03 novembre 2018

I have an exam tomorrow but don’t feel prepared – what should I do?

The ConversationTo pass tomorrow’s exam, cramming might help you write more on the paper than you would have without doing any form of study, depending on how stressed out you are. But it certainly won’t help you learn the information deeply. You will have forgotten most of what you crammed within a week. More...

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02 novembre 2018

A GradHacker Exam Prep Roundup

Looking back at past posts about surviving your written and oral exams. More...

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11 septembre 2018

Atout GRH - Congé pour examen (secteur privé)

http://www.employeurs-grh.arftlv.org/App_Themes/GRH/Images/bandeau2.jpgUne absence pour préparer et passer un ou plusieurs examens en vue d'acquérir un titre ou un diplôme peut être autorisée par l'employeur. La durée de ce congé comprend la durée de l'examen, majorée d'une durée maximale de 24 heures par an pour le préparer. Plus...

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30 juillet 2018

Exam stress: What is it and how can I manage it?

The ConversationWhen you become stressed, the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system gets switched on. Initially this is a good thing, because it is the activation of this system that releases the neurochemical adrenaline – and this stimulates you to get going and focus on your work. But the problem starts when periods of stress become prolonged. More...

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08 juillet 2018

Examens professionnels du second degré : de grandes disparités de choix de spécialités entre les filles et les garçons

Aquitaine Cap MétiersLa Direction de l'évaluation, de la prospective de la performance (Depp) publie une note sur les résultats aux examens professionnels du second degré (CAP, bac pro, brevet d'études professionnelles...) en 2017. Cette note confirme les grandes disparités de choix de spécialités entre les filles et les garçons. Plus...

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24 juin 2018

For survivors of a 9-hour Chinese exam, a door opens to America

University Business Magazine logoEvery June, millions of high school seniors in China sit down for a grueling university entrance exam, knowing they may not get into a top school or any school at all. If their results are disappointing, finding another route to university can take a year or more. More...

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23 juin 2018

Universités : les examens entre le Charybde du simulacre et le Scylla de la démagogie

Screenshot-2018-5-7 Education – Views Research – The ConversationEn cette fin d’année universitaire fortement perturbée par les « blocages », on observe une véritable guérilla des examens. Cela n’étonnera guère s’agissant d’activités de « formation » : l’évaluation se retrouve au cœur des combats. Plus...

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18 juin 2018

Student dies in stampede for university exam form

By Shadi Khan Saif. Aspiring female students rushing to obtain application forms for this year’s Afghan university entrance exam, known as the Kankor, resulted in a stampede that left one dead and more than 20 injured last week in Afghanistan’s northern Balkh province, bordering with Uzbekistan. More...

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28 mai 2018

Are high-stakes exams useful to the learning process?

By Nita Temmerman. There are some wonderful teaching-learning initiatives taking place in universities all over the world. Yet, there is one area of the curriculum that some academics will not let go of – the single, ‘high-stakes’ exam. To fail this exam means to fail the subject, especially when a further hurdle is attached, for example, expecting students to achieve at least 75% on the exam to qualify to pass the subject. More...

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27 mai 2018

Struggling with revision? Here's how to prepare for exams more efficiently

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianFrom excessive highlighting to cramming, it’s easy to get into bad revision habits. Here, experts point a better way forward. More...

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