23 janvier 2018

Universities accused of free speech clampdown

British universities have been accused of threatening free speech on issues such as Palestine by insisting on tough yet ill-defined rules that events must be chaired by approved ‘independent’ moderators, writes Areeb Ullah for Middle East Eye. More...

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Alt-right battle on free speech is a trap – Chancellor

The ‘alt-right’ is testing United States campuses on free speech as part of a narrative to discredit them, according to Carol Christ, chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley. More...

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19 janvier 2018

La liberté d’expression et de pensée est le socle des valeurs de l’université

La Conférence des Présidents des Universités françaises (CPU) s’alarme une nouvelle fois de la situation de nombreux universitaires turcs dont les droits à l’expression lui apparaissent bafoués et des entraves posées à leurs libertés.
La CPU appelle au respect de la convention de sauvegarde des droits de l’homme et des libertés fondamentales.
Les présidentes et les présidents des universités françaises expriment leur solidarité à leurs collègues turcs et seront très attentifs à la préservation de leurs droits dans les actions judiciaires en cours. Plus...

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16 janvier 2018

Les écoles gratuites en marketing du luxe

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "etudiant.lefigaro"Suivre une formation dans le luxe n’est pas forcément... un luxe. En licence ou en master, il est possible de se former aux métiers du luxe à l’université à moindres frais. Le Figaro Étudiant a fait une sélection.
La plupart des formations en marketing du luxe sont très chères. Heureusement, il en existe aussi d’autres, qui ne vous coûteront rien ou presque. Le Figaro Étudiant a recensé quelques-unes de ces formations. Certaines coûtent entre 184 et 256€ l’année (frais universitaires), d’autres sont gratuites pour les boursiers ou les alternants. Plus...

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13 janvier 2018

Free speech in Texas, if you have a minute or two

University Business Magazine logoAscertain any restrictions on Freedom of Speech rights that Texas students face in expressing their views on campus along with freedoms of the press, religion, and assembly. Recommend policy changes that protect First Amendment rights and enhance the free speech environment on campus. More...

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Growing number of states foot the bill for community college

University Business Magazine logoTo churn out more workers with marketable skills, an increasing number of states are offering residents free tuition to community colleges and technical schools. More...

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12 janvier 2018

Student Sues Community College Over Free Speech Rights

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. An Illinois community college student has sued her institution alleging a free speech violation when campus police detained her and confiscated leaflets she was passing out that were critical of capitalism. More...

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06 janvier 2018

Universities fear a violent 2018

University Business Magazine logoAfter a year marked by campus confrontations between white nationalists and anti-fascist extremists, university administrators are preparing for a combative and potentially violent 2018 by beefing up security and examining the boundaries of their own commitment to free speech. More...

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Free speech works both ways – as Toby Young is finding out

The Guardian homeIn Michael Young’s 1958 satire The Rise of the Meritocracy, he speaks of men with “poor ability but rich connexions”. One such man, his son Toby, has found the new year particularly arduous, with news of his appointment to the board of the Office for Students garnering vociferous criticism on the grounds he is unsuited to such an elevated position. More...

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CUNY Sees Big Increase in Applications

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. The City University of New York is reporting an 11 percent increase in applications for freshman admission for the fall. Officials attribute the increase to New York State's new program to provide free tuition at CUNY and State University of New York campuses for students enrolled full-time. More...

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