Tuition fees

09 avril 2018

California universities in battle over fees hike

Under intense pressure not to raise tuition for the second consecutive year, California's public university systems have delayed votes to increase student fees and turned their attention back to the Capitol to lobby the state for more money, writes Alexei Koseff in The Sacramento Bee. More...

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How the decision to triple tuition fees changed history

By Brendan O’Malley. For a good case study in unintended consequences, it would be hard to beat the decision passed after a stormy debate by MPs in December 2010 that went on to imperil not only years of higher education reforms but, inadvertently, the country’s future in the European Union.
Allow me to elaborate. The decision was the vote to pass the fledgling Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition government’s bill to allow universities to triple the cap on tuition fees to £9,000 (then US$14,185). More...

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31 mars 2018

Up for review: university fees and funding

Résultat de recherche d'images pour ""There are a number of things to be welcomed in the announcement of the tertiary review, of which one of the most important is a commitment to the principle that those who benefit from higher education should contribute to its costs. More...

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Where abolishing tuition fees has meant underfunded universities, fewer places for poorer families and less autonomy

Résultat de recherche d'images pour ""Chilean lawmakers ultimately adopted a tuition-free policy in 2016, or ‘gratuidad’ in Spanish. This policy is not as sweeping as it may seem. Policymakers included a number of features to limit its cost and scope. More...

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Rising Fees Make Students Quit Master’s Degrees in Egypt

Al Fanar

I had planned to spend 25,000 Egyptian pounds (worth about $2,700 before November 2016, now about $1,400), but after the flotation of the currency, I found that my expenses were going to double, so I decided not to continue. More...

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30 mars 2018

College students fight for funding to avoid tuition spikes

University Business Magazine logoCalifornia students skipped class again, Thursday.
This time, pushing lawmakers to fund higher education. More...

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28 mars 2018

‘They’re trying to take away our rights.’ How much power should students have?

The government is reviewing fees and assessing universities’ value for money. We ask whether it is involving all the right people. More...

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Is your university degree barely worth the paper it’s written on? Discuss

We’re constantly told university education is a good thing. But with tuition fees so high, it’s time its true value was measured. More...

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23 mars 2018

Students’ Jobs Pay Off Tuition at 7 Work Colleges

Students’ Jobs Pay Off Tuition at 7 Work Colleges
Lisa Rathke, Diverse, April 7, 2014
I don't see anything unusual in the idea to have students work during studies to pay off their tuition fees - I spent the entire time I was studying also working, variously as a dishwasher and pot washer, 7-Eleven clerk, editor, programs coordinator, and instructor. At 100 hours a semester at $11.10 an hour the students are not exactly getting rich (and one wonders whether a pay increase would result in a corresponding tuition fee increase). More...

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22 mars 2018

Early Scores on SAT Test Posted Online for a Price

Early Scores on SAT Test Posted Online for a Price
I think that there's something just wrong about this: for an extra fee, students can now register online and obtain their SAT scores early. More...

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