21 avril 2018

Top Hat Makes Access to OER Free

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. Top Hat, a company that provides cloud-based teaching tools, has made access to open educational resources free on its platform. More...

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Minnesota Press Launches Free Digital Monograph Platform

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. The University of Minnesota Press has launched a free, open-source platform for digital monographs called Manifold. More...

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20 avril 2018

Presidents Back Free Speech

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Poll: Campus leaders have more confidence in their own students and faculty members than they do in those elsewhere when it comes to listening to differing viewpoints. More...

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Holy Cross Defends Professor Attacked as Blasphemous

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Scholar's suggestion that Jesus be read as a "drag king" leads to calls for his resignation and to local bishop criticizing response of college, which cited academic freedom. More...

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Missouri Has Free Tuition… for Its Legislators

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Missouri's General Assembly instituted a program a few years ago -- without much attention -- enabling state legislators to be reimbursed for tuition expenses, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. More...

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Campus free speech – Minority rights, democratic values

By Daniel Sekulich. Are students and academics free to speak their minds on university and college campuses in North America? And how should higher education institutions respond when one person’s free speech silences or harms another? These issues were highlighted during the fourth annual Worldviews Lecture, held on 5 April at the University of Toronto, Canada. More...

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Universities must stand up for academic freedom in an era of authoritarianism

By Karen MacGregor. In a Special Report this week on the 2018 Centre for Global Higher Education conference, Michael Ignatieff, vice-chancellor of the embattled Central European University or CEU, argues that as many countries turn towards authoritarian rule, it is crucial for universities to speak up for truth, even at the risk of opposition.
   Yojana Sharma reports that CEU is setting up operations in Vienna and New York state but striving to stay in repressive Hungary; and she reports on a speech by Simon Marginson describing the emergence of a multi-polar global science network that is open to enter but integrated inside. Bruce Chapman and Lorraine Dearden make the case for well-designed income-contingent student loan systems, while Karen MacGregor looks at why efforts to tackle inequality in higher education have been largely ineffectual.
   In Commentary, Colin Scott contends that organisational cultures need to change to improve diversity in higher education, and Miriam E David writes that universities need to get serious about addressing sexual harassment and assault on campuses. James McCrostie argues that universities must take greater steps to avoid hosting or attending predatory conferences.
   Ayenachew A Woldegiyorgis looks at what a new, pro-education prime minister might mean for higher education in Ethiopia, and Willem Fourie describes a new masters that aims to teach the skills needed to operate in a new development landscape.
   University World News is a partner to the annual Worldviews lectures and in the fourth, held in Toronto, Sigal Ben-Porath looked at free speech on campus. In World Blog, Nita Temmerman explains why listening to stakeholders is important for universities. And in Features, Jan Petter Myklebust explores negative responses to a tax agreement in Denmark that will deter international academic mobility. More...

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19 avril 2018

Free No Longer

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. Rowan University will start charging insurance plans for health services, a shift that leaves some worried that the additional costs will deter students in need. More...

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Some UNG professors are implementing free, online textbooks

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. Some UNG professors are taking the initiative to keep students from breaking the bank and their backs by providing free digital textbooks. More...

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Berkeley offers its fastest-growing course – data science – online, for free

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. The fastest-growing course in UC Berkeley’s history — Foundations of Data Science — is being offered free online this spring for the first time through the campus’s online education hub, edX. Data science is becoming important to more and more people because the world is increasingly data-driven — and not just science and tech but the humanities, business and government. More...

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