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19 novembre 2018

A renewed commitment to advancing youth and adult literacy

The Global Alliance for Literacy within the Framework of Lifelong Learning (GAL) held its general meeting in Mexico City the 12 November 2018, reaffirming the importance of literacy for the well-being of our societies and renewing its commitment to promoting youth and adult literacy around the world. More...

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Making literacy for all a reality: the Global Alliance for Literacy meets in Mexico City

High-level representatives from 29 countries will come together on 13 and 14 November 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico, to review progress made in the field of youth and adult literacy within the framework of Sustainable Development Goal (SGD) 4 on lifelong learning. More...

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14 novembre 2018

The Netherlands: policy developments in lifelong learning

Home The Dutch Cabinet, in cooperation with social partners, sectoral training and development funds, educational institutions including VET schools, and other stakeholders, has proposed significant developments in lifelong learning. On 27 September 2018, Parliament was informed about the main lines of this approach in a policy letter. More...

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04 novembre 2018

The growing role of continuing education on university campuses

University Business Magazine logoThough Continuing or Extended Education is still viewed with suspicion by some faculties as the “personal interest” division of a university, CE offers many opportunities for their academic counterparts—including, in some cases, chances to make up budgetary shortfalls and offer industry-relevant programming. More...

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24 octobre 2018

Proposal For a Universal Lifelong Learning Credit System

Proposal For a Universal Lifelong Learning Credit System
Ronny De Winter, Class Central, 2018/09/06
The old standbys never really disappear. The idea of a single credit standard has been around for as long as I have, which I regret to say, is a long time. The basis for the current proposal. More...

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22 octobre 2018

UNESCO holds international consultative meeting to look at the governance of lifelong learning

HomeA lifelong learning approach goes far beyond the formal education sector; it also comprises non-formal and informal learning environments and extends into other policy fields such as the labour market and social affairs. The conditions of traditional education governance do not suffice to meet the complexity of lifelong learning, which calls for an integrated governance approach: sector-wide, cross-sectoral and multi-level. More...

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Towards developing lifelong learning-oriented education systems

HomeThe workshop is based on a handbook developed by the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) – Handbook for Lifelong Learning: Policy and Practice – to be published in 2019. More...

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Running for ‘Lifelong learning for all’

HomePromoting lifelong learning for all is at the heart of UIL’s mandate, with the Institute’s projects making impacts around the globe. Yet, this effectiveness would not be possible without the City of Hamburg, which has been providing UIL with a space in which to work towards its vision since its establishment in 1951. The triennial Global Report on Adult Learning and Education, for example, is produced by the Institute and provides insights into the state of the art of Adult Learning and Education worldwide. More...

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Under way: Handbook on Lifelong Learning

HomeAn international team of specialists in the field of lifelong learning has been formed to jointly create a practice-oriented handbook that seeks to guide the planning and implementation of national lifelong learning policies. The handbook is scheduled for publication in 2019 and will serve as a guiding instrument for policy makers and relevant stakeholders who are in the process of developing and implementing policies for lifelong learning. More...

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24 septembre 2018

Connecting Learning Objects with RSS, Trackback, and Weblogs

Connecting Learning Objects with RSS, Trackback, and Weblogs
Macromedia Breeze presentation of this now famous seminar. Well worth a look (and it's interesting how popular Breeze is getting for this sort of content - wish I could cut and paste from it; it's really annoying having to type the content out). More...

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