorisation
    Powers of entry and search
        61.Entering and searching premises with a warrant
    Information powers
        62.Power to require information from unregistered providers
        63.Cooperation and information sharing by the OfS
    Information duties
        64.Duty to compile and make available higher education information
        65.Duty to publish higher education information
        66.Designated body
        67.Power of designated body to charge fees
    Financial sustainability
        68.Duty to monitor and report on financial sustainability
    Efficiency studies etc
        69.Studies for improving economy, efficiency and effectiveness
    Funding of the OfS
        70.Registration fees
        71.Other fees
        72.Retention of fee related income
        73.Costs recovery
        74.Grants from the Secretary of State
    Regulatory framework
        75.Regulatory framework
    Supplementary functions
        76.Secretary of State’s power to confer supplementary functions
        77.Secretary of State’s power to give directions
    Powers of Secretary of State to obtain information and advice
        78.Power to require information and advice from the OfS
        79.Power to require application-to-acceptance information
        80.Use of application-to-acceptance information for research purposes
    HEFCE and the DFA
        81.Higher Education Funding Council for England
        82.The Director of Fair Access to Higher Education
        83.Meaning of “English higher education provider” etc
        84.Designation of other providers of higher education
        85.Other definitions

Part 2 Other education measures
    Financial support for students
        86.Power to make alternative payments
        87.Section 86: consequential amendments
        88.Other amendments relating to financial support
    Student complaints scheme
        89.Qualifying institutions for purposes of student complaints scheme
    Deregulation of higher education corporations
        90.Higher education corporations in England

Part 3 Research
    Establishment of United Kingdom Research and Innovation
        91.United Kingdom Research and Innovation
        92.The Councils of UKRI
    Research and innovation functions and role of the Councils
        93.UK research and innovation functions
        94.Financial support: supplementary provision
        95.Exercise of functions by science and humanities Councils
        96.Exercise of functions by Innovate UK
        97.Exercise of functions by Research England
        98.Exercise of functions by the Councils: supplementary
    Strategies and strategic delivery plans
        99.UKRI’s research and innovation strategy
        100.Councils’ strategic delivery plans
    Funding and directions
        101.Grants to UKRI from the Secretary of State
        102.Secretary of State’s power to give directions to UKRI
        103.Haldane principle, balanced funding and advice from UKRI
    General functions
        104.General duties
        105.Power to require information and advice from UKRI
        106.Studies for improving economy, efficiency and effectiveness
        107.Provision of research services
        108.Representing the United Kingdom
        109.Predecessor bodies and preservation of symbolic property
        110.Amendments to powers to support research

Part 4 General
    112.Cooperation and information sharing between the OfS and UKRI
    113.Joint working
    114.Advice to Northern Ireland departments
    115.Transfer schemes
    116.Power to make consequential provision etc
    117.Transitional, transitory or saving provision
    118.Pre-commencement consultation
    121.General interpretation
    122.Minor and consequential amendments
    125.Short title

    The Office for Students
    The fee limit
    Monetary penalties: procedure, appeals and recovery etc
    Assessing higher education: designated body
    Powers of entry and search etc
    English higher education information: designated body
    Costs recovery: procedure, appeals and recovery etc
    Higher education corporations in England
    United Kingdom Research and Innovation
    Transfer schemes
    Minor and consequential amendments relating to Part 1
    Minor and consequential amendments relating to Part 3. More...

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Sources of Knowledge Used by Entrepreneurial Firms in the European High-Tech Sector

European Commission logoThe purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between an entrepreneur’s experience and education and his/her reliance on alternative sources of knowledge for exploring new business opportunities. The extant literature that is at the crossroads between sources of knowledge and the experiential and intellectual base of an entrepreneur (i.e., dimensions of his/her human capital) suggests that it is through experience and through education that an entrepreneur obtains knowledge. Using information on a sample of high-tech manufacturing firms across 10 European countries, we explore heterogeneities in the influence of experience, age, and education of the firm’s primary founder on the perceived importance of (i.e., use of) alternative sources of knowledge. More...

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25 mai 2017

It’s time to give London students more money

The Guardian homeA new official ranking of universities will soon reveal how badly off London students are. They need more help with rent and travel. More...

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University of Manchester to axe 171 staff amid Brexit concerns

The Guardian homeBy. University points to threats to future income as union chiefs criticise ‘short-term cuts that will cause long-term damage’. More...

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24 mai 2017

Education minister announces plan to outlaw essay mills

The education minister is looking to clamp down on 'essay mills' that are selling work to third-level students, writes Stephen McNeice for News TalkMore...

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Three universities rated 'very international' in index

By Jan Petter Myklebust. The number of universities judged to be ‘very international’ has jumped from one to three in this year’s ‘internationalisation index’, the rating developed by the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education or STINT. More...

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19 mai 2017

Un nouveau départ pour le couple franco-allemand

Par Institut Montaigne. De la concorde entre les gouvernements des deux principales économies de la zone euro dépend la réussite des politiques et des initiatives qui seront menées au niveau européen. Il en va ainsi depuis le plan Schuman de 1950 dont la finalité était l’unification du marché du charbon et de l’acier entre la République fédérale d’Allemagne, la France, la Belgique, l’Italie, les Pays-Bas et le Luxembourg. Voir l'article...

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17 mai 2017

Coordination des régimes d'indemnisation au sein de l'Union européenne et des Etats parties à l'accord EEE et de la Suisse

Coordination des régimes d'indemnisation du chômage au sein de l'Union européenne et des Etats parties à l'accord EEE et de la Suisse.
Transmission des taux de conversion, pour le 2e trimestre, des monnaies en application du règlement CEE n° 574/72. Voir l'article...

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L’indemnisation du chômage en Finlande

Comment fonctionne l’assurance chômage en Finlande? Quel niveau de protection assure-t-elle ? Est-elle obligatoire ? L’Unédic vous présente l’essentiel de l’indemnisation du chômage en Finlande : service public de l’emploi, montant et durée d’indemnisation, cumul entre allocation chômage et salaire. Voir l'article...

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