18 mai 2019

Report: Students Favor Free Speech Rights, Inclusivity Almost Equally

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-WolfA new report on free speech by College Pulse suggests that while college students value free speech, they almost equally want an “inclusive society.” More...

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Buttigieg Backs Debt-Free College

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg called Thursday for free tuition at public colleges for students from middle-income families and debt-free college for low-income students in a higher ed platform posted to his website. More...

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College without paying for textbooks? It’s possible!

Techno-News BlogAre you heading back to school, or maybe helping your kids pay for it?  Imagine college without having to pay for textbooks.   That’s the whole idea behind Mesa Community College’s new Z Degree Program, or zero textbook cost program. More...

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15 mai 2019

Mailing List Discussions Are Not Free Content For Your Blog

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Dave Taylor: Mailing List Discussions Are Not Free Content For Your Blog, The Intuitive Life Business Blog September 19, 2005

Dave Taylor discusses the ethics of quoting discussion board and mailing list posts. I employ a very simple criterion when deciding whether it's OK to quote someone from an online discussion: Can I link to the original of that discussion such that the reader can, without requiring a password-protected account, read that quote for him or her self. More...

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Class Project: Free Wiki Textbook

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Matt Barton: Class Project: Free Wiki Textbook, Kairosnews September 13, 2005

I applaud what the author calls "a rather risky experiment" (I don't see it as risky at all), "a semester-long class project whose goal is to create a free wikitext for use as a first-year composition textbook." I see no reason why more classes couldn't create their own textbooks in this way, and moreover, why classes in different institutions couldn't collaborate in so doing. More...

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11 mai 2019

Quand l’État travaille avec les communautés du logiciel libre

Screenshot-2018-5-5 Actualités ModernisationEngagé dans la modernisation de son infrastructure informatique et le développement de nouveaux services, l'Etat compte plus que jamais sur le logiciel libre et sur ses communautés. Au-delà des outils, il entend promouvoir des méthodes : le partage du code, la confiance envers les développeurs, l’accueil de la contribution. Plus...

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09 mai 2019

The Continuing Adventures of Free College

By Matt Reed. Last week, New Jersey finally got around to extending “Free Community College” to all of its community colleges, instead of just the initial 13. It was certainly welcome, even though awarding it retroactively creates a non-trivial task for the FInancial Aid office. More...

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07 mai 2019


By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. YotoPhoto
Another step forward in the distribution of free content. Yoto photo allows users to search for free photos you can use (licenses vary, most are Creative Commons, with some other open licenses thrown in). More...

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DTV Free Internet TV

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. DTV Free Internet TV
It's only available for Apple computers now, but a Windows download is expected shortly. DTV is essentially a video podcasting system, and like podcasting, will allow anyone to launch their own television channel. More...

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Concrete Steps for a Free Curriculum

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Concrete Steps for a Free Curriculum
Rob Reynolds announces the start of a Free Curriculum Project that "will have, as its stated mission, the creation and distribution of free course materials covering K-20 and lifelong learning curricula." Before going too far, it would be worth looking at similar initiatives that have already been started, such as the free South African curriculum project, Library Training Resources, the , Free Home-School Curriculum, and more. More...

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