23 septembre 2018

Drilling Down Into Public Governance

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. North Dakota governor moves toward revamping board of higher education, citing "powerful economic forces," but overhaul is a hard sell. More...

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03 septembre 2018

Défi métiers - Les instances de gouvernance de la formation professionnelle

Cnefop, Crefop, Copanef et Coparef : la loi du 5 mars 2014 a créé de nouvelles instances afin de mieux coordonner les politiques d'emploi, de formation et d'orientation professionnelles. Plus...

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17 août 2018

La gouvernance de l'ASP

https://vaedem.asp-public.fr/Lvaedems/images/logo_ASP_min.pngL'Agence est administrée par un Conseil d'administration où siègent 12 représentants de l'Etat et 9 représentants d'établissements publics et d'organisations professionnelles désignés par arrêté conjoint du ministre chargé de l'agriculture et du ministre chargé de l'emploi. Plus...

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05 août 2018

Governance, funding and mergers top the agenda of three USTREAM national policy dialogues

The USTREAM project has successfully completed a series of three national policy dialogue events, organised jointly with local partners in May-June 2018. Each event was tailored to the specific needs of and the current developments in the higher education sector in three host countries – Latvia, Austria and Lithuania. The events brought together major stakeholders involved in the debate on the key higher education policy issues. Presentations from the three events can be consulted on the USTREAM webpage. More...

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28 juillet 2018

Shared Governance and Preordained Outcomes

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/large/public/confessions_of_a_community_college_dean_blog_header.jpgBy Matt Reed. The state just passed a law capping the number of credits for an associate degree at 60, down from 66, effective in Fall of 2019. (It includes some very limited exceptions for programs with external accreditations, like certain allied health programs, but that’s all.) The idea, I assume, is to reduce the cost for students and make it likelier that students will complete degrees in a timely way. Which is great, as far as it goes. More...

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14 juillet 2018

Une nouvelle gouvernance du sport

Associations des Régions de France, toute l'actualité des régions.“Un consensus historique pour le sport français”, c’est ainsi que les représentants des associations de collectivités territoriales, du mouvement sportif et du monde économique ont qualifié l’accord conclu mardi 10 juillet à l’occasion du dernier séminaire de concertation sur la gouvernance du sport, tenu à l’Insep. Plus...

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02 juin 2018

Gouvernance du sport : une nouvelle structure va remplacer le CNDS

La nouvelle gouvernance du sport envisagée "au niveau national" devrait donner le jour à une structure qui "se substituerait au CNDS [Centre national pour le développement du sport] et à divers services et commissions de la direction des Sports et de l’Insep. Plus...

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31 mai 2018

Faculty and Boards of Governors

By Alex Usher. While I was away having fun in Japan (the sumo was excellent, btw), the Canadian Association of University Teachers released a report called Board of Governors Structures at Thirty-One Canadian Universities ,which is well worth a gander.  As is often the case with CAUT’s stuff, it’s a mix of very useful and factual material combined and some…ah…curious editorializing. More...

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29 mai 2018

Effective search committees: The why, who and how

University Business Magazine logo

Search committees play a central role in the recruitment and hiring of presidents and senior executives. But why are search committees important in higher education hiring, and what are some of the established best practices that contribute to effective search committees. More...

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Luck and gut instinct are a university president’s key assets

University Business Magazine logo

Fifty years ago, the position of university president was viewed in the US as the pinnacle of the academy and the capstone of an individual’s career. More...

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