09 novembre 2018

French HE schools aim to stop student brain drain

Several prestigious French grandes écoles have set up branches in Morocco to help stem the brain drain of young Moroccans who leave to study in Europe.
In 2018 alone, almost 40,000 young Moroccans went to study in France, the biggest national contingent of foreign students there, reported the French newspaper Le Monde. More...

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10 septembre 2018

AI brain drain as tech giants raid top universities

Britain faces an artificial intelligence ‘brain drain’ as Silicon Valley raids its top universities for talent, data compiled by The Telegraph shows. Around a third of leading machine learning and AI specialists who have left the United Kingdom’s top institutions are currently working at Silicon Valley tech firms, writes Hannah Boland for The Telegraph. More...

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02 août 2018

Brain Drain Costs Italy Its Best Academics… and Its Worst

HomeBy David Matthews for Times Higher Education. A brain drain of emigrating researchers might not be as bad as it sounds for Italy, according to an analysis that found that the worst-performing -- as well as the best -- researchers were leaving the country. More...

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30 mai 2018

Augustana College plans to fight the 'brain drain' in the Quad Cities

University Business Magazine logoGraduation is around the corner and many Augustana College students will leave the Quad Cities to pursue their careers, which is called a "brain drain." More...

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14 mai 2018

Alarm over poaching of computer science academics

The dean of the University of Warwick’s King’s Cross campus in London, which coordinates its artificial intelligence projects, fears the poaching of top computer science brains in higher education in the United Kingdom by United States groups such as Amazon, Google and Uber is threatening Britain’s ability to build on a leading position in machine learning, writes Aliya Ram for the Financial Times. More...

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10 mai 2018

In Tech, We are All Maritimers

By Alex Usher. I got a bit of blowback for Friday’s blog criticizing that U of T/Brock piece on the alleged Brain Drain.  Nobody tried to argue that my critique of the methodology was wrong, but some argued that a) data on migration is always terrible and I was making the perfect the enemy of the good and b) I was ignoring the core truth that a lot of Canadian tech talent does head south and this makes things difficult for Canadian tech firms, and snark is well and good but what are we going to do about this migration. More...

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Bad Data on Brain Drain

By Alex Usher. Periodically, in Canada, someone comes up with a statistic about higher education.  Doesn’t matter if it makes the least bit of sense – as long as it serves somebody’s political narrative.  This statistic can go ON and ON unchallenged for years unless someone steps on it quickly. More...

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20 avril 2018

Union leader blames brain drain on HE budget cuts

Tunisia is undergoing a severe brain drain partly as a result of budget cuts to the higher education and research sectors, according to Zied Ben Amor, coordinator of IJABA, the Union of Tunisian University Professors and Researchers. More...

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28 mars 2018

Brexit brain drain: elite universities say they are losing future research stars

The Guardian homeMany top European academics working in Britain arrived as young PhD students. Now universities fear discoveries and research are at risk because of a drop in applications from bright EU PhD candidates. More...

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24 mars 2018

China’s Brain Drain Is Ending

HomeBy Rachael Pells for Times Higher Education. A sure sign of a higher education sector that is still in its developmental stage is a brain drain of young researchers to Western universities. More...

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