18 septembre 2019

Report: More Students Getting Free Breakfast

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Associated Press[Edit][Delete]: Report: More Students Getting Free Breakfast, Cnn [Edit][Delete]CNN [Edit][Delete] December 8, 2006
It's not nearly enough - only two in five who need it get fed - but it's headed in the right direction. There will be some who say that giving out free breakfasts won't guarantee improvements in test scores. More...

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17 septembre 2019

Free Thinking : ce que nous apprennent les survivants de l’esclavage moderne, première partie

Résultat de recherche d'images pour Le programme Free Thinking s'articule autour de différents thèmes, dont certains sont très pratiques et créatifs, à l'image des cours de premiers secours et de photographie numérique. Des sessions hebdomadaires sur le lieu de travail ainsi que des formations en technologies de l'information sont également organisées. Le cours Living in the UK, qui s'avère très populaire auprès des étudiants, est aussi dispensé sur une base hebdomadaire. Plus...

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16 septembre 2019

Free Press Unlimited and European Centre for Press and Media Freedom join Council of Europe Platform

Conseil de l'EuropeFree Press Unlimited and European Centre for Press and Media Freedom today became partners of the Platform to promote the protection of journalism and safety of journalists, through which organisations promoting media freedom inform the Council of Europe about serious concerns about the safety of journalists and alleged attacks to media freedom. More...

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15 septembre 2019

Study Minimizes Impact of Free Community College

HomeBy Madeline St. Amour. New research says reduced tuition at four-year colleges and more funding for all public institutions would do more to raise bachelor's degree attainment. More...

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Free Textbooks, but Not for All Students

HomeBy Greta Anderson. The University of the Cumberlands will begin a free textbook loan program next year for on-campus students only. More...

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14 septembre 2019

Bennet Supports Debt-Free College in Education Plan

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, one of 20 Democrats seeking the party's presidential nomination, backed free community college and debt-free four-year public college in an education plan his campaign released Thursday. More...

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New Free Resource for Leading Change: The Science Education Initiative Handbook

Techno-News BlogMany departments and universities are trying to spread the effective use of research-based instructional practices among their faculty, such as active learning and effective course assessments. More...

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11 septembre 2019

Blearning - Yes It's New, It's Exciting, It's Cheap, It's Free

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Blearning - Yes It's New, It's Exciting, It's Cheap, It's Free
Somebody in Bogota on Wednesday was talking to me about 'Blearning' and it had me scratching my head - until we collectively realized that it's 'blended learning'. Which, of course, is not new - just rebranded. That said, we had a pretty good discussion about the idea of 'blended learning' as classes supplemented with e-learning resources, and the sort of thing we were doing, where there is an on-site in-person component, but it certainly does not resemble a class. And that if we wanted to talk about a newer form of blended learning, we should be talking about online learning supporting real-world activities (not classes). More...

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09 septembre 2019

Free Radicals

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Grace Rubenstein and Amy Standen[Edit][Delete]: Free Radicals, Glef [Edit][Delete]GLEF [Edit][Delete] November 16, 2006
Nice - but badly titled - account of some of the (as this article says) "so-called free, or democratic, schools, which eschew most conventions of traditional education in favor of a much more radical program." We could probably do without the attitude in this article, which seems intent on marginalizing the alternative schools, including Montessori schools. Still, don't expect change to come from anything like traditional schools. As the article says, "If reform is to come, he believes, the staging ground is in home schooling and in the independent study schools many school districts offer." The free schools offer a supportive environment, but home schooling might not (how much home schooling is motivated by a desire to indoctrinate the child?). More...

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The Role of Scale-free and Other Networks in Hierarchical Organization

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Andrew P. Smith[Edit][Delete]: The Role of Scale-free and Other Networks in Hierarchical Organization, [Edit][Delete] November 8, 2006
A nice easy read, some good (and knowledgable) discussion of networks, and a couple of interesting observations: first, that "the enormous complexity of the brain depends upon such a balance or interplay between differentiation and integration," Edelman and Tononi (2000) and second, "the basis for the scale-free organization lies in a positive feedback system," which of course OI knew but hadn't quite thought of in exactly that way before (because it implies that scale-free organization can be undermined (as it should be) via negative feedback. I know nothing about the origins of this paper, it being a reference to a Geocities site in an email that was cc'd to me last May. More...

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