12 juillet 2019

Media Release: Academic freedoms must be enshrined in law

The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) has today welcomed the core findings of the French Review. It has called on the Federal Government to legislate to define academic freedom but said that a voluntary code was not sufficient to protect it.   The Union has called for a statement to be negotiated for inclusion in collective agreements. More...

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You Can't Say "Free Software" in NewSpeak

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Tom Hoffman[Edit][Delete]: You Can't Say "Free Software" in NewSpeak, ESchool News [Edit][Delete] November 3, 2006
Tom Hoffman looks at the Education Map of the Decade I linked to yesterday and picks up on an omission I should have noticed: "I found this map's omissions to be chilling. Specifically, a whole range of technologies and new collaborative practices are sketched out, but there is not a mention of the role of free or open source software." Good point. I wonder what a map like that created by our community would look like. I wonder what software we could use to try. More...

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07 juillet 2019

Why it is so important to protect free speech in universities

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"The Higher Education Policy Institute has published a robust defence of free speech in universities, Free Speech and Censorship on Campus (HEPI Occasional Paper 21) by Corey Stoughton. The author is the Advocacy Director and previous Acting Director of the Human Rights organisation Liberty and served as senior counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights in the US Department of Justice under President Obama. More...

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06 juillet 2019

Free speech isn’t under threat. It just suits bigots and boors to suggest so

The GuardianYou can’t say anything these days. Free speech is a thing of the past. Young people today can’t cope with reality and if you try to tell them about it you’ll get arrested. You may think we live in a free society, but if you cross the PC brigade, they’ll haul you in for questioning and then they’ll disappear you. More...

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UK's Prevent strategy 'biggest threat to free speech on campus'

The GuardianThe Prevent strategy for curtailing extremism in the UK is the biggest threat to free speech at universities rather than media caricatures of “snowflake” students, according to a director of Liberty. More...

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Free college and debt forgiveness are within our grasp. Don't settle for less

The GuardianFaced with ‘radical’ positions becoming mainstream, centrists are pushing for partial relief as a compromise. But it’s not enough. More...

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Freedom of speech: a history from the forbidden fruit to Facebook

The ConversationIf the Bible is to be believed, humans have sought knowledge since Eve. They have been disagreeing since Cain and Abel. From long before kings, people have been subject to rulers with a vested interest in controlling what was said and done. More...

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Dan Tehan wants a ‘model code’ on free speech at universities – what is it and do unis need it?

The ConversationThe federal education minister, Dan Tehan, has called on universities to implement a model code to protect freedom of speech and academic freedom on campus. He’s referring to the code drafted by a former High Court chief justice, Robert French, in his review of freedom of speech in Australian universities. More...

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Alternate Proposal on Free College and Loan Forgiveness

By Matt Reed. It would be difficult to come up with a more destructive policy assumption than the idea that public services should be subject to income caps. Yet even folks who consider themselves progressive -- whom I would typically expect to be supporters of public services -- fall into the trap. More...

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05 juillet 2019

Punishing Alleged Violations of Tenure, Academic Freedom and Governance

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. AAUP votes to censure or sanction three institutions at its annual meeting. Idaho State removed from sanction list. More...

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