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LLL, Lifelong Learning

08 octobre 2017

Lifetime Learning is the New Model for Higher Education Blog. The future of higher education will likely be crafted by both incremental changes and a drastic rethinking of the institutional model, according to the predictions of Jeff Selingo, Washington Post columnist and author of three books, most recently, There Is Life After College. “We have to think of new models to serve lifelong learners,” said Selingo, who delivered the keynote address on Wednesday at the Campus Tech conference in Chicago. More...

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03 octobre 2017

Formal Lifelong E-Learning for Employability and Job Stability During Turbulent Times in Spain

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningIn recent decades, international organizations have developed initiatives that incorporate lifelong learning as a tool to increase the employability of citizens. In this context, the goal of this research is to test the influence of formal e-learning on estimating employment status. The research made use of a sample of 595 citizens in 2007 and 1,742 citizens in 2011, using microdata from Eurostat's Adult Education Survey (AES) implemented by the Spanish Statistical Office [Instituto Nacional de Estadística] (INE) in Spain. More...

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28 septembre 2017

Rencontres de la formation tout au long de la vie dans l'Enseignement supérieur

sup-numerique.gouv.frLe 5 décembre 2017, l'université de Nantes accueillera la 4ème journée d'échanges sur les enjeux de la F.T.L.V. et sur l'analyse des opportunités offertes par le numérique. Ces rencontres sont organisées par le M.E.S.R.I., avec le concours de l'Université de Nantes. Comme pour les éditions précédentes, les grands réseaux d'acteurs de l'enseignement supérieur, impliqués dans le changement de la F.T.L.V. et dans les stratégies numériques des établissements, s'associent au comité d'organisation. Une fois encore, les rencontres F.T.L.V. seront un temps de partage privilégié. Plus...

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5ème Forum mondial des apprentissages tout au long de la vie

sup-numerique.gouv.frLe Comité mondial pour les apprentissages tout au long de la vie (C.M.A.) organise les 27, 28, 29 septembre 2017 au Campus UNED de Madrid (Espagne) le 5ème Forum mondial des apprentissages tout au long de la vie. En collaboration avec l’Université Nationale d’Éducation à Distance (UNED), en partenariat avec l’UNESCO, Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), International Council for Adult Education (ICAE), l’UNESCO-Unevoc ( Hong Kong), l’Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos (OEI) et avec le soutien de Centre Inffo (France). Plus...

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26 septembre 2017

Lifelong learning requires an evolving university

By Margaret Andrews. The World Health Organization shows global average life expectancy for those born in 2015 at 71.4 years – an increase from the cohort born in 2000, whose life expectancy at birth was 66.4. As you might imagine, life expectancy numbers range widely by country, from a high of 89.5 years in Monaco to a low of 50.2 in Chad, and everything in between. For example, Japan has an average life expectancy of 85, Iceland’s is 83, France’s is 81.8, the United Kingdom’s is 80.7, the United States’ is 79.8, Mexico’s is 75.9, Saudi Arabia’s is 75.3 and India’s is 68.5. More...

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Universities need to evolve along with the trend towards learning throughout life

By Brendan O’Malley – Managing Editor. In our World Blog this week, Margaret Andrews concedes that change is difficult but says universities need to adapt to support lifelong learning as the students of the future will want and need to learn throughout their lives.
   In Commentary, Norbert Sabic says the Hungarian government somehow seems able to reconcile its desire for increased student mobility and academic cooperation with nationalistic tunes, but warns that some higher education principles – and even entire institutions – may fall victim to right-wing political agendas. Thomas Jørgensen suggests that the easiest path forward for UK universities after Brexit is an agreement with European Union research and student mobility programmes because trade deals would be subject to individual countries’ agreement and restrictions. And Damtew Teferra contends that the best way to elevate universities in Africa to world-class, research-oriented institutions would be to strategically consolidate the existing flagship universities.
   Also in Commentary, V Santhakumar says using higher education to achieve social inclusion of lower castes in India could do with a different approach – and India could learn some lessons on this from Brazil. And Bruno Morche argues that Latin American universities need to embrace a more international outlook to improve the region’s performance in global rankings and enable it to compete on a global stage.
   In Features, Shuriah Niazi reports that the suicide of a student who achieved top marks in school subjects has highlighted the despair of thousands of students from India’s lower caste who have been denied entry to medical college following changes in medical admissions policy that have been upheld by the Supreme Court. And Jan Petter Myklebust reports that initiatives in Finland towards new educational export projects have been given government support and are mushrooming.
   In a Special Report on African scholarly publishing, Thierry Luescher and François van Schalkwyk look at how African presses are faring under the global publishing industry’s current market conditions, while Veronica Klipp writes with regret that the overwhelming proportion of South African research goes to international publishers, and says university presses in Africa would have to radically improve their capacity to remedy the situation. More...

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23 septembre 2017

Global goals, local actions: Towards education and lifelong learning for all

More than 700 local government representatives from more than 80 countries across the world will attend UNESCO’s third International Conference on Learning Cities, which opens today in Cork, Ireland. More than half the world’s population live in cities, with the proportion expected to rise to two-thirds by 2050. To achieve all-round development, the central role of cities in creating change, fostering inclusion and promoting sustainability must be fully recognized and explored. More...

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New batch of CONFINTEA Scholars embark on training and refinement at UIL

Lifelong learning, family literacy, adult learning and education (ALE), rural development and regional trends in adult education policy – these are some of the work topics of the new generation of CONFINTEA scholars who arrived last week at the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) in Hamburg, Germany. They will spend one month at the UIL library, which has one of the largest collections in the field of lifelong learning in the world, to develop their research projects, benefiting from the library’s extensive resources, first-hand guidance from UIL specialists, as well as valuable interactions among themselves. More...

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Language learning to support active social inclusion

A special issue of the International Review of Education – Journal of Lifelong Learning (IRE) looks at language rights, linguistic diversity, and the role of language learning programmes in ensuring the social inclusion of potentially marginalised groups in the European Union. More...

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Initiatives that follow a bottom-up approach to education and lifelong learning

What does it mean to develop a bottom-up approach to education and lifelong learning? It means understanding – through consultation, observation and analysis – the needs, motivations and opinions of grass-roots stakeholders such as learners, teachers and the parents of school-going children. More...

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