03 août 2017

Free: Handbook of Learning Analytics #LAK #learninganalytics #data

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. This is simply a must have for anyone into learning: the Handbook of Learning Analytics by Charles Lang, George Siemens, Alyssa Wise and Dragan Gašević. Really, it is an astonishing bundle (350 pages!) of learning analytics insights, which will get anyone with an interest in learning analytics up to speed with current challenges and ideas. More...

Foundational Concepts

S. Knight & S. Buckingham Shum
Pages 17-22



Techniques & Approaches


V. Kovanović, S. Joksimović, D. Gašević, M. Hatala, & G. Siemens
Pages 77-92
D. McNamara, L. Allen, S. Crossley, M. Dascalu, & C. Perret
Pages 93-104


S. D’MelloDownload Chapter
Pages 115-127

Pages 129-141

J. Klerkx, K. Verbert & E. DuvalDownload Chapter Pages 143-150

A. Wise & J. VytasekDownload Chapter
Pages 151-160



 Chapter 14. Provision of Data-Driven Student Feedback in LA and EDM

A. Pardo, O. Poquet, R. Martínez-Maldonado & S. Dawson
Pages 163-174



D. Shaffer & A. RuisDownload Chapter
Pages 175-187



Pages 189-197



P. Foltz & M. RosensteinDownload Chapter
Pages 199-210



R. Kizilcec & C. BrooksDownload Chapter
Pages 211-222
N. Mirriahi & L. Vigentini
Pages 251-267

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02 août 2017

Free tuition programs should focus on students who started, stopped

University Business LogoCollege has acquired a bit of a bad name in recent years. Public and private institutions are becoming steadily more expensive, a phenomenon that is difficult to explain or justify. The argument that a traditional curriculum does not provide enough of the relevant “skills” for the workplace is so pervasive that people increasingly say they don’t want to bother with higher education. More...

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Who should police free speech on college campuses?

University Business LogoThe key issue is whether, in an effort to preserve free speech, college campuses could fall into an area where their actions would inhibit it. More...

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Mass. lawmaker: Free college plans need more study

University Business LogoThe chairman of a key committee studying proposals to make public colleges and universities free in Massachusetts said he needs to see a detailed cost analysis before he’s willing to back the measures. More...

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Student group suing Macomb college over speech rights

University Business LogoThe Turning Point USA chapter is challenging the college’s “Policy on Expressive Activity” in a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday at U.S. District Court in Detroit, according to Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing the organization. More...

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Wisc. Assembly passes college free speech bill that would punish hecklers

University Business LogoUniversity of Wisconsin students who repeatedly disrupt campus speakers or presentations could be suspended or expelled under a Republican-backed bill the state Assembly passed Wednesday. More...

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Free community college in Tenn.

University Business LogoThe list of places in the U.S. where you can attend college for free is growing. More...

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01 août 2017

Boston program offers chance at free ride to degree

University Business LogoLow-income public, parochial and charter high school students in Boston who graduate in 2017 will be able to earn a bachelor’s degree without having to pay tuition and mandatory fees under a pilot program announced yesterday. More...

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31 juillet 2017

Freedom of expression on campus: Controversial speakers, student protests

University Business LogoBills that could impact how students exercise free speech at public higher ed institutions—and that could also dictate how administrators discipline “disruptive” behavior—are winning various levels of support in statehouses across the country. More...

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Let's undo the great mistake – make university tuition free

The Guardian homeUniversities provide public – not private – goods. If the social benefits outweigh the financial, it’s only fair we charge students accordingly. More...

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