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18 février 2017

Let’s have a Branson College at Oxford and a Blair-Cameron one at Cambridge

The Guardian homeBy. New colleges or more places would be the best ways to widen access at Oxbridge. More...

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What would happen if a UK university went bust?

The Guardian homeBy. Data from Ucas has revealed alarming falls in the number of students accepting places at some universities in the past four years. More...

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All eyes are on Sir Mark Walport, the new supremo of UK science

The Guardian homeBy. Now we know the identity of the chief executive of UK Research and Innovation, the science community will be anxiously watching his first steps. More...

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Cambridge student filmed burning cash in front of homeless man

The Guardian homeBy. Cambridge University Conservative Association says it has revoked student’s membership after incident in city centre. More...

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British Prime Minister Seeks ‘Credible Alternative’ to Universities

HomeBy Holly Else for Times Higher Education. The British government has announced a 170 million pound ($213 million) series of prestigious Institutes of Technology are to be developed to offer a “credible alternative” to the academic route of university for young people. Read more...

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16 février 2017

LERU´s response to the consultation on the Interim Evaluation of the EIT

LERU has submitted its response to the European Commission´s public consultation on the Interim Evaluation of the EIT. A good opportunity to take stock of the crucial role that EIT plays in the European innovation landscape and to provide some thoughts on the way forward for the EIT. More...

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European Parliament says NO to proposed EU budget cuts and YES to research & innovation

Today, the European Parliament (EP) has adopted in plenary its position on the EU budget for 2017. LERU is pleased to see that the EP sticks to its commitment to research and growth by suggesting to endow the EU with the appropriate funds to realise them. LERU particularly welcomes the EP´s confirmation of allocations for research contained in the EC´s initial proposal and its further increase, the reversal of all cuts suggested by the Finance Ministers (ECOFIN), and the full compensation of the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI)-related cuts in Horizon 2020. More...

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LERU’s Interim Evaluation of Horizon 2020

Today the European Commission opens its online consultation on the Horizon 2020 interim evaluation. The ‘LERU’s Interim Evaluation of Horizon 2020’ paper that will be officially launched in Brussels tomorrow is LERU’s response to this consultation and makes recommendations to a wide range of aspects related to Horizon 2020. More...

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LERU and Central-European universities team up for better research & education policies

The research-intensive universities that are members of the League of European Research Universities (LERU) have been able to form a unique bond over the past fifteen years and have succeeded in successfully advocating the interests of research-intensive universities in Europe and beyond. More...

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15 février 2017

Austria Unveils Plan “A” for Higher Education

Best Masters Degrees & Masters Programs 2016By Alyssa Walker. To launch Austrian universities on the world’s stage, Chancellor Christian Kern recently revealed “Plan A,” an enrollment- and performance-driven plan to expand and improve capacity and talent at Austrian schools.  He calls for significant increases in the higher education budget at about 2 percent of gross domestic product. More...

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